60 loose hairstyles with waves for any occasion


Loose hairstyles with waves have become the darlings of the most cool, either for the daily or for formal occasions. Their beauty is that they are a relaxed alternative to thick curls. In addition, they frame the face and infuse energy and dynamism to whoever wears them.

Regardless of your natural texture, it is possible to create multiple styles that will serve as the basis, if you wish, for others that are a little more elaborate.

Of course, you must take into account some tips to achieve the desired effect. Work with clean hair, especially if you want polished, silky waves. Straight hair should be towel dried or diffuser; if you have it Chinese, soften it before waving. And if you want a looks contemporary, leaves the roots and ends out of the curling iron as a general rule.

Below we show you the types of waves that you must master and the keys to achieve it. Once you have done it, take a tour of the gallery that we have prepared for you. You will find several ideas to wear your hair loose with waves that you will surely want to add to your repertoire.

In order to do a loose hairstyle, you first need to identify the different types of waves. From this point, you can start to style your hair, depending on the looks that you want to get From the blowout with dryer until the waves to the water, these are the ones that you must master…

Loose hairstyle with waves blowout

Loose hairstyle with blowout waves for women with long hair
Farrah Fawcett-style waves are one of the stellar trends. Credit: Instagram.com/mpobedinskaya.

Farrah Fawcett’s signature 1970s hairstyle became popular again two decades later, worn by all supermodels, including Cindy Crawford. And it is that they say that everything good always comes back, because although the layered cuts and the curtain fringe One of the stellar trends of the year, updos have made a comeback.

That time where the heat pipesthe dryer and the round brushes were an essential hair tool seems far away, but this is how to achieve a perfect and polished finish, so they cannot be missing in your kit of beauty. We advise you to divide the hair into three areas and start drying from the bottom up, that is, from the neck and ending with the fringe. Of course, you can’t forget to apply a spray coat before you start and after drying. Our favorite is the TRESemmé Extra Firm Hold Spray.

Loose hairstyle with classic waves

Loose hairstyle with waves on long hair
Get big, voluminous waves with a curling iron. Credit: Instagram.com/laurenaustin_stylist.

To achieve big, defined and voluminous waves, start by blow-drying your hair with a round brush, so that it is as polished as possible. Curl equal-sized sections on a medium-barrel curling iron; do it vertically, away from your face, making sure they lie flat on the tube. Hold for five to 10 seconds and slowly release, sliding the clamp down. Separate the strands with your hands to create more volume and leave the waves with a natural finish. Finish with a coat of setting spray.

Loose Hairstyle with Tousled Waves

Long-haired woman with loose, undone waves hairstyle with bobby pins
#IWokeUpLikeThis. Credit: Instagram.com/ghdhair_anz.

Backcomb your hair by combing the roots in the opposite direction of its growth with a fine-toothed comb. Prepare your hair with a texturizing product and curl it in sections on a medium bar tong, from the outside to the inside, making sure to leave the ends free. Brush your hair, select a few strands from the first layers, and curl them again. Finally, spray the yesTRESemmé Climate Control spraywhich will protect your hair against weather changes and static.

Loose hairstyle with relaxed waves

Kate Middleton with a loose hairstyle with waves and a headband
No one can resist a classic and easy-to-do hairstyle, like Kate Middleton’s. Credit: Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock .

Kate Middleton is the inspiration for this looks. To do this, do a blow dry Then take alternate sections of hair and curl just the middle part with a medium wand curler. Hold for just three to four seconds before releasing. Shake your hair with your fingers and spray spray with your head down, to gain volume. Don’t forget the headband or headdress!

Loose Sleek Hairstyle with Hollywood Waves

Woman with elegant hairstyle and Hollywood style waves on long hair
Definitely, the classics never fail. Credit: Instagram.com/javierdiaz_hairstyle.

