100+ Family Tattoos: kids, girls, parents and more

Family tattoos can harbor a special kind of meaning for each person who wears them. These tattoos are often more popular among men and represent the importance of the relationships that each one has with his family. If you wish to wear body artwork which includes the members of your family, there are many designs and ideas that you can use to determine which design is best for you

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Meaning of family tattoos

People get family tattoos for a very obvious reason: love for their family, whether it’s the one they came from or the one they made for themselves. Families are a top priority in men’s lives and they are often seen as a blessing. A tattoo of our family or a member of our family shows the world that we should all love and value them until the end. In their prayers, people often thank God, before anything else, for giving them a wonderful family. A tattoo, like any form of art, is truly one of the best ways to express your affection for your family.

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Sometimes a family tattoo does not necessarily have to represent your blood family: parents, siblings or children. It can also represent the very strong bond that exists between friends, colleagues or even an organization within a school establishment. These types of body art can symbolize membership in a band, proof that you are committed to other members of the band to which you belong. These variations of family tattoos show that family members are used to defending or protect each other as soon as they are in danger or accused of something.

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Types of family tattoos

1. Name Tattoos

Many men and women have their children’s names tattooed close to their hearts. It is a very popular type of family tattoo. As you tattoo a person’s name on your chest, it basically means that you love that person and are ready to do anything for them. Other men prefer to have the names of people who have influenced their lives in one way or another tattooed. It is quite usual for a man to get a tattoo in honor of their mother, father or both, as a sign of respect.

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In men, family tattoos can also be placed on the arms. In this case, they often represent the name of their wife or partner. Having the name of an important person tattooed on the arm is quite common in men, especially because tattoos of the arms are often seen by many more people than those of the chest. The arms can also represent strength. This type of tattoo often goes hand in hand with another romantic symbol such as flowers or hearts.

2. Family Quote Tattoos

Some people have quotes tattooed on their bodies because they give a good idea of ​​what they believe in and their real philosophy of life. These quotes contain a positive and encouraging message for them and could even change the outlook on someone else’s life. These tattoos can define how life should be lived and represent a wave of hope and inspiration for another person.

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3. Family hearts tattoos

Is there a better way to celebrate love for a family member than by wearing a set of tattooed hearts? Each heart could represent a member of your family. The heart is the universal symbol of love and life. A person depends on his heart to live and, for some people, the heart is definitely a reason to live. Women wear family tattoos of the heart more often than men and sometimes tend to add the names of family members or loved ones right in the center of the heart. A heart design represents true compassion and love.

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4. Infinity family tattoos

For many people, family or the simple concept of family is something they cherish more than anything. This is where the symbol of infinity comes into play. The symbol of infinity is exactly what it announces: a mathematical symbol that represents what has no end, an infinite loop, without limits and eternal. The symbol of infinity has become popular in the world of body art because it has a unique design. If you plan to have an infinity family tatoo, you can incorporate hearts or other patterns that represent family ties into it. Or maybe a simple infinity symbol with the word “family” written in the loop?

5. Family tree tattoos

A family tree tattoo of family type gives you both an elaborate and meaningful way to express your gratitude for what your family has given you. It could also be a way to represent not only your parents, brothers and sisters but also your grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. A family tree tattoo represents not only a tree but also the names of your family members – much like a traditional ancestral family tree. You can also add some additional details to this type of tattoos, such as the birth dates of the different parents and their initials. Some people even add images of their family members to this type of tattoo.

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Great place for family tattoos

Like many other types of tattoos, family works can be placed on almost any part of the body. But it will depend on the style and size of the tattoo. Large family drawings, such as the family tree we mentioned, are often located on the back.

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Preparation tips before the tattoo session

Choose your favorite drawing before going to the tattoo artist. You can also print this drawing and create as much reference material as possible to give the artist the best workable description of your future tattoo. They can then translate your description and requests into a piece of corporal art made just for you. If you want a portrait (measuring at least 8×10), a lot of details can be incorporated into the final work.

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If you have already made an appointment with your tattoo artist but you are not sure what your final drawing will look like, contact the studio to check the total time assigned to your session. Remember to arrive on time and prepare your money to meet the final cost.

Always wear loose clothing, which will allow the artist easy access to where you want to place the tattoo. So if you want to have a tattoo on your leg, don’t wear skinny jeans, leggings, or gaiters.

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A very first work of body art is a memorable experience, whether good or bad. At first glance, don’t choose a huge design or a place that everyone can see, such as the nape of the neck, hands or face. Getting a tattoo first is always a big decision and you may not get certain jobs because of what’s printed on your skin, especially if you have a lot of body paint.

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Estimated production costs and standard prices for family tattoos

Like hairdressers and beauty salons, tattoo artists set their own rules and standards when it comes to determining the final price of their work. It is actually a good thing. Depending on the type of tattoo you want to acquire, the number of hours of work required to create it and where it will be placed, you can get a good idea of ​​the best place to go according to the conditions offered by each. studio.

You should also meet the tattoo artist in person to discuss the final price of the composition before beginning the process. Consulting the artist will allow you to learn more about the way tattoos are made and to realize the effort to make to complete a simple drawing. This consultation will also allow you to adjust the design to better benefit from it and pay a reasonable price for its realization.

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Tips for maintaining family tattoos

Once your family tattoo is fully healed, its colors will be brighter. This is completely normal: the different layers of skin will have redone and will gradually accept the ink. But, to maintain this quality of color, you should always apply sunscreen on your tattoo before leaving your home, especially during the hot season. Protection ratings of 30, 45 or even higher are recommended, to protect your design from sunburn.

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