Best Hairstyles with Waves that are in Trend 2020

Best Hairstyles with Waves – If you want to look like a goddess with a look that surprises everyone, without a doubt, opting for wave hairstyles is the best option.

Especially when there are many combinations that you can do, regardless of whether you have long or short hair since it can be adapted to any type of hair and hairstyle you have.

Wearing it in hairstyles for loose hair or for hairstyles where it will look equally beautiful and enhance all your beauty.

And the best of all is that wavy hair never goes out of style, it is always present for all times of the year since it can be used on hot days like spring and summer in loose hair or on colder days like autumn and winter.

That is why I made the compilation so that you have new ideas of hairstyles, that have easy waves so that you can make yourself at home in a simple and fast way, looking wonderful, glamorous and radiant.

Something important that I want to clarify before moving on with this article,

is that in this style guide with waves you will not find how the waves are made in the hair in detail, as I explained in the following super guide with details for each type of hairstyle?

How to make waves in the hair step by step?

As well as different techniques, from tricks without using heat for your hair or using irons, tongs, curling irons, to which is the best curling iron depending on the characteristics of your hair.

Hairstyles with Waves for Long Hair

The favorable thing to wear long hair is that you can do different hairstyles without a problem and the intention to innovate to see what is best for the type of face you have.

Having natural waves or that you make them through a loop, you can use it with a classic style of romantic hairstyle that is usually very beautiful for weddings, weddings and important parties that you want to wear.

For that you can use thin and thin waves on the one hand that will appear to be natural and then make yourself a semi-pick with all the tufts from the top that are leftover.

semi-picked wedding hairstyles

Remember to remove the hair from the face to be able to clear and look better the makeup that you should wear naturally.

You can also use sconces or accessories to make divisions between the tufts with undulations.

If what you want is to have more volume in your hair to give the feeling of more hair, then the best decision will be to make some waves that are larger and separated from each other.

hairstyles with long hair waves

Considering the detail of marking them well so that the hair weight of each wick can extend the wave of the hair.

For a more informal look what you can do using a semi-collected where you can wear this hairstyle daily with waves for long hair.

Hairstyles with Waves for Short Hair

Many times it is thought that having short hair can not carry the waves in the hair and that is a statement that is wrong.

Since I’m going to show you how you can wear your wavy hair in short hair.

Since the good thing about waves is that they have the advantage of adapting to any type of length and hair.

No matter if it is thick or thin, or if you wear long short or medium hair.

What you have to consider is that if you wear a medium hair, the ideal thing would be to wear soft waves, since if they were too sharp it would shorten the length of the hair too much.

short hair wave hairstyles

And if you take it short the idea is to show it with movement and that the undulations do not shorten much more than we have the style on.

The pin-up style can also be considered as it was worn in the 50s since it is a good way to look modern and glamorous.

Something that you have to consider is not to mark as much between the curlers or undulations since you will be able to give it greater volume.

So leave the wave open and think that short hair will always take years off and you will look much younger.

The disheveled effect is something that I recommend if your idea is to give it a natural touch but that in turn, your hair is fine, which will give you a lot of advantage when it comes to wearing it.

Remember to be informal and natural, it does not mean you are not fixed.

Hairstyles with Waves and Braids

The benefit of making braids with wavy hair is that you can use the volume generated in your hair by the locks with undulations and also collect your hair with the braids in a way that will give you the necessary style for your head.

hairstyles with waves braids waterfall

hairstyles with waves braids waterfall

You can make semi-collected hairstyles or use the braid as if it were a natural applique in your hair without having to use suspenders, headbands or any other external element in your hair.

You can wear it both for summer, spring, where heat is present and pick it up using different braids, can be a great option.

As also for winter or autumn where the cold can be a nuisance and it will be better for the waves to predominate and make a very subtle side braid in your style that you design.

Hairstyles with Waves and double braids

The double braid is an excellent way to be able to wear the semi-picked but above all to enhance the undulations in your hair and give more shape, volume and personality to your hair.

To do this type of hairstyle, what you have to do first is to make two types of reverse root braids in the upper area of ​​the neck to achieve the expected effect.

But you have to take into account not to take all the hair from the lateral areas but you will not be able to achieve that effect.

Once you get it you have to hollow out the ends to be able to give a natural look and achieve this look disheveled but neat.

Always remember to cover the gummies or hair bands with strands.

double braids wave hairstyles

In this image, you can see the double braids that reach the tips and the rest of the hair loose wearing its natural waves.

