A 16-year-old boy won a pass to the famous island near Venezuela. The result: he fell in love with one of the women who “attended” him.

She is 16 years old, she won a ticket to Sex Island, she lost her virginity, she used drugs, alcohol, fell in love and now she wants to marry one of the two women who “attended” her. 

“It was incredible. I want to cry just thinking about it, “said the teenager named Brian, who has become famous for sharing his story (and photos where he appears in the middle of two girls) on social networks and … at his school.

The teenager, who was born in Chile but lives in New Yorkwon the ticket to the private island that is near Venezuela after he entered the draw using his father’s credit card,who was upset when he saw the charge for a bag and a cell phone protector, but once he was the winner, he gave his young son permission to enjoy the excesses announced by the promotion, such as “unlimited sex”.  

Upon his return, Brian has said that in addition to having sex, drinking alcohol and getting high for the first time, he fell in love with one of the two girls who “attended” him. ” I was really nervous at first but the other men who were on the Island did everything to help me and put my mind to rest. They became a family for me, “he said. 

“Each guest could choose two girls with whom to spend all the vacations. One of my girls is called Andrea and I fell in love with her. I want him to be my girlfriend, he treated me so well. ” Brian says that Andrea had amazing sex acts with him and that he had a threesome during his stay.

” I want to marry her and she wants to come to live in the United States. I keep your number and I hope to see you soon, “said the impacted and in love young man.

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