Smoothing your hair with keratin: pros and cons

Are you tired of straightening your hair every day? It’s good that there is something called smoothing with keratin. A treatment that will bring shine, lightness, and love to your hair. However, you should know what the pros and cons are before you screw up.


Smoothing your hair with keratin: pros and cons
  • Nourish and restructure all your hair: Keratin is an excellent treatment for hair fibers. As part of the root to the tips, your hair is benefited by keratin proteins.
  • Reconstruction in the hair fiber: It is able to protect your hair from damage caused by the dryer, iron or curling iron. Also, repair those small damages on the tip. Sure, it’s not an excuse for you to not stop using your hair heat protector.
  • Do not take long to comb it: Best of all! You do not have to spend an hour trying to straighten it with the iron or the dryer. Your hair will be ready after drying it with the towel or the natural one.
  • Lasts between 3 to 6 months: The duration may vary depending on whether your hair is very rebellious or not.
  • It works very well on curly and wavy hair: I know that ironing curly or curly hair can take hours. Straightening your hair with keratin will save you time. Keratin is suitable for curly, wavy and rebellious hair. Not to mention that it will give your waves much more brightness.


Smoothing your hair with keratin: pros and cons
  • It is not the best option if your hair is damaged: The treatment could damage your hair even more. It is best to let your hair be repaired before straightening it with keratin.
  • Price: It depends on each country, of course. However, straightening with keratin is a bit expensive. If you are going to invest in a keratin treatment, I recommend that you save enough.
  • In case you have curly hair, you should take into account that …: The curls will not be the same again. If your hair has super-defined and beautiful curls, after straightening it is more likely to curl.
  • Post-treatment: You have to leave your hair three days without washing. It is not recommended if you have too much hair. Although good, only three days and you decide if you run the risk or not.

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