Save Money for your graduation trip with these tips!

Is your super generation trip coming? We leave you some tips to save in the most effective way!

Are you about to graduate and go to celebrate with all your friends the long-awaited generation trip? We know that they are not cheap, so you should start saving from NOW. Here are some tips to collect money in a short time, and in the most effective way …


1. Weekly budget

Propose to spend a certain amount of money a week, without limiting yourself, but without spending too much. Try not to exceed the established amount! You will see that little by little, you begin to have a guardadito.

2. Forget shopping

Goodbye to the whims and unnecessary whims. Little by little, your money runs out. Spend only on the essential, such as food, transportation, etc.


3. Bye parties

You will have a mega generation party, nothing will happen to you for a few months and save money from your outings every weekend.

4. Piggy Bank

It sounds childish, but all those little coins that stay in your pants and bags will serve you a lot in the long term if you put them together!


5. Part time work

If you think you’re not going to reach it, look for a light job that does not interrupt the school. You can be a nanny, a dog walker, give advice on your favorite classes, etc.

6. Eat at home

Going out to eat at restaurants is expensive, so preparing your own food at home will help you save large amounts as the days go by.


Put them to the test and you will see that in a short time you will have a guardadito for your trip!

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