The ‘blowout’ for the ‘bob’ cut that you will want to wear in 2023


While fashion continually opens and closes cycles, the world is already ready to let go of some trends and welcome others with open arms. Such is the case of blowout for court Bob, that well-polished, straight-out-of-the-salon hairstyle, marked with waves and layers of spray.

Representative of the seventies aesthetic ––thanks to Farrah Fawcett–– and epitome of sensuality in the 90s, the blowout Cindy Crawford-style promises to stay this season and (perhaps) the next, among the favourites, only in a short version.

What is a ‘blowout’ for a ‘bob’ cut?

He blowout it’s just a kind of stylized. Although it consists of drying the hair with the help of a round brush, it is then when the cut Bob ––whether you cut it straight, asymmetrical or micro–– it will come alive with lots of texture and volume. Here are the keys to achieve it…

blowout + cut Bob

Woman with blow out bob cut
The ‘bob’ cut is now worn with a ‘blowout’. Credit:

The main feature of the blowout is the wavy and round locks, which can work both in a Bob layered as in a straight one. Although, of course, the effect will be different.

Be patient and prepare to have a good time in front of the mirror. Do not forget the round brush and remember that the thicker, the more volume you will get. Emulate the effect in the image by drying some sections inwards and others outwards.

Editor’s tip: To keep the volume intact, apply a layer of yesTRESemmé Pray Extra Firm Hold between each strand of hair. Thus, the waves in different directions will be well-fixed.

blowout + haircut Bob layered

Jenna Ortega with blowout layered bob cut
If you opted for a layered ‘bob’ like Jenna Ortega’s, the ‘blowout’ will be your best complement. Credit: Jordan Strauss/AP/Shutterstock.

A free, fresh and carefree feeling is the detail that makes all the difference between any blow-dry hairstyle and the blowout as Claudia Schiffer and Christy Turlington also wore it in the 90s. Although the curves are marked with the round brush, it is key to achieve a casual air, which will be very easy to acquire if your cut includes layers and a curtain fringe.

blowout + micro cut Bob

Woman with blowout in micro bob cut with fringe
Opt for a ‘blowout’ for your ‘micro bob’ if you want texture and movement. Credit:

The trends for 2023 dictate the length of the Bob right down to the cheekbones, like something out of a Parisian street. To break the monotony, a blowout can get you out of trouble. Although this is a very short cut, you can use a thin brush and emphasize the ends with an inward finish. Automatically, you will gain movement and volume.

Editor’s tip: Waxing the ends can help keep your hair looking healthy and in control. Our favorite is the eGo Matte waxwhich leaves a natural finish.

blowout + cut Bob asymmetric

The 'blowout' for the 'bob' cut that you will want to wear in 2023
Emphasize your asymmetrical ‘bob’ with a ‘blowout’ at the ends. Credit:

He Bob asymmetric It consists of cutting the hair in two different lengths. While maintaining jawline-to-collarbone height, one or both front strands should be longer.

To emphasize its irregular perimeter, leave it smooth from the roots and let the weight fall on the ends, which you are going to direct inwards. Support yourself with a very thick round brush and blow dryer. Or, you can use heat pipes.

blowout + cut Bob degrafiled

Rose Byrne with blowout for layered bob cut
Give volume to straight hair with a feathered bob and dry-style with a round brush, just like Rose Byrne. Credit:

Now, we come to the best option to give body, volume and shape to straight hair. When a Bob cut into layers and applied to the ends with a degrafilado effect, the blowout you can take it to the next level. It will look visually with greater dimension and you will feel sophisticated at all times.

Editor’s tip: To prevent your hair from losing texture and movement, set it with a layer of yesTRESemmé Climate Control spray. This creates a barrier between hair and moisture, UV rays, static and wind, preserving your style for longer.

long cut Bob with blowout

Woman with long bob hairstyle and inward ends
Break with the flat and dry your ends inward. Credit:

He Bob it can also be worn in a long version, up to the clavicle. For those who prefer classic and minimalist styles, the best option is to wear the part in the middle and smooth the hair, and then dry the ends subtly inwards. Do it also in your fringe to break with the flatness.

Elegant hairstyle with blowout for cutting Bob

Gemma Arterton with elegant side bob hairstyle
Get an elegant and sophisticated hairstyle with the help of the dryer and heat tubes. Credit:

That he blowout usually maintain a casual air does not mean that it cannot be taken to a formal event. On the contrary, its magic lies in the versatility to make it look as sophisticated as you propose.

Start at the bottom, drying the hair with a round brush and wrapping it in tubes to get more volume. While these act with the heat and the hair takes a round shape, part on the side and go with the dryer towards the upper area. But look at the details: this style requires styling from the roots (inwards), to finish outwards at the ends. Don’t forget the spray coat!

Court Bob long with waves vintage

Woman with vintage waves hairstyle
Use tubes at the ends or even a curling iron to emulate this hairstyle with a romantic air. Credit:

best of Bob is that you can customize it and adapt it to your style. There are those who prefer soft hairstyles with a romantic touch, and for this, we recommend wearing your hair with a side part.

In this case, stay away from the 90s trend and, rather, approach the process that women used between the 40s and 50s. A curling iron can be your best tool, although you can even achieve it with the iron or tubes at the ends. You choose!

Court Bob with fringe + blowout

Hairstyle for micro bob cut with fringe
Comb your bangs in the opposite direction from the rest of your hair. Credit:

when you cut Bob includes a fringe, you open the door to experiment with different types of hairstyle. He blowout is one of them, however, the best way to do it is the following to take advantage of it: use the brush to make light waves in a concave direction to the face. For its part, comb the bangs convexly. When you merge both forms, the hair takes dynamism and movement.

Blow-Dry Hairstyles for Women 50 and Over

Jane Fonda with cut for women over 50
Comb your ‘bob’ the same as Jane Fonda, in the direction of the rear area. Credit: Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock.

He Bob, in all its kinds and forms, has represented the style of Jane Fonda for decades. If you have already reached 50 years of age and want to show off the same cut without compromising that sophisticated and rejuvenating effect, just dry the back area downwards and the front strands, backwards.

Editor’s tip: When gray hair appears, hair becomes more delicate and prone to breakage. Avoid it with products that protect it, such as Folicure Original Extra Firm Sprayformulated with Folisaccharides and panthenol.

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