Do nuts really make you fat? The surprising answer

If you look at the nutritional information of a pack of trail mix, you can quickly scare. After all, there are very high numbers in the columns for the fat and calorie content. But do nuts make you fat and unhealthy?

It depends on the quantity and variety

There is one thing that can not be denied: nuts contain a lot of fat. However, these are unsaturated fatty acids that are easily digestible and very healthy for the body. In addition, nuts can provide you with many valuable nutrients such as protein, vitamin E and magnesium.

But you should not eat snacks in bulk. If you eat 100 grams of nuts, you quickly reach over 550 kilocalories. To really eat you enough, they are therefore not suitable. About 30 grams of nuts daily are harmless to your figure. Rather, a handful of almonds that you eat as a snack should, according to one study , even reduce hunger and cause you to consume fewer calories a day altogether. In other words, nuts may even help you lose weight.

Do nuts really make you fat? The surprising answer
Which nut variety is your favorite?

Our table shows that there are also significant differences between varieties. The macadamia has about 135 grams more calories per 100 grams than the cashew and is also much fatty. For a snack in between almonds, peanuts, pistachios and cashews are particularly good.

Nuss places Fats (in g per 100 g) Kilocalories (in kcal per 100 g)
cashew 44 553
peanut 48 561
pistachio 52 562
almond 54 570
hazelnut 62 664
walnut 63 654
Brazil nuts 67 670
Pecan 72 705
Macadamia 73 718
Tip: To avoid being tempted to squeeze out a whole bag of trail mix, you better fill a small bowl with the nuts of your choice beforehand. You do not have to get the kitchen scales out of the cupboard for that. The recommended dose of 30 grams is about a handful.

This is how nuts turn into fattening agents

If you candied nuts (for example, as roasted almonds at the Christmas market) or in fat roasted and salted , they are unfortunately anything but low in calories. The same applies, of course, to nuts that have a crispy batter coat around them. These treats you can treat yourself from time to time, but you should not eat them in rough amounts.

Make nuts thick? The answer is very clear: No! Although nuts contain relatively much fat, they are still not unhealthy or even fattening. You can treat yourself to a handful of almonds or hazelnuts without a guilty conscience. Grits best to natural variant, because roasted and salted nuts have significantly more calories. Which nut variety do you like best? Please tell me in the comments .

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