Peroxide for hair: all about the volumes and how to use it


Despite the fact that its use is extremely careful and it seems easier to attribute it to the experts in beauty salons, hair peroxide is safe to use at home. Of course, following the instructions to the letter is essential to achieve professional results. But, once you know how this product works and get the hang of it, you can leave your hair looking radiant.

From lightening hair to removing color, here are all its uses and the best way to get its benefits.

What does peroxide do to hair?

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a chemical compound made up of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. It is a pale blue, or colorless, liquid that has been used for decades for various purposes, including bleaching hair.

When mixed with bleaching powder, the peroxide works by oxidizing the hair’s natural pigment, breaking down the melanin molecules responsible for the color. It helps by lifting the cuticle (the outer protective layer of the hair), allowing the product to penetrate the hair shaft.

If mixed with dye, the peroxide acts as a catalyst, making the color stick to the hair.

peroxide for blonde hair
The peroxide helps to lighten the hair and improves the fixation of the dye. Credit:

Editor’s tip: Keep in mind that subjecting your hair to chemical procedures can damage it and leave it in poor condition. To take care of it and keep it hydrated, use products such as shampoo and TRESemmé Pro-Radiance Color Conditioner, enriched with marula oil and resveratrol to hydrate and also take care of the color of your dye. They also help restore shine and keep it radiant.

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Peroxide uses for hair

From lightening to removing color, these are the uses and benefits of peroxide for hair.

  • Lightens the hair. Peroxide has a great ability to lighten hair gradually, which is used to achieve light tonessuch as light brown, and all blondes.
  • Remove the dye. Just as it enters the cuticle and breaks down the melanin, responsible for the natural color of the hair, the peroxide helps to break the dye molecules, facilitating the process to obtain a different tone.
  • Enhances natural reflexes. If your hair is naturally light, this chemical compound can enhance the natural reflections, as if your hair were illuminated by the sun. This adds dimension and movement, further helping to achieve a warm and beachy look.

Table of peroxides for hair

When talking about volumes in regards to hairspray, it is about its strength or concentration used in coloring or bleaching products. That is, the volume measurement indicates the amount of oxygen released by the peroxide during the chemical reaction.

In the hair sector, the most commonly used peroxide volumes are 10, 20, 30 and 40. Each one represents a different level of strength and has a specific purpose.

What is the difference between peroxide 20 and 30?

The 20 volume is usually used for permanent and uniform coloration. This lightens the hair color by one or two levels and is suitable for most dye applications.

On the other hand, volume 30 provides a more significant lift and is commonly used to lighten hair color by two or three levels. It is usually used for highlights or a change in tone that is much lighter than the natural one.

When it’s a 10 volume, keep in mind that it’s the weakest strength peroxide. It is normally used to deposit color into the hair without the need to break down or lighten the natural. In general, it is suitable for darkening and covering gray hair.

As for 40, this is the most powerful peroxide. It can lighten hair color by three to four levels, making it suitable for dramatic color changes or when a very light shade of blonde is required.

How is peroxide used to bleach hair?

hair peroxide
Follow the instructions on the peroxide package to the letter to avoid adverse reactions. Credit: Shutterstock.

Remember the importance of following the process to the letter to obtain the best results and avoid adverse reactions. Take note!

  1. Do a hair test. Before applying the peroxide to all of your hair, you need to do a test on a small section, to avoid any adverse reactions. Take a strand and apply your mixture, leave the time indicated in the instructions, rinse and wait 24 hours. If in this period your hair reacts well to the chemical, it is safe to use. Avoid it if the strand falls out or becomes too dry and breakable.
  2. Dilutes. Always dilute hydrogen peroxide with water or a mild conditioner to minimize its strength and reduce the risk of damaging your hair or irritating your scalp. If you have any doubts about the amounts to dilute, go to the product instructions.
  3. Let it act only the necessary time. Follow the time recommended in the product instructions and remember to limit the frequency of applications to avoid dryness, breakage or brittle hair.
  4. Moisturizes the hair. After using hydrogen peroxide, give your hair the necessary hydration and nutrition to make it strong and healthy. You can use homemade masks, natural oils and complement with products such as Dove Growth Replenishing Daily Super Moisturizer, formulated for extremely damaged and fragile hair. This is responsible for improving the condition of the strands, recovering them from any sign of damage due to discoloration.

How long should hair peroxide be left on?

The time you should leave the peroxide on your hair depends on your natural color and the result you want to obtain. The duration also varies between products. For best results, follow these tips:

  • To dye the hair. If you use peroxide to change or enhance the color of your hair, take into account that the recommended time may vary depending on the dye you use. Although it is common to leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes, always follow the instructions printed either on the packaging or in the instructions, these are usually very specific regarding the appropriate duration to leave the color mixture in the hair.
  • To bleach the hair. When using developer to lighten or bleach hair, the recommended duration also depends on the base color and the level of lightening you want to achieve. It is essential to follow the instructions of the product you use, since these vary between brands. The duration usually ranges from 20 to 45 minutes. However, it is important to stay on top of the process and regularly check the progress to prevent damage to your hair.

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