140 Forearm Tattoos for Men with Meaning

Recently, forearm tattoos for men are becoming more popular. But some women also decide to place body artwork there. The forearm would represent both strength and skill. Many people get a tattoo on their forearms to draw attention to their muscles. These tattoos are a good way to motivate yourself to stay in shape.

Tattoos have always played a very important role in traditions and rituals. In Borneo, women placed their tattoos on their forearms to indicate a particular talent. If a woman wore a symbol that indicated that she was a very good knitter, her status increased as a wife and potential mother.

forearm tattoo 129

In the early 17 th century, tattoos were used in Japan to mark and identify criminals and outlaws. These outlaws were easily recognizable by the tattoo they wore on their arms. A cross or a straight line was tattooed on their forearm or upper arm.

forearm tattoo 144

The tattoo was also introduced in many German concentration camps in the fall of 1941. As hundreds of thousands of Soviet prisoners arrived in the terrible concentration camp of Auschwitz and thousands of them died very quickly, victims from hunger and torture, the SS authorities began to tattoo the prisoners so that they could be identified.

Meaning of forearm tattoos for men

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, you have probably already thought a lot about the design and the symbolism that will accompany it. But you should also think about the part of the body where you want to place this tattoo because it is also very symbolic.

forearm tattoo 226

Forearm tattoos are used to commemorate a personal or shared experience, to remind someone of personal goals or victories, or to honor a loved one, among other things.

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forearm tattoo 220
forearm tattoo 251
forearm tattoo 214

Pork has been a symbol of abundance since time immemorial. The Chinese regarded it as a symbol of virility, luck, abundance and prosperity. We also appreciate it for its developed sense of smell which allows it to find truffles.

In Asia and Africa, it is a symbol of prosperity and fertility.

avantbras tattoo 194

The tattooed wolves represent loyalty, but also the trick.

forearm tattoo ideas
forearm tattoo 200
forearm tattoo 184

Types of tattoos on forearms Ideas

1. Geometric tattoos on the forearms

The main advantage of geometric tattoos on the forearms is that you have the freedom to choose any shape for your tattoo. These shapes are usually separated by a thick line. So when a work is finished, it looks like you are wearing a sleeve on your forearm. This type of tattoo has a better rendering in black. You can tattoo triangles, diamonds, squares and even lines that zigzag all over your forearm.

forearm tattoo 149

2. Portrait tattoos on the forearms

It is one of the most popular places to place a tattoo because it is very visible and therefore you have a better chance of transmitting what you have to express. Forearm tattoos are just as much appreciated and chosen by men as by women. You can get a portrait of a loved one, your mentor or a character from your favorite movie. This type of tattoo on the forearm is usually done in black or gray tones

3. Card tattoos on the forearms

It is a different type of forearm tattoo which also has an excellent capacity for creativity. Card tattoos are a great choice for those who love to travel. There is also some form of mystery in these drawings. For example, if your tattoo has a large X written on its surface, it may mean that it is a treasure map. You can get a card tattoo anywhere on your forearm. It can be the place where you live, your country or your continent. Some people even have a world map tattooed on their entire forearm.

4. Anchor tattoos on the forearms

It is well known that nautical theme tattoos, and more particularly anchor tattoos, were very popular with people working in the sea travel industry, i.e. sailors – civilians and military -, boat captains, fishermen and other occupations involving the navigation of the seven seas or rivers. But that has changed a lot these days as anchor tattoos are becoming more popular with the general public, to the point that marine tattoos are no longer associated with sea workers.

avantbras tattoo 208
forearm tattoo 228
forearm tattoo 176
forearm tattoo 146
forearm tattoo 192
tattoo before arm 225

The bear is a symbol of healing, personal health, strength and courage but it is also an emblem of ferocity and protection of the family. This animal is considered to have great diplomatic capabilities (non-violent problem solving) and great physical strength.

forearm tattoo 143
forearm tattoo 172
forearm tattoo 215

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Trees represent the harmony between heaven and earth, because they connect these two parts thanks to their roots and their crown. But these tattoos can also symbolize family ties and descendants.

forearm tattoo 140

The compasses and their tattoos are a guide for those who are lost. They show the way and are a popular tattoo motif for travelers.

forearm tattoo 183

Ideal placement of tattoos on forearms

The placement of tattoos on the forearms is very popular in the tattoo world. But it should not be forgotten that choosing the forearm as the main place for tattooing is not a very discreet decision. Using a jacket or shirt with long sleeves can be very useful, but it is not always possible, nor very practical.

Many people think, however, that the forearm is the best place to place a tattoo. Why? Because it is an obvious and easy place. Your tattoo will be there and you can see it whenever you want. The tattoos should be done for your own pleasure, not for that of others.

When you want to have a tattoo printed on the forearms, there are basically two possible places – the first is the outer part of your forearm, which means that anyone can take a look at your drawing, and the second is the inner part of your arm, which is not as exposed to the sun and will be much easier to hide if you wish. While tattoos placed on the outside of the arm have long been considered the prerogative of aggressive people, they are currently chosen by a much wider audience. But they are still less common than those placed inside the arm.

forearm tattoo 142

The skull and crossbones, a very popular motif and of which there are very different representations, has many meanings but death remains its main meaning.

forearm tattoo 218
tattoo before arm 134
forearm tattoo 197

Elephants are a symbol of memory and wisdom. They are sacred animals in many cultures and mainly in India. In Hinduism, the god Ganesh has an elephant head.

