How to succeed a blowjob?

If the rule number one is obviously to pay attention with your teeth, fellatio is learned and is successful with experience. This sexual practice, like cunnilingus for women, consists of a mixture of caresses with the tongue, with the lips but also with the hands.

The goal is not to have a cramp in the jaw or to stay apnea by making fast return trips but to stir the excitement of your partner .

If the deep throat excites more than one, it is not the best way to give pleasure to your partner, so do not panic!

To succeed a blowjob , you have to know how to take your time (and his), to bring the excitement to its maximum. But also do not lose the pace.

Do not just tickle his cock, play with his penis, testicles , the inside of her thighs … Everything to bring the excitement to its maximum. Whether the goal is to enjoy it or just move on to the next step.

Blowjob: a pleasure to share

Blowjob must also be a good time for you. You do not have to force yourself if you do not feel like taking this step. We can not say it enough, but swallowing is not obligatory! To avoid “surprises” we ask sir to warn us when the excitement is too intense …

To take more pleasure, you can also decide to make a blowjob to your partner in various positions of Kamasutra . And no, the 69 is not the only place where you can both have fun at the same time during an oral sex session. And then it’s not necessarily the most practical.

Like making love , fellatio can be practiced in various places. Notice to your imagination to make new fantasies!

Blow job: the risks to take into account

If you choose a little treat for your partner, know that it is better to put a condom . Without this protection, you will be exposed to germs present on the sex of your partner or in his sperm. Blowjob without a condom exposes you to contamination for the AIDS, syphilis, gonococcal, herpes and hepatitis B viruses.

The contamination during oral sex , contrary to popular belief, does not take place only in case of ejaculation. During the oral sex, as during sexual intercourse, the penis already secretes a liquid helping lubrication and can transmit diseases to you.

If you want to do without protection, consider doing the right tests for sexually transmitted diseases and infections .