Lady Gaga Reveals She Wants To Have Kids In The Next Decade

Although she already has a large army of ‘little monsters’ in social networks and in its crowded concerts, singer Lady Gaga does not intend to settle for her -illustre, everything is said- title of ‘Mother Monster’ and, in fact, in the next decade is more than likely that the pop star ends up forming her own family.

This was expressed by the interpreter herself in an interview granted to the YouTube channel ‘Nikki Tutorials’, while reeling out many other projects that will materialize in the next ten years.

In this sense, the New Yorker has made it clear that her future maternity debut will not be incompatible with her desire to continue cultivating both her musical and cinematographic career and, also, with the process of consolidating her successful ‘Haus Laboratories’.

“I want to make more songs, I don’t intend to retire soon… All kinds of music. I also want to make more films, I want to have babies and also continue to develop this mastodon that is Haus Laboratories to make it the cosmetics firm of my dreams ”, has summarized its list of purposes, not for the new year, but for the decade that is coming.

“Fortunately I am lucky to be able to live today based on my aspirations, creating as soon as an idea comes to me. I do things as they come to me, and I am sure that there will be endless ‘crazy’ things that I will carry out over the next ten years. I still don’t know exactly what or how, and that’s why I think they will be a real madness, ”she added.

On her known passion for makeup and, in general, for the creation of ‘alter egos’ through costumes and other aesthetic alterations, the pop star has firmly stated that, far from transforming her into a completely different character, this dynamic It really helps you to highlight those aspects of your own identity that used to go unnoticed in your everyday environment.

“I love makeup and I have to say that I have discovered myself partly thanks to him, it has helped me bring out my inner beauty. Thanks to makeup I invented Lady Gaga. I didn’t like what I saw when I looked in the mirror and it made me feel sad. Then I started to paint another version of myself, one that I liked and that I felt more comfortable with, ”she said.

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