Same Phone? With two ‘active’ WhatsApp accounts, this is the trick

Do you have two ‘WhatsApp’? But you have to keep two phones, now you can do it with this trick, a little easier and with the same smartphone. 

Having two WhatsApp accounts on the same ‘smartphone’ is a reality, and you can do it to simplify your work and do everything from a phone. Whether you need to have a national or foreign number, with two ‘WhatsApp’ active at the same time or because you simply need it; This trick gives you the possibility to do it. 

There are two options: install third-party applications or see if it can be achieved with the ‘apps’ that come pre-installed, for example, if your phone is dual sim card you can use the option provided by dual messaging. 

But if you do not have it active, you can use the functionality that third-party applications give you; use one that will help you replicate WhatsApp. Download the Parallel Space app from your Play Store, which promises to enable you to have two WhatsApp accounts on your cellphone. How does this ‘app’ help you? It gives you an independent virtual space that allows other applications to run inside. 

That is why you must configure it so that you put WhatsApp as the application you want to replicate and then choose the option ‘add in Parallel Space ‘. But yes, with great care, it is advisable that before doing this procedure, you can make a backup to avoid losing the information you keep on WhatsApp. 

Same Phone? With two 'active' WhatsApp accounts, this is the trick

These are the options you can do to have two WhatsApp accounts. Photo: Shutterstock.

From the Parallel Space application, start WhatsApp as you would need it and verify the phone number by SMS or by phone before you start using your other WhatsApp. It is ideal, if your phone has a double sim card, this would allow you to have both active lines in the instant messaging application.

Another tool is to use the browser of the phone, enter the page of WhatsApp Web and scan the QR code of an account associated with another phone number to open a second account, this strategy helps you to appear two chats in the mobile phone tray, in addition to an additional tab in the browser independently. 

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