Skittles nails: learn how to stick to the style that’s booming on Instagram

Are you the type who can’t decide when to choose the color of the nail polish? So this is the perfect nail trend for you! Unlike the more complicated nail arts that are also successful, the turn is to paint a nail of each color without any other detail or application.

The ” Skittles nails ” as they were dubbed by referring to the candies of various colors are perfect for those who want to get out the obvious but do not want too much hassle. Best of all, there are no rules. You can choose to choose completely different colors, right in the rainbow style, or, if you prefer, make a gradient with colors from the same family. Using pastel or neon colors are also on the rise.

In an interview with Elle magazine, manicure Betina Goldstein, a fan of the trend, tells how she can make her colored nails even more interesting. “It does not necessarily have to follow a perfect logic or gradient. I like to use similar shades and choose a nail to use a completely different color. For example, use the family of greens and on a nail to pass a yellow nail polish. That gives it an even more different twist, ”he explains.

Separate nail polish and see these inspirations to join the trend:

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