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10 foods that cause wrinkles

Prevents wrinkles by not consuming these foods. Photo: Shutterstock



Premature aging can be due to different factors. The continuous exposure to solar rays without proper protection and the consumption of tobacco and alcohol in excess are two of the most common ways in which the skin begins to lose its vitality. However, the appearance of the skin is also due in large part to the foods that are consumed.

That is why it is important to know what kind of foods are those that affect the skin and cause the appearance of wrinkles. That’s why at TheWebFry we bring you a list of the 10 foods that you should avoid consuming excessively if you want to show off much younger skin:

Sugary Sodas

The high sugar levels of these drinks are detrimental to the health of your skin. The sugar in this class of drinks causes the skin cells to die much faster which causes the appearance of wrinkles and an evident deterioration in the skin. Experts suggest consuming more fruit juices than sugary soft drinks.


There are two kinds of fats: those that are healthy for the body and those that are not. Unfortunately, in food, there are many professed fats that are harmful to the body and just that kind of fats should be avoided to maintain good skin health. In addition, these fats can cause other health problems such as blocked arteries. Fats that are healthy come from vegetables such as sunflower or olive.


Excess salt in the diet also causes many health problems. In the case of skin health, salt causes a considerable reduction in the natural production of collagen in the skin, which leads to premature aging. In addition, a high amount of salt in the body can increase arterial health.


To consume sugar in excess accelerates the aging since it directly affects the blood vessels, which reduces the elasticity of the skin. In addition, consuming too much sugar can also cause dangerous diseases such as diabetes. That is why it is suggested to replace processed sugars by natural ones such as those found in most fruits.


A sacred drink for many people can also accelerate the aging of the skin. Coffee acts as a dehydrator of the organism, which leads to the loss of toning of the skin.


Its effects are very similar to those produced by coffee, that is, alcohol also dehydrates the body. For this reason, the skin cells are affected and this causes the skin to lose its beauty. It is always advisable to change alcoholic beverages for water or fruit juices.

Spicy Food

For those who love adding spice to their meals, this is bad news. These additives dilate the blood vessels to such an extent that they even break them. When this happens the skin begins to lose its natural state and looks much less elastic, less toned and with a grayish color. 

Red Meats

Red meats have their pros and cons. On the one hand, they are an excellent source of protein but at the same time, they contain a high level of carnitine, a substance that if consumed in excess causes a hardening of the skin which leads to premature aging. It is advisable to consume this type of meat maximum twice a week.


Foods like pasta can be bad for the health of the skin if consumed in excess. Carbohydrates contain a high glycemic index, which causes loss of elasticity in the skin and muscles. To replace this kind of food it is recommended to consume whole carbohydrates.


These compounds found in sauces and other foods contain sulfites that affect blood cases, causing the skin to lose elasticity and from there wrinkles are generated. Experts recommend limiting your consumption as much as possible.



Best Short Haircuts For Women 2020



beautiful short haircuts for women

If you are thinking about cutting your hair but have not yet opted for any particular look, do not miss the article that we have prepared for you in which we tell you the latest trending short haircuts for Women 2020. Also below the best proposals for short haircuts for round face.

short haircuts for Women 2020


We always end up by example the famous haircuts and the real reason is that it is a way for us to see the hair changes and how they favor them because they are more public people than following their lives or they are not easier to compare the before and after.


For example, it is surprising the change of Miley Cyrus, Beyonce or Anne Hathaway who have changed their long hair by very short hair and also look with light hair color, which gives them youth (although they already have it) and sophistication.

half-length cuts-2013

For all those who are looking for a change but not radical, the best option is the half-lengths in which you can play with the lengths, make layers to take more volume, wear it completely straight or enjoy wavy hair … If you also do Bangs the change will be truly amazing because you also have endless possibilities and styles.

The best thing in this case is to be advised by your trusted hairdresser according to the type of hair you have, the amount and the haircut you have chosen, but without a doubt, we advise you to read the article: According to the face What bangs would it fit me well? for you to get an idea and choose.
If you want to give a radical change to your image you can choose different haircuts in which your neck is in the air while the upper part is a little longer, playing with the different volumes, getting a unique effect.

Let’s see below, other proposals that are also a trend and that will allow you to boast short hair this winter 2020 season, you will discover new styles and surely you will not regret (quite the opposite) of having cut your hair.


If you have curly hair and do not dare with short haircuts, do not worry because we are sure that in these ideas we give you sure you will find the style that best suits you. All you have to do is look at the shape of your face and also the natural style of your hair.


One of the very nice options for short curly haircuts is to curl only the tips, as you can see in the example in the photo above. There is a very natural and simple hair to comb every morning. Although another style that we can also see is to curl only the top and smooth the ends although, as we will explain below, this style is better when our hair is wavy and not curly.