Hairstyles with Waves and maxi braid with pigtail

If you have those days where you look bad all the time in the mirror then this hairstyle can save you quickly and easily.

What you have to do is make a braid from the root to the ends but from a side lock and then collect all the hair of your hair in a ponytail that is at medium height.

The strands of the braid you have to open and wind a strand that you have on the hairband, garter or accessory that you used in the ponytail and then waving the ponytail with a pincer to give it greater shape and personality.

maxi braid wave hairstyles

Hairstyles with Semi-Waves

The semi-collected hairstyles have the advantage of showing a little of the two parts that you like, wearing it loose and picking up an area in which your hair needs to set limits and that is what allows you, highlighting the loose part wearing undulations.

This accompanied by a gradient of color such as California wicks or balayage can be an advantage to enhance the hairstyle you like.

For these types of styles and trends, you generally have to make a division by tufts where the upper and central part of your head you have to divide it by separating the tufts from the sides that remain in three parts.

With these strands, you can make two French or traditional braids and then collect all the ones you created in a semi-pick.

Something important for you to have this type of hairstyles is to add to the hair after washing your hair with warm water, a texturizer that is applied with spray and so you can achieve the volume that is needed for this type of look.

semi-picked wave hairstyles

As you can see in the photo, you can see another type of easy semi-picked hairstyle with waves that can be well accentuated or simply that little is noticed with small undulations that you will then define as you like.

Where the interlaced that is observed is simply subject to buckles or invisible hair clips, allowing each strand to have that naturalness necessary to give the hair more movement.

Hairstyles with Waves semi-picked with a twist

When I met this type of hairstyle I fell in love at first sight because it is very simple and has the option of being able to be used whenever you want.

For important occasions such as a wedding, a work event or any type of birthday or on a daily basis for how easy it is to do so.

To have an idea of ​​how this hairstyle is done you have to first take strands of the sides of your hair and then intertwine each of them individually.

When you reach the last strand (I recommend that you have the same amount from both sides and if you want you can separate each of them with leagues) you have to use it to close the collection you have and secure it with a hairpin or hair clip that have below the semi-pick you did.

The advantage that has this style waves is that it will allow you to not move so much and keeps the locks in place which is very beneficial for hairs that have a smooth or smooth texture.

The part of your hair that is loose will have greater volume thanks to the waving you achieved.

Hairstyles with Waves

You can see in the photo the different wicks and then the ones you select to link them form like a headband or crown with your own hair.

Wavy Hairstyles with Bow

The bow or any type of hair applique you have can give your hairstyle a very chic touch that will undoubtedly enhance and give personality to what you want to wear on your head.

But as long as you take into account certain details such as the color of the tie that combines for example with your clothing or how extensive it is for which you have to understand that it is a compliment and the protagonist has to be the type of hairstyle you choose.

This type of bow or tie that you would later choose to finish the hair design that you will wear has to be something that enhances and cheers your hair such as a handkerchief to tie you after a ponytail and pearls that are with hair gummies giving a look Youthful and elegant.

Another type of accessory that can complement a semi-pick that carries waves or any type of hairstyle that you need to fix can be a bow wearing it as a headband, where you will get a romantic style, try to be a silk type fabric or some that are bright to light but Make it simple to tie.

Other details that can complement as the ties in your wavy hair are the famous mostacillas, chaquiras, beads or also called beads that give a youthful, fun and fresh touch to your look.

The turban or the band that takes all your hair from the forehead to the back of the neck can also be a good idea if what you want to wear collected but not highlight the waves as much as you would take it with loose or semi-collected hair.

To finish another of the accessories that can serve you are the floral arrangements that are widely used to celebrate spring or for a wedding or a hat when you do not want to comb your hair.

hairstyles with loop waves

In this beautiful blonde model, we can see how the waves look with a black bow that takes two strands to make a semi-picked style.

It is very nice that the tips are more pronounced yellow to give a lighting effect compared to the root of the scalp where a darker volume is noticed to give it some naturalness.

Hairstyles with loop bow waves

The hairstyle with low bun arrived to stay this season and is something that I do not think it goes out of style because it makes you a more youthful style by subtracting years and that all women like.

That’s why if you wear waves to make this type of look is a good option to change since you can do it in a simple and fast way.

Picking up all your hair you have to make a low ponytail but keep in mind that when you are going to take the last lap of the ponytail you have to leave it halfway.

Then you have to thin one of those strands from the top of the crown so that the strand can give the hairstyle greater volume.

