Study confirms that having intimacy with your friend strengthens friendship

The study of Boise State University has come to the conclusion that having intimacy with your friend makes the relationship of friendship is strengthened.

For a long time, the issue of being intimate with a friend has become taboo since it is a little frowned upon by some generations where young people have been raised in such a way that this is not seen as a good thing. There are girls who practice it and the truth is that there is nothing wrong with it.

It is more than certain that in your group of friends there is one, in particular, that is quite attractive and if by your head it happened in having intimacy with him, it is totally normal. However, if this happens, you should know that you have to learn to separate feelings.

After this became something much mentioned, the question came if it could really ruin the friendship relationship since several people have stopped talking because they had sex or because one fell in love. So to dispel the doubts, the study of the Boise State University, has come to the conclusion that the opposite happens, that is to say, it strengthens the magical bond.

According to the people surveyed, they believe that it is good because it makes them more confident, they know their tastes, their pleasures and their behavior in bed, can you believe it? Unlike what adults believe, the decision of young people is released.

To reach a result, “300 people were surveyed, and more than 75% acknowledged that having had sex with a friend had made their friendship known, and 20% admitted, in the same line, that at some point in their lives had had sex with a close friend and that, far from spoiling the friendship, the intimate contact had made them feel more united as friends “, can be read in the investigation.

Study confirms that having intimacy with your friend strengthens friendship

Do not confuse love with intimacy

Love is a very nice feeling as long as you both have things clear. If you believe or feel that maintaining intimacy can take them to the next step, then it is perfect. Some respondents claimed that after this they started a formal relationship.

What was it due to? That there was a link from which it was impossible to detach. For example, they did not have the idea that they had relationships with other people, that they kiss with others and many other factors, that is why they made the decision that it was better to become a couple.

However, if you are one of the girls who feel something for that friend and you know that he does not have the slightest degree of love for you, he understands that it is your decision to continue or not with this vicious circle. Men are experts in making things clear, so you should be the same in that sense.

Not having intimate moments, makes some women think that they are not attracted to a man, in this case, by their friend, which gives them to understand that they are not so graceful and that generates a problem of self-esteem. So you must think things through before doing them. 

Study confirms that having intimacy with your friend strengthens friendship

Benefits of being intimate with your friend

1. Trust According to immunologist Peter Schleider, having relationships with your friend has a very positive effect on your body so if you want to have more confidence with him and in your case, more well-being, you know what you have to do.

2. Cure the flu. According to the Swiss researcher Manfred Schedlovski, says that to cure it, it is necessary to have privacy. He has proven that a night of pleasure is much better than drinking a rich chicken broth because, in the privacy, the immune system is strengthened to end that disease.

To reach a conclusion, he made endless tests and came to deduce that when you have relationships, pleasure doubles and eliminates the viruses that afflict our body.

3. Avoid asthma. The fact that your body is in constant operation makes your lungs become stronger because the inhalation and exhalation will keep you in shape.

Study confirms that having intimacy with your friend strengthens friendship

4. Memory aid. Several studies have indicated that intimacy with a friend allows the human being to develop their brain better. Therefore, when relationships are not constant, blood does not flow ideally to the brain, causing problems of memory and concentration to develop.

5. Your heart protects your Relationships are the most complete exercise that a person can perform when this is done occasionally, heart disease is greater in women, which results in heart attacks.

In spite of all the good things that can bring you, you should bear in mind that it is always recommended to have protective relationships, it is not enough to take care of yourself with contraceptives or with the pill of the next day, that can prevent you from having an unwanted pregnancy, but not It protects you from sexually transmitted diseases.

That’s not all there are many diseases that for lack of relationships, you can suffer. Spending time like this seriously affects your cardiovascular and respiratory system, and women are the ones who suffer the most. Girls produce collagen by nature, but for lack of privacy, this can be lost and will make your skin look rough, dull and appear the dreaded wrinkles.

Having constant intimacy is one of the most important things about people. Abstinence causes symptoms that trigger diseases.

Study confirms that having intimacy with your friend strengthens friendship

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