To wear winter dresses , tights are essential but pest. There is more sophisticated than pulling up her stockings, legs in frogs, right?

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you did not have to worry constantly about seeing your tights coming under your buttocks, the day you wear a trendy skirt? To believe that tights consult to ruin our lives. Even if they save us the days of freezing cold.

On Pinterest or Instagram, you get all the good tips to keep the tights in place. The latest tip is so obvious that you’ll blame yourself for not thinking about it sooner.

  • The trick to holding her tights 

All you need to do to prevent your pantyhose slip to your knees is to pass your tights and put on another panty. The best model will be a panty with a good elastic, preferably high-waisted for a perfect fit. Shapewear models seem a good option.

At first, it will be weird to double your underwear. But, once you have tasted the pleasure of the tights that remain in place, it will not bother you anymore.

Another even more effective option: the body. With winter, you need to have a warm outfit. Under a dress, you opt for the trendy body combo and hot pantyhose. It also works very well.

If tights were, until now, your sworn enemy, you will end up loving them with this simple trick.