Nothing more elegant than hollywood waves! To get started, prepare your hair. We recommend washing and conditioning it with the shampoo and Bioexpert Macadamia Oil Conditioner to avoid the frizz and give shine to your mane. Then, divide into sections, apply a heat shield and dry your hair, lock by lock, with a round brush. Continue the process by curling with a tong, starting at the bottom section and leaving two to three fingers free from the root. Remember that all the sections should be wavy or curled towards the same direction and size, so that they look perfect.

Next, hold the curls with aluminum clips and wait at least 30 minutes. Then, brush with a very thick bristle comb or a special brush for curly hair, so you will get a soft and natural finish. Don’t forget to do it in sections, from bottom to top. At the end you can apply a moisturizing spray in each section to give your hairstyle a lot of shine and keep it controlled at all times.

Loose hairstyle with waves vintage

Avani with Old Hollywood Loose Waves Hairstyle
Vintage waves aren’t easy, but once you get the hang of them, you won’t want to put them down! In the image, the ‘tiktoker’ Avani. Credit: Instagram.com/chadwoodhair.

Forever glamorous, the favorite hairstyle from the golden age of Hollywood continues to be ideal for special events where you want to look elegant and romantic. With damp hair, draw a side part; Blow-dry with a round bristle brush, section by section. Using a medium bar curling iron, curl your hair in the direction of your face. This time, be sure to include the tips! Brush and set with spray.

Editor’s tip: Spray a toothbrush with fixative and run it over the surface of your mane to calm down unruly hairs.

Loose Hairstyle with Mermaid Waves

Loose Mermaid Waves Hairstyle for Long Hair
Recreate the dreamy mane of the mythical mermaids in just a few steps. Credit: Instagram.com/nadigerber.

Wearing long, broken hair, like that of the Barbie dolls of the 90s, was our childhood dream. thanks to nostalgia millennial, is a trend again 30 years later. To replicate it, you need curling irons, like the ones taking over TikTok, or a triple wand curling iron. Hold it horizontally, place a section between the bars and release it after a few seconds, as if it were a waffle maker Repeat throughout your hair, leaving the ends out. This is one of the most fun and easy to replicate loose wave hairstyles!

Loose Hairstyle with Wet Waves

Long-haired woman with wet waves hairstyle
Learn how to create the perfect ‘wet look’! Credit: Instagram.com/laurenevansartistry.

A good wet look combines tropical vibes and grungeAnd it always looks bright. To get this, soak up any excess moisture—you’ll want to leave around 40%—with a towel. Then make your own gel and cream combination. If you only use the first one, it is likely that your hair will be crunchy; if you only use the second one, it can look greasy. Together, they form the perfect recipe.

Apply a small amount of Folicure Original fixing gel, which provides maximum hold while controlling hair loss. Focus on the roots; your hair should be covered in product, but not so much that it sticks. Then, use a wide-bristled comb and blow-dry. Finally, apply the Dove Micellar Care Daily Moisturizer to gain texture, without saturating the hair.

Woman with medium hair and beach waves hairstyle
The ‘surfer’ waves conquer the city. Credit: Instagram.com/chadwoodhair.

You have two options to recreate this looks: with or without heat. The first consists of waving your hair with a conical iron, whose shape allows you to obtain a natural result; wear it with the narrow part facing down, extending the entire length of the strand along the bar. The other way to achieve the desired style surfer is to infuse your mane with it TRESemmé Flawless Curls Moussewhich will give you a beachy finish and texture that does not dehydrate the hair or leave it stiff or sticky.

Loose Wave Hairstyle for Women with Short Hair
Regardless of whether your hair is short, style it with the waves that most attract your attention. Credit: Instagram.com/hirohair.

Regardless of the length of your hair, you can create any type of waves, following the previous steps. Of course, take into account that if you make them very closed and marked, your hair will look shorter. If you want to avoid this effect, it is better that you opt for very soft and subtle ones, like the ones in the image above. Or, in the opposite case, try some with tubes or tongs.

Remember to use spray to set your hairstyle and wax if you want to achieve a natural finish that controls those unruly hairs.

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