The length of Billie Eilish's Nails is no longer Normal

The length of Billie Eilish’s Nails is no longer Normal

Long, super-pointed nails have been in fashion for a long time. The Kardashian have been great representatives of this style of manicure, which already looked pretty exaggerated in them. But if you thought that these women’s nails were already an exaggeration in terms of length, then those of Billie Eilish is like something out of another world.

She herself was the one who boasted them on Instagram stories. And they were so long that even she felt sorry for showing them off. I do not know what they think when they see them, but my mind keeps wondering how it is that it will make them go to the bathroom, they are a deadly weapon! Must Read: The 12 flattest butts in Hollywood

Billie Eilish's Nails billie eilish acrylic nails

Billie Eilish Nails length

Billie Eilish's Nails

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