12 ways to wear the round, layered bob cut we all want


A bob bob can be the solution to any hair problem, whether it’s about controlling volume or giving the hair the illusion of more density. Also, it can make any style stop being flat and boring.

The only thing you need to look spectacular is some rounded layers with faded ends. An always winning formula!

Layers can be created in different ways and therefore the results are different. In the case of the round degrafiladas, the strands are cut convexly around the face and the ends are faded. Thus, the cut moves away from the straight finish and gains, rather, movement and texture.

Woman with medium blonde hair with layered bob bob cut and curtain bangs
In a round, feathered cut, layers are faded to create texture and movement. Credit: Instagram.com/maggiemh.

These also release weight, creating the illusion of longer hair. They also soften facial features and very hard, marked and square bone structures.

Woman with medium straight hair with a round layered faded cut
Round, faded layers work just as well on straight hair as they do on curly hair. Credit: Instagram.com/shokokiyokawa.

Editor’s tip: Whether you want to restore the condition of damaged hair or simply take care of it so that your faded cut looks in perfect condition, it is essential to have a moisturizing wash system. One of our favorites is the duo of shampoo Y TRESemmé Botox Effect Conditioner, which restores the hair fiber for a visibly healthy mane. Its formula intensively hydrates and helps to close the cuticle, rescuing damaged hair. In addition, it controls the frizz and excess volume, as well as replenishes shine for a looks salon-quality every day.

The parade removes thickness from the hair. Although he refines it with the help of special scissors, those with teeth, the hair is light and less dense. For the same reason, they are not recommended for people with thin hair, only thick and difficult to manage. This technique can be carried out from the roots to the ends.

Woman with long dark hair with layered bob bob cut and curtain bangs
If what you are looking for is to control the volume and density of your hair, opt for a bob cut in round layers. Credit: Instagram.com/quecolour.

If your stylist does not advise it, ask him to divide the hair and perform this cutting technique, leaving a top layer that covers your mane. In this way, the rebellious hairs that were left behind by the parade will hide underneath and you will maintain the same lightness.

Editor’s tip: In writing, we recommend using a layer of Folicure Original Extra Firm Spray before and after styling your round cut. In this way, you will maintain the desired volume and your hair will look like a salon all day. Its aerosol formula, enriched with Folisaccharides and Panthenol, also protects your hair from falling out due to breakage.

Shaved round cut with bangs

Karime Bribiesca with a round layered faded haircut with bangs for women
If you chose a layered bob cut, add bushy bangs in the same shape to complete your look. In the image, the Mexican model Karime Bribiesca. Credit: Instagram.com/karime_bribiesca.

If your goal is to give your wavy hair texture and weight it down, do several short layers and degrafiladas. Not only will they show off your hair with a lot of movement, but they will also visually elongate the face, which is why they are ideal for round faces.

Long layered haircut

Barbara Palvin with long layered bob haircut
Barbara Palvin sports a long layered, faded cut. Credit: Photo by IPA/Shutterstock.

When there is a great distance between one layer and another, long hair completely changes its appearance. You can ask your hairdresser to cut a lot or a few, as long as they are round so that the looks take a fresh and modern air.

Editor’s tip: If your hair is fine and straight, it can become fragile and brittle, especially if it is very long like the one in the image. To keep it strong and healthy, style it with products like Sedal Quinoa and Linseed combing cream. With a formula of natural ingredients, it hydrates and controls hair loss. Plus, it leaves it soft and shiny.

Court Rachel

Young woman with round faded layered cut on straight hair
The ‘Rachel’ is a classic cut that has stood the test of time, with round, feathered layers. Credit: Shutterstock.

The origin of the famous cut Rachel dates back to the 1990s, when Jennifer Aniston rocked it on the small screen as Rachel Green in friends. Since then, she has remained among the favorites of women with all types of hair.

You can wear it with or without fringe, as you prefer. Of course, make sure that the layers are round and sharp to emulate the looks.

Long degrafiled round cut

Woman with long hair with short layers faded at the ends
Another option is to ask for subtle layers and degrafiladas at the tips, with a round shape. Credit: Shutterstock.

If you’re not a fan of tight layers around your hair, another option is to concentrate a couple at the ends and make an overall round shape. Thus, you do not lose the length, you remove weight and give dynamism to your cut.

pixie cut

Model with faded layered pixie haircut for Chanel Cruise 2022
A ‘pixie’ wouldn’t be complete without feathered layers, as worn by the models at Chanel Cruise 2022. Credit: Piovanotto Marco/ABACA/Shutterstock.

Although not all types of pixies Requiring round, shaggy layers, these can turn the cut into one with volume and an extra touch of style. If you want to appear taller and also prefer comfortable and light styles, this is for you.

Editor’s tip: Apply some wax to the ends to stylize your pixie. We recommend the Ax Ice Chill waxwhich leaves hair with a natural finish.

Court shaggy

Short curly hair woman with layered round faded haircut
Seen in the ‘street style’, a ‘shaggy’ with round layers will make you look very stylish. Credit: Shutterstock.

The court shaggy it was a favorite in the 70s and now it’s back in a more current version. Of course, this irreverent style includes round and feathered layers to create volume, resulting in a casual, playful and lightweight cut.

Short layered faded cut

Lea Seydoux with a round layered layered short haircut
If you prefer short hair like Lea Seydoux’s, you can also add degrafilados layers. Credit: LAURENT BENHAMOU/SIPA/Shutterstock.

Timeless, simple, classic and minimalist… Without a doubt, these characteristics perfectly describe this short haircut. Neither Bob neither pixies. The cut in question is right in the middle ground to make you look young and sophisticated.

Editor’s tip: To achieve a hairstyle like the one in the image, help yourself with a closed bristle comb and a layer of TRESemmé Climate Control spray. It is excellent for keeping your hair under control, leaving a soft and manageable texture.

Degrafiled stepped cut

Model with a stepped cut in round and faded layers at the Celine FW 2020 show
Models on the Celine FW 2020 runway sported layered, layered bob bobs. A stellar trend! Credit: Shutterstock.

This style of layers are very marked, to create that staggered effect. The best part is that they work on all types of hair and are flattering on all face types. you can add a straight bangs as in the picture or do without it. You choose!

Hime cut

Young woman with blonde hair and hime cut in round faded layers
For a hime cut with lots of movement, ask for it with round layers. Credit: Intagra.com/shachu_atsuya.

With side strands that maintain a longer length than the rest of the hair, the hime cut it refers to the ladies of the Japanese imperial court in the years 794 to 1185. Although the design is usually straight and straight, you can choose the round and feathered layers to give it movement.

Generation Z has positioned it as a stellar trend, and you can wear it too.

Now yes, do you know which round degrafiled cut you are going to choose?

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