Decorated Nails 2020: 500+ images and designs!

Nail Decoration – Nails We show you the best images of decorated nails 2020 through different styles and colors. Simple, elegant, French nail decoration, long and short nails, step by step and more. Let us begin!

 Decorated Nails 2020

Next, I will show you some images of decorated nails 2020 and a review of our best collections.

Decorated Nails 2020: 500+ images and designs!

You can use only one color, but your creativity will allow you to make your nails stand out!

Decorated Nails 2020: 500+ images and designs!

Nude is a fashionable nail color, there are many nude painted nail designs, for example if it is combined as golden enamel spots you can get an elegant nail decoration.

Decorated Nails 2020: 500+ images and designs!

I love this design, a combination of winter colors, gray, white, black and orange. The design is ideal for those without a pulse!

Decorated Nails 2020: 500+ images and designs!

Matte nail polishes are in fashion, give the nail a particular highlight and also make them, in my opinion, very elegant!

Decorated Nails 2020: 500+ images and designs!

If you do not want to complicate with the design, with a tape you can achieve very beautiful things, look at this design in two tones (nude and black).

Naked Nails with Black

The gradient brings elegance, especially if we use neutral colors such as pink gradient sticks to a pearly white.

Ombre or degraded nails

If you want something more colorful and that stands out you can use the enamels with glitter and combine them with other colors like the following photo.

pink decorated nails

Pink is a classic, look how beautiful it is combined with white and gold ribbons!

Pink and gold nail decoration

If you want to have super fun designs but you don’t have many pulses you can use Moyou’s stamping plates, look at this note where I show you some of the best plates.

Pink nail decoration with print

If you are looking for elegance, a combination of white and gold is ideal, combine with anything and the following design is super easy!

elegant designs

More modern nail designs with stamping plates, if you are looking for something fresh look at this note with the best Mo-you floral plates.

stamped nail images

The textures are on the top and now this tricolor cute nail design dares to combine three different types.

nail images decorated with dots

The ribbons combine well with any color of enamel, in this nail design mix a bright blue and a pearly blue divided with a silver ribbon.

light blue nail images

I love nails decorated with flowers! Look how pretty these flowers are easy to make with a light blue background!

Celestial and silver nail decoration

Cracked or marbled on nails , in gold, ideal for those festive nights …

elegant green and gold nail decoration

 Nail decoration with flowers

The flowers bring femininity and youth and that is why the nails decorated with flowers are a favorite, look at these images and then the full gallery!

A super youthful and fresh design, with vibrant colors on a background in natural or nude tone!

Nails decorated with flowers

In this design, beautiful flowers decorated on transparent gel nails!

designs of ones with flowers

Decorating flowers is not complicated, you just need a good punch to make points and you must mark one point next to the other and fill in the center!

nail decoration with simple flowers

For those who have more experience, they can do this design by hand or look for a plate with floral patterns to make great designs.

Pink nails decorated with flowers

If you liked these forums and want to see more visit this gallery with more than 120 nails decorated with flowers. 

 Short nails decorated 2020

Here you will see some short nail designs, but if you want to see more look at our exclusive short nail article.

short nails
Decorated short nails
Simple decorated nail dimensions

 Long nails decorated 2020

Here some beautiful designs for those who have long nails, if you liked them and want to see more go back to this paragraph and look at our article dedicated to long nails where we show you more designs and tell you how to take care of them and make them grow healthy !!

Depending on the shape of the nail you can play a lot with the designs. This nail has an almond shape and uses a very fine glaze enamel!

Long elegant nails

If you are looking for a more youthful design and to use every day nothing better than combining different colors.

Long juvenile nails

These nails have a straight tip, I personally prefer rounded tips, but this design makes me like straight ones too!

long nail decoration

Another design of long nails with straight tips and with an ombre decoration (gradient) very well achieved.

Long nails with gradient

The ombre effect on long nails looks much more, especially when it goes from white to natural.

Long white nails

If you want to see more decorated long nails, and tips to have them long and grow fast, click on the gallery!

 Simple nails 2020

Here you will be able to see ideas of how to paint easy decorated nails on images, also for this, we have a super complete article with simple nail design.

With simple dots and lines, we can make a simple and minimalist nail design.

Simple decorated nails

If you don’t want to get complicated, just paint your nails with two or three different shades that combine alternately between your nails.

Simple nails in pastel color

Gluing some tapes is your nails, leaving a triangle-shaped space you can get this design easy to do.

Simple nails

If you want to see more simple and easy to do nails look at the following gallery!

 Elegant nails 2020

If you are looking for elegant nail decoration for an important party or event here I leave you images and the link to an article where we talk exclusively about elegant decorated nails.

The first elegant design is on pointed almond-shaped nails. Using white, pink and combination of gold colors.

Elegant nail decoration

French nails are always elegant, in this case on long nails and using pebbles.

Elegant decorated nails

A tricolor, black, gold glitter and pink combination. Impeccable!

Images of elegant nails

The color wine on the nails is a classic and combined with gold (which seems to go well with all colors) are super beautiful.

Elegant wine-colored nails
Stylish nails

This is a very simple design, only the nail of the ring finger and little finger are decorated using a golden glitter enamel.

Nacreous white elegant nails

The pink or nude color combined with the glaze with glare is super elegant and matches any garment!

Elegant nails with pebbles

If we talk about elegance and sobriety, black takes first prize. And if it is combined with gold it looks much better.

Elegant black nails with gold

I love this design, it is super fine, elegant, sober … it has everything I like!

Elegant nails for parties

The following model makes a marbled effect with different rose ranges reaching violet. Beautiful!

Pink elegant nails

You can see more fresh elegant decorated nails below.

