Decorated Nails 2020: 500+ images and designs!

Nail Decoration – Nails We show you the best images of decorated nails 2020 through different styles and colors. Simple, elegant, French nail ...
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75 Easy Nail Design Ideas with Flowers

Nail Design with flower
I am passionate about nails designs for their elegance and how beautiful they are if you know how to combine colors. That ...
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67+ Best Nail Designs that Will Inspire You (2019 – 2020)

nail Designs
There may be a nail design for every occasion, but here are the best nail design ideas that are currently ...
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Skittles nails: learn how to stick to the style that’s booming on Instagram

Are you the type who can’t decide when to choose the color of the nail polish? So this is the perfect ...
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Nails with transparencies to combine with casual outfits

If you already got bored of using the usual nail design, then open your eyes wide and save this post ...
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Nails with pebbles: the best designs to have dreamy hands

The decorations on the nails have advanced a lot in recent years. Now they exist from prints to small decorations that ...
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20 Nail designs for siren lovers

Do you declare yourself a faithful fan of sirens? Join with your BFF and try to make these magical designs inspired ...
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The length of Billie Eilish’s Nails is no longer Normal

Long, super-pointed nails have been in fashion for a long time. The Kardashian have been great representatives of this style ...
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Rapunzel princess nails: A false good idea!

In nail art, there is something for everyone. How about adopting the Rapunzel look on your nails ?! Nowadays, we do ...
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