7 things that happen to a woman’s body when she stops having sex

Sex is necessary, it is not taboo, it is not a myth, it is simply something inherent to the human being. Men and women suffer drastic changes when they stop having sex. Nothing that can end their lives, definitely, but lowers the quality to a great extent.

you stop having sex

So here are some of the changes that you will start to have, or maybe you already noticed:

1.- Lower your defenses

There is no secretion of happiness which is generated by human contact, this causes the level of stress to rise. The tension causes an increase in blood pressure and cortisol. It is also responsible for increasing the level of sugar in the blood and suppressing the immune system.

2.- You get more granites

This is because sex causes progesterone responsible for eliminating acne on the face.

3.- Lack of collagen

Collagen is also generated during sex, therefore a woman who does not have sex will have less soft skin.

4.- Insecurity arises

In the end, we live in a very sexual world where the stimuli continuously lead you to think all the time about a need that in the end is already inherent in the human being. Everyone has experiences, movies, songs, everything revolves around sex, and if you do not have it, you feel out of place. Remember to do it only if you want and not because others take you to it.

5.- You begin to lose your sexual desire

When you stop having sex, it simply stops producing dopamine, the hormone that is in charge of activating sexual desire and pleasure. If there is no sex, there is no hormone and therefore there is no desire.

6.- Heart problems 

Abstinence or lack of sex causes heart problems since it is considered an excellent cardiovascular exercise. Not having caused the heart to weaken and not work 100%.

7.- Changes in mood and anxiety

When we have sex causes it secretes oxytocin, also known as the love hormone. When you do not have this hormone your body suffers drastic mood swings, even your memory can fail, and there is an excess of stress.

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