 French nails

The decoration of French nails (click on the link to see more models, how to make them and much more) is one of the most beautiful since if they are well made they are super elegant and delicate.

If you want to give a different style try to make the French using color, in this case, yellow, it gives a more youthful appearance!

French colored nails

If you have a little pulse you can do the French and on the ring finger make a different design using diagonal lines and a point and intersections!

Elegant French Nails

You can also make classic French nails but using a glitter or shine polish .

French nails with dots

If you like to innovate, you can use nail art tapes to combine with your designs, they give it a more elegant look!

French nails with tape

As I said before, the French can also be colored, here a golden French is used on a matt black base.

French black and gold nails

 Decorated toenails

Look at these beautiful designs of toenails with different styles.

The first model uses a gold effect enamel giving a super fine appearance and that stands out a lot.

golden toe nail decoration

I love animal prin models, they are very sensual. Look how they look on the toenails.

Decorated toenails animal print

The red color is a classic, we all have one in our bag. If combined with gold it looks great.

Decorated toenails red

If you are looking for an elegant nail design for the foot, I particularly loved this, it is not so sophisticated, but I like the selected shades.

Elegant toenails

You can see more than 170 designs of toenails in this article!

 Nails decorated for wedding or brides

Who has not dreamed of his wedding? And it is every woman’s dream to look beautiful on that day. Here I leave several images of nails decorated for wedding so you can use as an idea to ask for your design.

In the nails for weddings usually the color white reigns. In this design you can see how combined with pebbles it achieves a more delicate and sophisticated effect. Do you like?

Nails decorated for weddings

The ombre or gradient effect is also widely used at weddings. This model adds pebbles and the nail of the ring finger with a print.

Nail decoration for brides

There are exceptions to the rules and other colors and motifs can be used, it all depends on the dress or accessories used.

Nails decorated for weddings

Pink is another of the prevailing colors. Do you like this design? I particularly love it!

Wedding Nail Decoration

Another option is to opt for false nails, look at these that are beautiful.

Wedding nail decoration
Nails for Brides

For brides who like a more youthful style, you can opt for details like a unicorn and here they combine with a pearly white.

Wedding nails

You can see many more images of painted nails for a girlfriend.

 Nails decorated with stones

The stones are an accessory that is increasingly used in nail decoration due to its easy application (only to support them on fresh enamel) and the results obtained. Look at these models and the complete gallery.

A pastel green color with stones is very beautiful, especially if you go to an elegant event!

nail decoration with stones
nail designs with stones

The color pink combines very well with white and gold and those were the colors of stones chosen in this design.

nail models with stones

I love this model. Do you like it? I find it elegant, fresh and youthful!

nails decorated with stones

If you like decorated fingernails with stones look at this gallery.

 2020 decorated nail images

Decorated nail images

Gold and pink make a very beautiful and traditional combination that exalts the feminine and delicate details of your designs….

The silver color will have prominence this year.

Silver nail decoration

Sometimes only delicate lines with well-marked patterns make a difference …

Nail images with lines

If you are looking to bring sensuality to your hands the animal print (you can see my collection of animal print nails ) is a good option, look at these beautiful models.

animal print nail decoration
Animal print nails
Leopard nails

If you do not want to complicate, the points always take you out of trouble, surely with your good taste you can make your nails look beautiful!

nail decoration with dots

Triangular segments created with nail art ribbons where you can combine shapes and colors … if you like these designs you can see my nail collection with geometric designs

Nails with triangles

 Nail by materials

Regarding nail materials we can find 3 different types:

  • Acrylic nails
  • Gel nails
  • Porcelain nails

Differences between each type of material

 Acrylic Nails 2020

The term ” acrylic nails ” usually refers to liquid and powder mixtures (known as polymer), which are combined in dough, molded on the nail with a brush and then air dried and its consistency is quite rigid

Acrylic nails decorated

You can see the images and an article where we tell you all about acrylic nails.

Black and pink acrylic nails

 Gel nails

The gel nails with technology, are more modern but not replaced yet to acrylic paint with a small pot gloop and then cured with ultraviolet light, the same basic technology as gels polishing “soft” but resulting in a harder nail. Look at the gallery!

gel nail decoration
Gel nail decoration with flowers

 Porcelain nails

The beauty is created by brushing the nail with other material (milled fiberglass, spraying with the same powder used in liquid systems and powder, and then adding an activator, causing a chain reaction between the fiber and the glue to create a hard and smooth surface.

porcelain nail decoration
decorated porcelain nails

 2020 colored nail decoration

Many times we simply look for nail decorations with a particular color, red, blue, black, green, pink or other. To facilitate your search we have created a series of articles where we publish nails decorated with specific colors.

 Red Nails 2020

red nail decoration
Red nails with silver
decorated red nails
red nail designs

 Black Nails 2020

Black nails with gold
Black nails with hearts
Black nails with white
Black nails animal print
Matte and shiny black nails

 Nails Rosa 2020

Pink nails with stones
Elegant Pink Nails
Pink Stamped Nails
Juvenile pink nails
Modern pink nails

 Blue Nails 2020

Blue nails king
Blue nails with gold
Blue nails with stones
Long blue nails
Metallic Blue Nails

 Gold Nails 2020

Gold nails animal print
Elegant Gold Nails
Golden Matte Nails
Transparent golden nails

 Wine colored nails 2020

The decoration of wine-colored nails is another of the favorite, several readers asked me, they almost demanded and in all their right, to make an article with nails of this color, so for you and all those who wrote me here are some images and the link to the gallery.

To start a perfect mix of colors, wine and gold.

decorated wine colored nails

One of the most sought after combinations is with black color

degraded wine colored nails
wine color nails trend

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