25+ Types Of Bob Cut That Are Trending in 2023

The bob cut is the short to medium length style suitable for all hair textures and face shapes, as it adapts depending on whether it is cut in layers, straight, concave, inverted, shorter or longer, with or without bangs.

Although the bob cut is on the rise, it is not new. Its history dates back to the 1920s when flappers used it as a flag for women’s liberation. Outraged conservatives called it a style typical of rebellious women who wore short skirts, makeup and drank alcohol. It was even banned in schools! Another curious fact: to get this cut, women had to go to hairdressers specialized in men’s cuts, since the others did not have the tools or knowledge to achieve it.

In this gallery, we show you different variants of the bob cut, a comfortable style, with personality and easy to maintain.

All about the bob cut

What is the bob cut?

The bob is a short cut style that is characterized by its even extension around the entire head, usually at the jawline. Although the most classic version is straight and without layers, other variants include asymmetries, bangs, layers, paraded, disheveled and lengths that go from the mini bob to the long bob cut (long bob ) . This range of possibilities makes it a versatile cut suitable for all types of faces and hair textures. How to choose a type of bob cut?

Stylists often consider the shape of the face, the texture of the hair and the commitment one wants to make since some cuts require more maintenance than others. It is also important to take lifestyle into account: there are certain types of bob cuts that do not allow collected hairstyles. How to choose the bob cut according to the shape of the face?

  • Round face: the most flattering bob cut is the long bob, the longest since it visually creates a vertical line that breaks with roundness. The inverted bob cut can also be a good option. The angle of this style narrows the chin area. Long or side bangs are good companions.
  • Square face: in this case, what many people look for is to soften the strong line of the jaw. Therefore, it is best to avoid straight cuts that extend to that area. The inverted bob, on the other hand, extends beyond the jawline and chin, creating an angle that balances the proportions of the features.
  • Oval face: here the emphasis is on the length and not so much on the angle or style. Aim for a length below the chin. The classic, inverted or asymmetrical bob cut can work.
  • Long Face: To even out the axis, professionals often recommend styles that help create a horizontal line, such as a layered, jaw-length bob or adding bangs.
  • Heart-shaped face: to gain volume at chin level and on the sides, faded cuts are recommended. Visually light bangs are also a great option.

What is the long bob cut?

It is the longest variant of the bob cut, the one whose extension exceeds the jawline and touches the shoulders. It is the most recommended style for people with round faces.

The bob cut styles that we like the most

woman with classic bob cut with straight auburn hair
minimalist. Credit: Shutterstock

Bob cut

Purists will want to adopt the original version of the look: chin-length, non-layered, straight, and parted down the middle. If the tips were turned in, it would be even more classic.

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young woman with light brown hair in a bob cut with bangs
framed. Credit: Shutterstock

Bob cut with bangs

The bangs and the bob cut are wonderful. In this case, the extension is marked by the mandible. The bangs, just above the eyebrows. These lines create a square frame around the face, ideal for oval faces.

redhead woman with inverted bob cut and bangs
oblique line. Credit: Shutterstock

Inverted bob cut with bangs

The inverted bob is characterized by being shorter in the back and longer in the front, making it a more angular style with more dimension. She also added long bangs to the equation. With that copper hair bob cut hairstyles for black ladies it looks fantastic.

black skin woman with bob cut with violet waves with black roots
An updated classic. Credit: Shutterstock

Bob cut with waves

This is a version taken to the classic style but with waves. If your texture is 2A, 2B or 2C, this example can give you an idea of ​​how it might look. Can we also talk about that purple hair with black roots growing out? We love! And it goes to show that the classic bob cut doesn’t have to be boring.

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Asian woman with straight black hair wearing a mini bob cut with bangs and inward ends
Miniature. Credit: Shutterstock

Short bob cut

The bob cut at its minimum length reaches just below the ears. Take it with straight bangs above the eyebrows to achieve a balance of proportions.

brown haired woman with highlights and side parted bob cut
Super chic. Credit: Shutterstock

Side bob cut

This bob cut has all the characteristics of the most traditional. What sets it apart from this one is the side parting. The highlights give the look even more depth.

smiling woman in profile with light brown hair and bob cut with bangs
Curved. Credit: Shutterstock

Concave bob cut

The rounded shape of the concave bob cut is achieved with a slight variation of the extension, almost imperceptible. This style pairs well with mini bangs or baby bangs. Would you cheer up?

