How to make bangs without cutting your hair

Bangs is one of the powerful trends for this 2019, and although not many falls, this time we will give you 3 different ways to try bangs without having to cut your hair. 

All women have been fringed when they were small, the most likely is that now they do not like many or maybe yes, but it does not end up adapting to their face. This year the bangs will be a powerful trend and more in this summer, so if you want to try this style, be it a straight fringe, curtain or shag we will give you some tips to take it without the need to cut your hair.

How to make bangs without cutting your hair

There are many rules to wear a fake bangs and we have discovered it from many celebrities that is why we want to share this secret and wear a change of look without anyone knowing that it is false, you do not have to change anything in your hair and look the same Beautiful, follow the steps to surprise yourself with your new hairstyle. 

1. Messy Bun: 

The bun is the top of your head, so you will have to make a high tail and then you will have to tangle your hair and make a fun, do not tangle everything, remember that it should be a little on your forehead (enough height how do you want to wear the fringe) then you need a headband to hold the hair. To finish just separate your hair like a fringe curtain and give them more arrangement with the help of a pair of pliers and that’s it. 

How to make bangs without cutting your hair

2. Sideways: 

As a second option, we have the side fringe, with the help of a comb and a fixative you are going to make the line in your hair from where you want the bangs to start. Take the front part of the tuft and take it to the side where you made the line, shape it and hold it with pins behind the ear, make sure the mane is very separate from your eyebrows. 

3. Ponytail: 

This is the trick most used by celebrities especially by Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, is to make a high tail and your hair put it forward (yes, on the forehead), comb it and hold it with pins, you can use a headband or a handkerchief too, Everything will depend on the style you wear and how you want to look that day. 

Once you try these tricks you will love to do it almost always also leave your friends and family very surprised with that radical change of look. 

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