We do not talk often enough about our calves. Yes, one can be complexed by calves too big or too thin. Each his little complexes!

If this is your case, do not panic. There are fashion solutions to enhance your look and your figure, even if you have strong calves.

It is enough to dress according to its morphology and to choose well the fashion parts to adopt.

And we stop the received ideas! Big calves do not have to hide under long, wide clothes.

Strong calves do not have to hide under long clothes

We explain to you how to dress with strong calves.

How to dress with strong calves: the parts to avoid

To hide your calves, you have to play with optical effects to blur your complex. You must avoid pants and skirts too tight on this part of your body.

The sheath dresses are of course to prescribe. Ditto for slims or skinny jeans.

In summer, forget the corsairs or the shorts a little long which thicken the legs.

Side shoes, it is better to avoid the boots too narrow. For others, run away from high sneakers or ankle boots that cut ankle.

They hug the silhouette and highlight the calves. Same for ballerinas that are often much too flat.

The parts to adopt with strong calves

The first mistake not to make when you have big calves is to hide behind oversized clothing.

Obviously, a pretty long dress, palazzo pants or flare jeans are perfect for camouflaging your complex.

However, you can wear a dress, shorts or a short skirt, especially if they are flared on the bottom. This helps to refine the legs.

The flared shapes help to refine the legs

Straight trousers and mom jeans are perfect for sublimating and blurring big calves.

Good accessories for big calves

For shoes, in winter, thigh boots are your best allies. Just like the shoes with heels, which allow extending the legs!

You can opt for pumps, babies or even wedge shoes. We advise you to adopt models that reveal your ankles.

Question boots, they exist specific models for the strong calves. Always favor a model that goes below the knee, so as not to cut the calf.

Some brands, such as Eram, La Redoute, Castaluna, Jilsen or Balzamik offers boots made for wide calves . With that, you are certain to find your happiness without taking the head! 

The very wide and loose boots are ideal to refine the calves .

The tights also can be an asset … but for that, we must choose them. One word of order: sobriety!

The black and opaque tights thin the calf and make a beautifully curved leg while models transparent with patterns are prohibited.

With all its fashion tips , are you ready to take on your pretty calves?