60 Perfect Rose Tattoos for Women

Roses are beautiful flowers. It is a popular tattoo choice, whether colored or printed in black ink. Roses symbolize passion, love, beauty and strength. The color of the rose itself can mean certain things – black for loss, red for passion and white for innocence. We are showing you best Rose Tattoos for women, check out below..

rose tattoos for women 09

You could say that flower tattoos are one of the most chosen designs by women because of their so feminine shapes and designs, especially roses, which are the most popular. It is rare, in fact, to see a man tattooed with this motif, although there are exceptions. The shapes, colors, curves, designs and beauty of this singular flower are the main reason for its choice. The flower, in addition to its obvious aesthetic advantages, also has a symbolic meaning.

rose tattoos for women
tattoo roses for women

Already in antiquity, both the Romans and the Greeks associated the rose with love and beauty. Let us not forget that in ancient Egypt, roses were used to worship the goddess Isis, considered the ideal mother and wife. In the same idea, in Christian times, the rose began to represent the Virgin Mary. It was called the “Mystic Rose”. Do not forget to mention the rose of Sainte Thérèse de Lisieux or Sainte Thérèse des Roses, among others. However, the best-known meaning is that the rose symbolizes immortal love and beauty above all, as well as the dark side due to its thorns which symbolize loss and pain.

Beautiful Rose Tattoos for Women on Back

rose tattoos for women
rose tattoos for women
tattoo roses 123

However, its meaning can also vary, if additional elements are included in the drawing, such as a butterfly, the name of a loved one, a dagger, a barbed wire, a cross, or a skull, among others. Most of the time, these popular motifs were known thanks to the sailors who tattooed a rose with the name of the loved one, to remember them during the trip.

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rose tattoos for women on hand
rose tattoos for women on hand

The feminine forms of the rose symbolize the woman in a certain way, that is why she can personify the fiancée, the wife, or the mother. On the other hand, the rose is also popular in the world of body art, because it is one of the easiest patterns to tattoo, on any place of the body, by changing its shape its size. Another point of importance is that each color indicates a different meaning. For example, the yellow rose is linked to happiness, adult love, jealousy, or jealous lovers. On the contrary, white roses logically indicate purity, spirituality, or even a secret admirer.

rose tattoos for women
tattoo roses 17
rose tattoos for women's back

The pink roses symbolize healing, elegance, virtue or grace. Blue roses are linked to fantasy or the impossible. Black roses signify darkness, separation or death and are, for example, widely used for body art printed in memory of a pet. In general, all these achievements show us that roses are one of the motifs with infinite themes. They are a real source of inspiration for any tattoo lover and are one of the best options.

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rose tattoos on wrist

If you are here, it is probably because you like or think you are getting a rose tattoo, one or more at a time. Surely the majority of people who choose these designs are women or girls. We have put together this collection for you, so you can choose the ones you prefer when you decide to get a tattoo.

rose tattoos for women on neck
tattoo roses 31
tattoo roses 45
tattoo roses 47
tattoo roses 55
tattoo roses 57
rose tattoo 1015

A rose with thorns in black and gray tones, with many shadow effects. This drawing is located on what appears to be that person’s calf, just above the ankle.

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rose tattoo 1019

This girl wears a pretty creeper tattooed on the front part of the forearm. Very colorful, in pink tones for flowers and green for leaves. We also included a sentence. I never promised you a rose garden.

rose tattoo 1054

A tattoo located on the belly. It looks like it was just made for the ink leftovers that we still see on the skin. This rose full of thorns is crossed by a needle.

rose tattoo 1020

The following drawing is that of a rose imprinted on the forearm of this person, accompanied by several stems with thorns and leaves. This person chose the typical colors of roses, which is to say, the intense red which contrasts with the green.

rose tattoo 1009

You can also choose a design in gray and black tones. With shadow effects tattooed on the arm, which gives excellent and more original results than the typical red rose so commonly chosen by many people.

rose tattoo 1052

Tattoo with letters and a rose. The colors of the composition are typical of the Old School style, very showy and characteristic. Greens, pinks and blues are the tones that were used during its realization.

