Why do men like lingerie?

Would women be sexier in lingerie than completely naked? For some men, the answer is no doubt, yes! But where does this craze for lingerie from these ladies come from? How to explain that a simple “piece of cloth” can have as much effect to men? We propose a little stylistico-erotic decoding of this universal trend.

The interest of lingerie: show … without revealing everything

A breast curved under a transparent black lace, a leg dressed with a stocking, a waist-lock that highlights the femininity of the body: far from the raw nudity of the flesh exposed to the look, the lingerie is displayed as a case of femininity … and an accelerator of excitement

Each part of the body is underlined, without being revealed. Hips, breasts, buttocks attract the eye and lust, only to be discovered at the moment X. For a woman, wearing “beautiful lingerie” can sometimes be seen as the first step of soft foreplay.

The delicate art of stripping

After these intense moments that make the temperature go up, most men do not shun the pleasure of undressing their partner. However, it is amusing to note that some men push the pleasure to urge the woman to keep their lingerie during the love . 
This is how Emmanuel, 34, told us: ” To feel the softness of a low-waisted woman’s leg, there is nothing more sensual.” Stockings rustling at a cross legs, the smell of the matter, the naughty secretary side of a strand of a femme fatale who assumes me ride in turn side excitement.And what pleasure to delicately delicately a woman in lingerie: it’s like a sweet that we unpack! “

We guess it with these words “greedy” behind this attraction for the lingerie of some men – which sometimes borders on fetishism – hides also a passion for materials that awaken the sense of touch. Lace, satin, velvet, veil, feathers, visual stimulants as much as sensual. 

But it is quite logical enough: how not to crack in front of a skin that is discovered in all subtlety, soft and warm, in contrast with the fabric of a bra or a corset?

Men crunch for women in lingerie

Privilege comfort or assume the sexy side: why choose?

For some years now, some predict the “end of sexy lingerie”. Women want to privilege comfort, lingerie that does not prevent them from moving freely … or no lingerie (at least, no bra )! 

In contrast to this trend, we also note, as for other ready-to-wear pieces, that retro glamor lingerie always has its followers in these ladies: beautiful high waist panties, a sexy and refined strapless. .. It must be believed that Dita Von Teese has emulated! 
Finally, it may be necessary to stop systematically opposing comfortable lingerie and naughty lingerie: who said that white cotton panties could not be sexy?

This debate is not new. Already in 2006, an Ipsos study revealed that men’s second favorite piece of lingerie was the string, where women preferred a shorty or boxer. The latter then tended to explain that the string played primarily an aesthetic role, being “invisible” under tight clothing. 

But then, what about the ultimate in sexy lingerie, the garter belt? Initially designed to keep down, it was supplanted in the 60s by the tights, more practical and really more comfortable, remaining then the prerogative of pin-ups and girls of joy.
Always very popular with men, it seems (as well as the body or the corset) to return to grace with women, especially those who want to play the card of seduction … and who are considering future naughty moments!

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