Olivia culmo with straight bob haircut
In its most extensive facet. Credit: Shutterstock

Long bob cut

The lob or long bob is the longest end of the bob cut, the one that touches the shoulders. This long version is the most recommended for women with round faces.

asymmetrical bob cut for women
Different lengths. Credit: Shutterstock

Asymmetric bob cut

As its name implies, the asymmetrical bob cut is the one that is longer on one side than on the other. It is a modern and sophisticated style that highlights the features. The only con is that it requires some maintenance to keep its shape.

black straight hair woman with long inverted bob cut
Posh Spice style. Credit: Shutterstock

Asymmetric long bob cut

The inverted or asymmetrical style can also be worn as a long bob. Such a marked line can harden the features a bit, which you can soften with a coloring technique such as ombré.

young woman with auburn hair in a bob cut with shorter strands in front
An original bangs. Credit: Shutterstock

Bob cut with locks

Those who are in the dilemma between bangs or not bangs can try this intermediate option with short highlights in the front. This detail breaks a bit with the structure of the classic bob cut and gives it a fresher and more youthful air.

young woman with straight dark brown hair in asymmetrical bob cut with long bangs
To highlight cheekbones. Credit: Shutterstock

Two-length bob cut

This could also be considered an asymmetrical bob cut, as it breaks the mold with the two front strands at cheekbone height. The difference in lengths, in turn, is highlighted with the styling. The front locks combed inwards, the rest outwards.

Lucy Boynton in a bob cut with open bangs and outward ends
With own flight. Credit: Shutterstock

Bob tips out

This look took us back to the 70s, with that open bangs or curtain fringe and those outward ends. Factors to which platinum blonde hair is added.

woman with brown curlers with bob cut with bangs
Thumbs up for curly girls too.Credit: Shutterstock

Bob cut with curlers

There is a basic premise to achieve the bob cut with curlers: opt for a dry haircut. This will allow you to see where each curl is going to fall and, thus, be able to give it the desired shape. She went for the full combo and added some curled bangs.

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woman with fine brown hair in a bob cut with long bangs
Lighter. Credit: Shutterstock

Parade bob cut

The parade technique provides greater lightness to the look by refining the material in certain areas. In this case, the focus was placed on the ends. Hence, this bob cut looks like the first cousin of the shag or shaggy cut .

brunette woman with bob cut with curlers and parting in the middle
A bob with body. Credit: Shutterstock

Bob with gradient waves

The gradient, on the other hand, is another cutting technique that subtly plays with the lengths of the locks to add volume to the look. That was the intention behind this textured wavy bob.

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asian woman with long edgy bob cut with bangs on black hair
Gradual. Credit: Shutterstock

Stepped Bob Haircut

This long bob plays with the extensions of the front strands to give a layered effect that is combed toward the face. This effect helps to remove visual weight from the look, given the length, the black color and the long bushy bangs.

brown-skinned woman with short bob cut with mini U-shaped bangs
For the daring. Credit: Shutterstock

Short bob cut with U-shaped bangs

This mini bob finds the ideal partner in a mini U-shaped bang. In this way, the rounded style of the cut is emphasized. In turn, the chocolate-colored hair contrasts with the skin tone to show off this look to the fullest.

Chrissy Teigen with a messy bob cut
Add texture. Credit: Shutterstock

Tousled bob cut

The disheveled bob cut is the one that, when cutting, removes a little hair in order to give it another texture and more movement. It works if you have thick hair and need some control.

woman with copper layered bob cut
Full of movement. Credit: Ospan Ali

Layered Bob Cut

The layers in the hair serve to give volume, create dimension and movement. In addition, they help to stylize the cut without much effort. In this case, the side bangs accentuate the effect.

Elsa Pataky with surf style bob cut
With its own life. Credit: Shutterstock

Long layered bob cut

We already saw that the layers are a resource to give movement. It looks very textured on straight hair, but on curly hair it helps to shape and weigh down the curls, especially long bobs. This style is also known as the surf bob .

asian woman with long bob cut round face and open bangs
shapes in harmony Credit: Mikotoraw Photographer

Long bob cut round face

The long bob cut is one of the most flattering for round faces. And, even better, if they are accompanied by long bangs, side bangs or, as in this example, with long open bangs.

black straight hair asian woman with long bob cut with bangs
proportions. Credit: Shutterstock

Long bob cut with bangs

The longer version of the bob can be combined with mini bangs, full or torn, to frame the face and give the look character. With this lightweight set of extensions, the face becomes brighter and less rigid.

asian woman with short bob cut with bangs
In oblique line. Credit: Ike Louie Natividad

Asymmetric short bob cut

This style leaves the nape even clearer and creates an angle that falls forward, following the jawline. It is a very easy cut to style and maintain.

woman with short layered bob cut on black hair
levels. Credit: Jill Burrow

Layered short bob cut

The layers, regardless of the slightest difference in length between them, help to create volume. They are especially recommended for people with fine hair.

long bob cut platinum side shaved straight bangs
rock girls. Credit: digitalimages.com

Shaved bob

The shaved bob cut combines two great trends: the bob cut and the undercut. It consists of wearing a part of the hair shaved so that the hair remains of two well-differentiated extensions. It is very original and looks even better in updos. Add a different color like this platinum for the most explosive combo.