Rapunzel princess nails: A false good idea!

In nail art, there is something for everyone. How about adopting the Rapunzel look on your nails ?!

Nowadays, we do not lacquer the nails with a simple polish! No, manicure professionals like to invent every day a new way to sublimate the nails. The Instagram account Nail_Sunny does not lack imagination and offers achievements all more unlikely than the others . Today, discover the manicure called Rapunzel!

Beautiful from head to toe ?

This manicure involves adding hair extensions to the base of the nails . The long blond hair of the famous Disney princess is reproduced in the hands, for a result not really the best taste.


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Halloween ? Hairstyle nails – yay or nay? Video by @edo_movs #nailsunnytutorial

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The worst thing is that we are shown that it is possible to curl the hair to change the overall appearance! Moreover, Internet users are not really fans.

This is perhaps the most stupid idea I’ve ever seen

It does not look good, it does not help much in the end

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