How to have a good erection?

The erection disorder is a very sensitive subject and a little taboo. Indeed, many men experience their erectile dysfunction as the loss of some of their manhood. Nevertheless, be aware that this is a fairly common problem after 40 years (but not only!). 

So, how to have a good erection and keep it? How to improve his erection? In short, how hard hard? We will study here the physical and psychological factors …

Erection troubles: it can happen to everyone

Everyone can experience erectile problems one day or another . I know it’s humiliating, the blackout, but it’s like that. So let’s start with a definition of this problem.

Male impotence: what is it?

According to Wikipedia , male impotence (or erectile dysfunction) consists in the frequent, if not permanent, impossibility of obtaining a valid and lasting erection, and is also often characterized by premature ejaculation for some and by an absence of ejaculation. for the others. 

Basically, it’s hard to bend, keep it hard or ejaculate. But this can happen to everyone for a reason X or Y. It only becomes problematic when it lasts in time …

Sexual breakdown: a heart problem?

If you notice a decrease in your erectile power over a period of more than three months, consult a doctor first. 

I do not want to alarm you but this may be due to a heart problem. So as much eliminate the worst cause to be able to attack serenely the most probable .

The main causes: stress and anxiety

The male impotence problems may originate in an anxiety disorder or be due to stress. The health professionals best able to help you in this case.
Now that we have identified the probable causes of your erectile dysfunction, let’s explore the solutions!

How hard hard?

First of all, how do you band, mechanically? Your sex becomes big and hard when the blood vessels relax. This is for the scientific part of the thing. 

But for the rest, how do you put all the chances on your side for it to work properly?

Doing sport to hard band

Performing a sports activity, especially sports that work cardio (running, swimming …), can improve your erection. 
The lifestyle is very important to keep an active sex life and bloom, especially after 40 years.

Do not forget to muscle your PC

I’m not talking here about your computer, but about your Pubococcygeus muscle. So, know that bodybuilding can also help you hard. 

Attention, I do not think here to lift the cast (although it works too) but rather to do exercises to strengthen your perineum and your PC muscle (such as Kegel exercises). This will increase the pressure in your penis and make it harder.

Choose your moment

We are not as fit to make love at all times of the day. After eating, on digestion, for example, it is not ideal. 

But then, when to make love ideally? It is well in the morning that the male hormones are the most active (hence the traditional morning erection ). If we followed our chronobiology, we would rather fuck at 9 am than at 11pm. Afterward, it’s not always easy because of work. The second best solution is in the evening when returning from the office, around 19:30. 
Contrary to popular belief, the night (especially if you come back from the box after having a good time) is not the best time to practice doggy style .

Erection breakdown: our tips for good bending

Sleeping and eating is always important

Physical fatigue, lack of sleep and hunger are factors that damage the quality of your erection. Do not eat anything! Opt instead for a balanced diet! 

Also avoid alcohol and drugs (some X actors are doping for good but it is dangerous). Eating ginger feeds many fantasies but does not solve all erection problems . It’s even more of a legend than anything else …

What about Viagra?

I could not not talk about the famous blue pill ! Viagra is a drug that can make a hard and long hard but is not without risk to health. Especially in case of heart problem. 
Ask for a medical opinion before considering spending a night of madness with the little pill “magic”.

The cold is good for erections!

Stop the received ideas, gentlemen! Spraying with cold water the perineum before a sexual act can cool the purses and stimulate the whole area. Of which your sex. And therefore improve your erection.

Be careful of too tight clothes

If you compress your sex too much in tight clothing or underwear, it can negatively affect your erection. Sleeping naked is a solution to consider, for example!

Well hard, it’s in the head that it happens!

Erection is controlled by the brain above all else. Maybe the routine in your relationship or the physique of the woman you are sleeping with does not excite you. In this case, psychology can help you! Try to imagine yourself in a situation that excites you! 

For example, taking your favorite porn actress! That should give you a strong erection ! I know it may sound like an esoteric solution but most men underestimate the power of visualization . 

Anyway, in case of erectile problems, never cut the visual stimulation (for example by doing this in the dark). It would be a big mistake when we know that men are usually stimulated by sight.

The best advice for a good erection: de-stressing

We have seen that stress can cause problems for your soldier who refuses to come to your attention. Be in the moment: think about your friend’s buttocks or breasts rather than the official records. 

Do not stress your performance either. I hope your girlfriend is not the type to overwhelm you when you falter. The proper reaction would be to support you, to tell you that it does not matter, and even to try to “go back” (for example, with a blowjob ). 

On your side, you can always satisfy it with your fingers, your tongue or a sex toy.

The little trick in addition to good bander

My last advice is to be with a girl you really like and avoid the routine in the couple. Try to put a little spice! 
Going to a kinky club, watching porn as a couple, inviting a third person for a 3-in-a-row are just some of the ideas that can help you get more into your sex life. 

That’s it, I’m done with my tips to improve his erection. My stuff for bending, as the other would say. In conclusion, try to talk physically, psychologically, and have sexual practices that continue to excite you.

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