Two natural juices to increase muscle mass

If you are focused on increasing your muscle grip, natural drinks can be a great help. Because they will also help you to strengthen the immune system, it will remove the swelling, it will benefit the functioning of your digestive system, it will balance your hormonal levels and regulate your blood sugar.

In this opportunity, we present two natural juices to increase muscle mass and fill your body with health.

Tropical juice

This juice will provide digestive enzymes that will accelerate the metabolism and synthesis of proteins. Both mangoes, lemons and strawberries are very rich in vitamin C fruit. And, in addition, apples have a cellular aging effect.


3 strawberries,

1 apple,

1 handle,

1/2 lemon


First peel the mango and the 1/2 lemon. Then take everything to the blender and having a homogeneous mixture, ready to take it.

Purifying juice

In addition to gaining muscle mass, this juice will help you cleanse your kidneys. This is extremely important to boost the production of hormones and thus increase muscle mass.


1 slice of watermelon

2 apples


Remove the seeds from the fruits and bring them to the blender, if you need a little water, do not hesitate to add it. Blend and drink immediately.

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