This step is optional but if you want to make it neater you can review all the strands of the forehead that you left loose with tongs so that the waves are more accentuated and last in time.

hairstyles with mono loop waves

As you can see it is important that the frontal wicks are loose on and in front of the ears where you can mark with the heat of a loop if you want both wicks on the sides to better define the features of the face.

Another important point is that for this type of hairstyles you can wear large circular earrings or earrings and a natural makeup without being too overloaded in the colors.

Ideal this type of look for spring-summer trends.

Hairstyles with Waves with side stripe

This wave hairstyle has become very popular lately because it is a neat way to wear hair but in turn, give it movement.

The secret of this type of look is the side stripe that you have to do.

For that it has to be leaving all your long hair loose and you have to make some waves in tufts that you want.

With these waves what you are going to achieve is to give volume to your hair but also the desired movement.

Now what you have to do as a next step is to make a line next to the profile of your face that you like least.

This will be to separate the hair in a division and get this fashionable hairstyle.

So you will have loose hair on one side, wearing a much more visible wave but also with more movement.

And on the other side, you have to wear your hair like a thick strand behind the ear.

To finish you have to add an accessory that can be a brooch, a bow or a hair clip to give that chic touch with a lot of glamors.

Hairstyles with Waves

This hairstyle is widely chosen by celebrities and celebrities such as one who always uses it is Megan Fox or other Hollywood actresses like Jessica Alba.

This demonstrates that the red carpet often shows the modern trend but the retro returns to show that the elegant never goes out of style.

The type of wave that you do is what will mark the style so if you want it not to be so striking you can make a more subtle and not so marked wave.

For that the wave you have to implement it in the wicks directly from the tips to give it a natural touch.

Hairstyles with Waves with Half-up Bun

The freshness that this hairstyle has is what I like because you can mold it with a bit of fixing spray or foam for hair and use only your fingers to give it that characteristic and chic style that the half-up bun has.

Taking different strands of the top of your hair you have to take them under the crown.

Once you have done this step, what follows is to twist your hair in a kind of bun, you will notice that you are going to start to undo but you do not have to leave it in a symmetrical way on the contrary you have to have that naturalness that is not perfect Like a hairdresser hairstyle or beauty salon.

hairstyles with waves half up bun

Youthful look, bold but also very fresh, I recommend it if you want to change and break with that rigid structure of your fashion.

Hairstyles with Waves and two braids for one side

This type of hairstyle is ideal for scalps or hair that have abundant hair that favors the finished look since you have to divide one of your sides into two tufts in a first step and then draw them separately.

Keep in mind before advancing that your hair has to be previously wavy or you already have it naturally in that waviness.

In my personal case this happens to me especially when I wake up in the morning and bathe the night before the ideal waves that every girl would like to have been formed.

If this does not happen to you like me, then the best thing you can do is through a pincer or loop.

To continue with the style of the 2 side braids you have to take it back the locks and simply fasten them with hairpins.

If you do not have forks you can use a nice pin that goes over the neck.

In this photo you can see another type of hairstyle where the side braids accompany a waterfall type hairstyle divided into different strands.

hairstyles with waves two braids

With each step, you can see how the waves help to have a romantic look but also elaborate and youthful.

Hairstyles with Braid Waves

The beautiful thing is that you combine two types of simple hairstyles that you can do at home in one and this mix of styles allows you to have the so-called braid where the classic French braid and the low ponytail are pressed.

To make this type of style you have to first make a braid in your hair and then when you are reaching the nape of your head you can put on a hairband and stop braiding.

As you will see, you stopped making the French braid but the next step is to thin the strands of the braid and cover the rubber that makes the separation with a small wick of hair.

Hairstyles with Waves

Hairstyles with Waves in a Braid Side Fishtail

Herringbone braids or fish braid as it is usually called is usually done with termination of all braided hair.

In this opportunity, I will show you how it can be done but leaving the hair loose and leaving in the background the hair waves that mark the glamorous setting.

Unlike the braided fish that is made from the center of the head as if you were making a pigtail, in this case, you have to think of a fishtail braid but taking a strand of one side of the head to cross it all wicks that participate in their assembly with others that are less thick.

You will take them from the section that is closest to the head when you start but when you are about to finish from the furthest.

This will give you the possibility of having a braid that on one side takes the root and on the other not as you can see in the photo to have as an example.

Hairstyles with braid fishtail waves

Hairstyles with Waves with Elegant Pigtail for Parties

If you have your best friend’s or family member’s wedding soon, then this may be the solution if you don’t know how to look.