rose tattoo 1023

I don’t think the idea of ​​tribal tattoos was very good, although the contrast with the colors of the rose was successful – the only thing in common between these elements is the curved lines. But as they say, tastes and colors …

rose tattoo 1051

This boy has a rose tattooed on his side. It seems unfinished – or at least, I consider that the result would be much better if the flower was colored or if there were some shadow effects. So it seems incomplete.

rose tattoo 1026

This person presents us with some pretty flowers of different colors tattooed on the kick. These are two roses, one red and one blue, colors that combine perfectly with the green tone of the stem and flowers.

rose tattoo 1016

The main design is repeated on each side, a dolphin in blue tones. One of the dolphins is also placed on a blue rose.

rose tattoo 1029

Large blue rose tattoo with a stem full of leaves, which ends in a spin. All this surrounded by stars circling the elements, giving a certain relief effect.

rose tattoo 1012

This little rose is accompanied by several tribal lines. Although generally, we do not find the mixture very successful, it is certain that in this case, the result is not so bad, perhaps because the lines unite and seem to form the stem of the flower. .

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rose tattoo 1005

This design is also very characteristic of the Old School style. The Old Scool style is characterized by its colors and the patterns that are chosen. Roses are very present among them.

rose tattoo 1034

This tattoo has just been made. A simple rose on a stem, made in black ink.

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rose tattoo 1024

On the lower back, on the lumbar area. We find a drawing that we have already seen previously on different people. The tattooed rose with tribal lines.

rose tattoo 1053

Nice photography in black tones on which is as important what was printed as the holes that we left in order to give a dimension to the drawing.

rose tattoo 1042

And one more, because this drawing is very widespread. These girls certainly chose this drawing because they saw it on someone else, maybe on one of our tattoo pages? Each one gave it a personal touch by using different colored inks, but the design is the same.

rose tattoo 1040

A couple, each tattooed with one or more roses. The quality of the man’s tattoo is lower than that of the woman’s drawing. Maybe the human one was done many years ago.

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rose tattoo 1021

Pink where we played with the contrast between light and shadow.

1000 tattoo rose

A rosebud tattooed on the belly.

rose tattoo 1022

One in color and the other in black and white. The colorful rose is much better, with the colors typical of the Old School style that we talked about earlier.

rose tattoo 1028

A rose from which a candle comes out.

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rose tattoo 1011

A rose printed on the nape of the neck. Although we have said a few times that flowers always require color, the case of roses is different because the result can be very good even when printed in black tones.

rose tattoo 1025

Super small this tattoo of red rose.

rose tattoo 1044

This person dedicates his drawing to his mother and father.

rose tattoo 1032

On this woman’s arm and shoulder.

rose tattoo 1048

Nice tattoo of a blue rose for women.

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rose tattoo 1014

Roses with letters.

rose tattoo 1038

A large tattoo of brightly colored roses. A bodywork dedicated to the mother of this person.

rose tattoo 1035

Weird, this tattoo. I would like to know the explanation that this person gives us its meaning. We can see two skulls of different colors holding a key between the teeth.

rose tattoo 1004

Rose with green leaves on the back. Here the number of green leaves is much higher. Generally, only one or two are included.

rose tattoo 1018

Delicate pink that accompanies several words and has been printed on the lower back.

rose tattoo 1036

Super stylish tattoo for a woman. And sensual. A perfect place for a woman.

rose tattoo 1006

Red rose on the back.

rose tattoo 1013

Red rose with several green leaves.

rose tattoo 1041

Pretty designs of roses. The best of this design are the green lines that are all around.

rose tattoo 1039

The colors used are very characteristic and it seems, at this stage of the gallery, that the tattoos of roses encourage to use this type of color. In this case, the rose is accompanied by a butterfly and other patterns that we cannot see well.

rose tattoo 1007

Climbing red flowers united by green stems that occupy almost the entire arm.

rose tattoo 1017

A beautiful little rose not very different from the others. I would have liked to include other designs so that you have a wider variety of designs to choose from, but the problem is that at least 90% are similar.

rose tattoo 1050

A very variegated tattoo. You can see two roses on both sides of the main design, which represents the famous Mexican skull. All the elements of the composition stand out thanks to the striking colors that have been used. The design has a nice touch of Old School style.

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