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forearm tattoo 164
forearm tattoo 199
forearm tattoo 135

The fox is a symbol of cleverness and agility and birds always represent freedom. A magnificent bodywork in tribute to nature …

Preparation tips before the tattoo session

Having a tattoo should be a positive experience, even if it may seem scary because you don’t know exactly what to expect. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your first tattoo:

  1. Prepare your body. When you get a tattoo, your immune system will immediately start working. You should be aware of your condition and be sure you are feeling well before you start. Eat a good meal to make sure your blood sugar level is sufficient and bring a bottle of water. Sometimes a tattoo session can last for several hours.
  2. Choose your design well. You will have to take all the time necessary for the election of your tattoo design. Make sure it is something that you are really passionate about and that won’t go out of fashion. You would not want to be stuck, in 15 years, with a tattoo that has nothing to do with what you are. Choose the size, color and type of font, if it is a text. You can determine several colors that you like for your tattoo, and the artist will try to match them as much as possible.
  3. Shave the area of ​​skin that will be tattooed. Generally, shaving should be done over a much larger area than the drawing itself, to properly prepare your skin for tattooing. Some customers prefer to shave, which is a good idea if they don’t hurt the skin while doing it. If the tattoo artist is not satisfied with shaving, he can do it again to his liking. Tattoo artists are used to shaving their clients to prepare them, so don’t feel embarrassed. Tattoo artists have generally seen everything.

Estimated production costs and standard prices for forearm tattoos

Price is one of the most important factors in tattooing. When it comes to determining the cost of your tattoo, it will depend on where you go to do it. Depending on it, the price of your tattoo will be higher or lower. The cost of your drawing can be calculated per hour of work, but the artist can also decide the price of each tattoo individually. When it comes to money, remember that what you get is always directly proportional to what you pay. And, frankly, good tattoos are not cheap and cheap tattoos are generally not good.

Never forget that a tattoo is permanent. If you only want the best, you should pay for the best. If you’ve finished your research and discovered the best tattoo artist, you shouldn’t dismiss it because of its prices.

And if you already know exactly what you want to get tattooed, it is perfectly reasonable to inquire about the fixed prices and request an estimate of the number of hours of work required to complete the design. Remember that each tattoo is a huge investment for many people. Your artist is a human being: he can understand and want to help you without worrying about prices.

tattoo before arm 188

Whales are legendary animals connected to the world of the unconscious because of their connection to the deep oceans. In addition, their song is very mysterious, which makes them particularly mystical beings.

forearm tattoo 230

In Hinduism, the lotus flower represents spiritual perfection.

forearm tattoo 242

As we said above, wolves represent cleverness and loyalty.

forearm tattoo 236
forearm tattoo 130
forearm tattoo 136

forearm tattoo 248
forearm tattoo 219
forearm tattoo 153

Tips for maintaining tattoos on forearms

When you get a tattoo for the first time, know that your skin, after the tattoo procedure, is nothing more than a large open wound vulnerable to all types of germs and bacteria. It is very important that you care for, and then conscientiously maintain your tattoo on the forearm, so that it remains shiny, clean and colorful as long as possible.

The tattoos take about two weeks to heal on the surface. It all depends on their size, style and where they are tattooed. But, in reality, it takes rather a month for them to be completely healed under the surface of the skin and for access to the parts containing the ink to be completely closed by the natural healing process.

forearm tattoo 148
tattoo before arm 165
forearm tattoo 156

The sword is above all a weapon of honor. It often represents military honor. It is a symbol of honor and virtue, which incites to fight for these values ​​in the fairest, most valiant and most generous way possible.

avantbras tattoo 196
avantbras tattoo 201
tattoo before arm 180
forearm tattoo 160
forearm tattoo 138
forearm tattoo 122
forearm tattoo 239
forearm tattoo 154
forearm tattoo 157
forearm tattoo 213
forearm tattoo 238
forearm tattoo 171
forearm tattoo 152
forearm tattoo 147
forearm tattoo 159
forearm tattoo 203
forearm tattoo 212
forearm tattoo 181
forearm tattoo 229
forearm tattoo 125
forearm tattoo 137
forearm tattoo 249
forearm tattoo 187
forearm tattoo 123
forearm tattoo 167
forearm tattoo 155
forearm tattoo 124
forearm tattoo 223
forearm tattoo 189
forearm tattoo 133
tattoo 240
forearm tattoo 179
forearm tattoo 175
forearm tattoo 222
forearm tattoo 132
forearm tattoo 210
forearm tattoo 211
avantbras tattoo 205
forearm tattoo 243
forearm tattoo 233
forearm tattoo ideas
forearm tattoo ideas
forearm tattoo ideas
forearm tattoo 120
forearm tattoo 204
forearm tattoo 121
avantbras tattoo 195
forearm tattoo 141
forearm tattoo 217
forearm tattoo 162
forearm tattoo 168
forearm tattoo 166
forearm tattoo 163
forearm tattoo 169
forearm tattoo 161
forearm tattoo 252
forearm tattoo 235
forearm tattoo 191
forearm tattoo 237
forearm tattoo 250
forearm tattoo 245
tattoo before arm 128
forearm tattoo 177
forearm tattoo 151
forearm tattoo 253
forearm tattoo 127
forearm tattoo 207
avantbras tattoo 190
forearm tattoo 241
forearm tattoo for men
forearm tattoo for men
forearm tattoo for men
forearm tattoo for men
tattoo before arm for men
forearm tattoo for men
forearm tattoo for men

Forearm Tattoo Ideas

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forearm tattoo for men
forearm tattoo 193
forearm tattoo 131
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