It is an ideal hairstyle to wear in the spring, summer season because you can wear your hair but at the same time not suffer from the heat by having it collected.

To do this type of hairstyle you have to let lose the locks that you have on the forehead and collect the rest of your hair to make a simple ponytail that is the medium height or a high ponytail.

One of the locks that were left in front of you should take you back from your head and try to cross it to the other side of your head, passing over the rubber band that holds it.

You have to repeat this process with the other side and when you finish fastening both sides with forks or pins that you have below so that they do not look.

Remember that the waves can be previously created or after all these steps create your waves to wear them in this elegant style.

Hairstyles with elegant ponytail waves

Hairstyles with Waves in a Pigtail with Volume

Combing with volume has the advantage of making a casual look but in turn youthful and fresh this allows you to use it daily.

To achieve this effect and for wavy hair to remain present, you have to dry your hair with your head facing down, where the roots are well exposed.

This will allow you to apply the spray to mold with your fingers or texturizer to shape it.

What you have to do to finish the hair is to apply hair spray or hair spray.

Hairstyles with volume pigtail waves

Hairstyles with Waves in a High Pigtail

The high ponytail has the advantage that for any woman it will look elegant and in turn carry a distinguished style.

It is mainly used for hair with long hair, so it is a hairstyle that you can not miss if you have long hair.

First, you have to pick up your hair and make a high ponytail and add a bow to hold it.

As a tip, I can give you this beauty secret that I use where I apply gel fixative before doing it with this you give it a wet effect that polishes any type of hair or rebel wick and is perfectly visible to anyone.

hairstyles with high ponytail waves

Hairstyles with Waves in a High Pigtail with more volume

One way to give the high ponytail more volume is by carded hairstyle on the top of the head so it will give you an effect as if you had more hair.

There is a way that if you want it to last longer then the recommended thing would be to use dry shampoo but also use hairspray before carding.

With this, you will be able to achieve an optimal corpulence effect on your mane that will be wonderful.

Hairstyles with pigtail volume waves

Hairstyles with Waves and Pins

Using pins in hairstyles is something that is very fashionable but especially if it is used in a cool way where geometric shapes are an ideal addition as a fashion accessory.

hairstyles with waves hairpins pins buckles

Of course, the aim of the pins is to hold the hair in different ways that you do but ideally, this hairstyle is to combine in a triangle form each pin, hairpin or hair buckle.

For example, if you wear strands of front and put them back is a good idea if you apply a French braid, Dutch, double braid or a braided root.

Hairstyles with Waves with Bow Messy

This collection is one of the most famous among celebrities which became very popular for being fast and easy to do, but which in turn is elegant and informal.

You will be able to get a bun but with a disheveled effect, as Meghan Markle uses.

What you have to do to do this hairstyle is to pick up your hair in a low ponytail, and then leave it without having to take out the entire last lap you apply.

messy mono wave hairstyles

You’ll have locks leftover that have to stay on top.

It is best to divide them into two wicks and then cross them but each one has to go to its opposite side.

Try to hold underneath and finally undo the hairstyle with your fingers to give that informal look but you’ll get that messy style that attracts so much attention among chic girls.

Hairstyles with Waves to the Water

Ideal for weddings and parties with friends you can wear this chic and modern style.

Where the important thing is the type of collection that you do that can be high, medium or low.

Mainly the collected under I advise you if you have a special event since you are going to wear your face with more prominence.

hairstyles with water waves collected

Wearing the waves that you can do in the vintage style of the 20s.

Cheer up and enjoy wearing your hair with this modern touch even if it’s a hairstyle your grandmother used.

Hairstyles with Waves and a Semi Pigtail

Just by taking two lateral strands, one on each side of your head, you have to carry them back and give a twisted effect so that it is smooth.

semi-wave hairstyles

Then you have to join them in the center part and fix it with a hairband.

The next step is to open the hair above and put the ponytail so you can get it underneath.

To cover the hairband, it is best to place a strand of hair that is above you and you will have finished your new look with waves.

Hairstyles with Short Hair Waves with Water Waves

Wearing short hair is often prejudiced as if you could not do fashionable hairstyles and that is a big mistake.

I will show you that if you wear your short hair then you can use the waves in your hairstyle.

water wave hairstyles 1920

Such as water waves that are marked quite well giving a wet effect that many women like because they accentuate a strong and feminine personality.

This style of classic waves reminds us of the hairstyles of the 1920s where the gel, the hairband and the use of tight hair were a trend.

