Case filed against singer Honey Singh by his wife Shalini Talwar under the Domestic Violence Act

Case filed against singer Honey Singh by his wife Shalini Talwar under the Domestic Violence Act
Honey Singh Domestic Violence Case: Punjabi singer and actor Honey Singh has been booked by his wife Shalini Talwar Singh ...
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Billie Eilish shows her feet injuries and worries her fans

Billie Eilish feet injuries
The name of Billie Eilish has not stopped appearing in the media for a few months thanks to the resounding musical success ...
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Virat Kohli net worth 3 times more than Anushka Sharma, know about his earnings

virat kohli net worth and anushka sharma net worth
Virat Kohli net worth and Anushka Sharma income: Team India captain Virat Kohli earns three times more than his Bollywood actress ...
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Angelina Jolie’s tattoos with meaning

angelina jolie's tattoos
Angelina Jolie’s tattoos – Angelina Jolie is by far one of the most popular tattooed female celebrities, whose tattoos have been the subject ...
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Angelina Jolie: the meanings of her tattoos

Impossible not to associate Angelina Jolie with tattoos. She is one of the most tattooed Hollywood actresses. On the arms, in the back, on the ...
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We discovered the meaning of Angelina Jolie’s tattoo on back

Angelina Jolie's tattoo on back
Each of Angelina Jolie’s tattoo on back has a special meaning. One of the first, on her left shoulder, was the name ...
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Kylie Jenner now has a net worth of $ 900 MILLION according to Forbes …

Kylie Jenner may be the baby of the Kardashian-Jenner family, but she is on her way to becoming one of ...
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Meet the 7 members of BTS, the favorite K-pop band of 2018

bts members
Bangtan Boys, or popularly known as BTS, debuted in 2013 and since then they have gradually won the love of ...
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Lady Gaga Reveals She Wants To Have Kids In The Next Decade

lady-gaga want kids next decade
Although she already has a large army of ‘little monsters’ in social networks and in its crowded concerts, singer Lady ...
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Normally none would have thought of the musical ‘Cats’ as a horror movie , but from what we have seen so far from the ...
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