The Shoulders Routine of Captain America

The routine of Captain America’s shoulders is a serious training that you should try, especially if you want more volume, so let Chris Evans himself train you with these exercises.

“What I like most is to exercise the shoulders,” says Chris Evans, the actor you’ll best place as Captain America. Add this routine (twice a week) to transform your shoulders into those of a Marvel superhero.


(Three series of 15 repetitions) 


Stand up with your legs spread to the width of your shoulders and knees slightly bent. Hold a dumbbell with each arm and break them on your sides. Elevate the arms laterally until they are aligned to the shoulders, so that your body forms a ‘T’. Use a lightweight that allows you to perform each of the repetitions correctly. Captain America uses dumbbells of 12 to 15 kilos. “There is no compromise with the weight.”


(Three series of 15 repetitions) 

front elevation

“This exercise stimulates the front of your shoulders,” Chris adds. Standing with the legs open to the width of the shoulders, and with the knees slightly bent. Hold a dumbbell with each arm and break them on the front of the thighs, palms facing towards them. Tense the abdomen, keep the back slightly arched and, slowly, simultaneously raise the arms until they are parallel to the floor, try to always be straight.


(Three series of 15 repetitions) 


Hold a bar on top of your shoulders. The hands should be the same width as these. Now stretch your arms up so that the weight is on your head. Evans prefers to use the machine to do this exercise. “When I do the military dumbbell press I push my chest too far forward, which puts pressure on my spine. I use the device to maintain more control during the whole movement, and this allows me to increase the weight I lift without hurting my spine, “explains the actor.


(Three series of 15 repetitions) 


Stand face down on a tilted bench (45 degrees). Hold
a dumbbell with each hand under you with your palms facing each other. Keep your elbows slightly bent. Then, pull the arms sideways and backward until they are parallel with the floor. Return to the starting position. Now the transformation can be completed.

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