Although glamor was also present with shakes in the hair.

Hairstyles with Waves to the side

The good thing about wearing a hairstyle that has undulations is that you can wear your look much more and the important thing is that if you have long hair you can choose the side you like best to stand out.

That is why if you can to the side that favors you, you can take the opportunity to make so many waves in the water throughout your hair but that are subtle and highlight the lighting of your hair.

side wave hairstyles

Or you can apply a wave that is more marked where you will get more personality in your style since the wave will almost have the shape of a ringlets style with a greater movement in regards to your look.

Hairstyles with Waves with bob Hair

The good thing about bob hair is that it never goes out of style and is one of the most famous bob manes since it is still used by celebrities.

This type of hairstyle gives an aspect that rejuvenates any woman since it transmits freshness and youth.

Hairstyles with Waves

You can opt for two types of trends on the one hand where you mark the loops and curlers very well so that these waves appear and do not go unnoticed.

And on the other hand, you will find where you want the waves to simply be present to give movement to the hair but that is not conditioning of the style that you carry in your head.

Hairstyles with Waves and bangs

The bangs are very beautiful but above all, it is used a lot if you have a wide forehead or in the autumn and winter climates where you want to cover yourself a little more.

The fringes or bangs you use have to combine with wave styles that are soft but your hair will be very overloaded.

fringe wave hairstyles

So try to always look for natural hairstyles where it seems that these waves are their own and not made with a loop.

Hairstyles with Semicorone Waves

It is a hairstyle that is widely used especially at parties, business events or weddings.

Recommended using in the summer and spring as it is a look that is good to use loose but also semi collected.

Ideal if you have hair dyed with California wicks since you manage to have a beach-style wave hair where the holidays give you the freedom to use loose wavy hair.

Hairstyles with Waves

To perform this style that is a trend for night outings you have to take a lock of your hair from the top of your head and start braiding it, making a fishtail or herringbone braid.

As you do it you carry it back on your neck.

To fix it, it is best to use hairpins and remove the strands of the lower part of the braid trying to give it a rounded shape, as if it were a headband.

Hairstyles with Waves and smooth

Combining the two most used ways of hair is ideal if you want to set a trend or go to a party where the unexpected is expected.

There are people who like the wave in their wicks and others who like to wear straight hair but combine both very rarely you can see it if it is not natural.


That is why the idea is to surprise and look elegant since this way you show an elegant part of your look.

But at the same time that you are modern and transmit a self-assurance that very few women can do it.

hairstyles with smoothed waves

You have to make a line in the middle of the head and comb your hair smoothly to the height of the ears.

Once you did it you have to go from the ears to the part of the shoulders where you have to start from there to make the waves and as you get to the tips they have to be more accentuated.

In the tips, if you wish to give the final touch with a hair straightener you can iron only the tips and leave straightened.

With this you will get a combination of waves and straightening combining as you want to give naturalness to the hair.

Hairstyles with Waves with False bob

The fake bob is mainly used when you have long hair since you can use the bob mane that women like to wear short hair but for long hair.

In order to achieve this, you first have to make waves with the hair straightener, in a way that does not accentuate an intermediate point of ringlets and a soft wave.

hairstyles with fake bob waves

Then you have to comb it so that the waves stand out and the excess of hair you start to take it from the tips and put inwards, fixing with hooks, buckles and hairpins.

With this you will give a short hair effect and using wavy hair with a bob hairstyle.

Hairstyles with collected waves

The hairstyles collected have a great advantage especially for parties or events such as a wedding in spring or summer where the heat bothers too much.

Especially when dancing at the party that none of us loses it to have fun and have a good time.

But elegance should never be lost because of that if you are thinking of a look that fits you well with waves and collected hair, your choice has to be this type of hairstyle where the informal mixes with fashion and elegance.

It also serves for weddings that are made in the fall and winter but considering that the makeup you put on your face should be very well delineated and not recharge so much with strong colors but use pastel colors.

hairstyles with waves collected curly with stripe in the middle

The stripe hairstyle that I explain in this guide can serve you to start and then apply some hairpin that you want so that the strands are fixed and raise the hair, trimming its length in a natural way.

If you want instead of that you collected more natural what you have to do is use a stripe in the middle of your mane combing first for one side and then for the other and make a low bun with a bang to give the frame to the face.

Always giving priority to the waves and accentuating if you want them to be more marked or less depending on the naturalness you want it to look.

I hope you like this beautiful guide that I made for you about hairstyles with waves and that you can choose the best one for your look.

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