For short haircuts for curly hair, we can also dare with the pixie style, as you see in the photograph above. The part that we leave above as our own crest of the pixie style, is what will be curled and with a lot of volumes as you see in the example. To make this curly hair look perfect, all you have to do is apply a little foam and then dry with a diffuser. If any hair is disheveled or does not have the position you need, apply some shaping wax and comb to your liking.

Finally, short haircuts are also perfect for fully curly hair as you can see in the example above. The more volume they have, the better. To define the curls you can use a gel for this and then dry with a diffuser. Or if you prefer, you can help yourself with curlers and then tousle them a little with your fingers so that more natural curls are left.

Here you can see more photos of short haircuts for curly hair 2020 :

short haircuts for curly hair
short haircuts for curly hair
short haircuts for curly hair
short haircuts for curly hair
short haircuts for curly hair
short haircuts for curly hair
short haircuts for curly hair
short haircuts for curly hair


If you are looking for short wavy haircuts, here is an idea we love. It is very easy to carry on a day-to-day basis and it won’t take you long to comb your hair.

short wavy haircuts

For short wavy haircuts, we recommend leaving a somewhat longer mane and moving away from short haircuts such as pixie and garçon because they can create a somewhat weird effect on our look. In addition, aside bangs will also be perfect for wavy hair. In the picture above you can see the example that we like the most.

Here you can see more pictures of wavy short haircuts Winter 2020 :

short wavy haircuts
short wavy haircuts
short wavy haircuts


If you are looking for short blonde haircuts here we have many ideas for you. If you have decided to make a short haircut, it is best to opt for a light hair color since the dark tones in the short haircuts can give a greater appearance. However, short haircuts with light tones give a lot of light to the face and always favor the features as it softens them.

For short blonde haircuts, you can opt for a much shorter style like the one we see in the example in the photograph above, garçon style or even shorter, taken towards a pixie. These short haircuts are very flattering and with the blonde color, they feel really good.

Short bob blonde haircuts
Short bob blonde haircuts

However, for short haircuts, you can also choose a style with some more hair, as in the example you see in the photograph above. In addition, in this case, we have opted for some California wicks but that, when the hair is so short, the large percentage of the hair is blond, so it looks great on our face.

Here you can see more photos of short blonde haircuts Winter 2020 :

short blonde haircuts
short blonde haircuts
short blonde haircuts
short blonde haircuts
short blonde haircuts


One of the trends of the season has to do with the grey color in the hair and other shades nearby such as platinum blonde, metallic grey and ash-blonde taken to white. To get your style of short grey haircuts you can choose several options.

Short gray haircuts

The first is to dye the hair of the lightest blond you find and then apply faded wicks in grey or ash blonde. This technique is used so that you do not have to bleach all your hair because it can become too dry and damaged. However, if we take proper care of the hair and apply the treatments it needs, we can maintain its appearance and health and we can dye all our hair grey, platinum or ash blonde.

Short bob grey haircuts

As for the grey short haircuts, you can opt for one of the trendy short haircuts: the bob or long bob cut and the pixie cut. Both will look great with this short haircut.

Here you can see more photos of short grey haircuts 2020 :

short grey haircuts
short grey haircuts


If you are looking for short haircuts for round face, calm because here we will give you many ideas and we will deny that girls with a rounded face should not wear short hair. The truth is that short hair feels good to almost any type of face and although it tends to round it up more, the truth is that it brings a lot of youth and luminosity to the face. Here are some ideas.

short haircuts for round face

To choose within short haircuts for round face, we recommend a garçon style as in the photo above because of its shape it makes the face more elongated and prevents us from looking too round. The more volume we give in the upper part or in the bangs, the more elongated sensation it will give us to the face.

Although you can also opt for a short bob or long bob haircut, as it is also very flattering for all face types. In the picture above you can see a nice example, with a little banded bang that also feels great to round faces.

Here you can see more photos of short haircuts for round face 2020 :

short haircuts for round face
short haircuts for round face
short haircuts for round face
short haircuts for round face
short haircuts for round face


One of the first styles that we are going to propose when it comes to betting on short hair in this Winter 2020, is that you bet on the asymmetrical style since it will not only be a trend during the new season but also can give you great results If what you are looking for is a real change in your appearance.


Being able to wear a cut in which the length of the hair is played asymmetrically is perhaps the best option not only for a change but also so that you can show off your short hair in the latest fashion.

I leave a photo gallery with many other proposals for short haircuts Winter 2020 of asymmetric style.



It is clear that the bangs have returned very strongly this winter 2020 season so why not bet on them even having short hair? You may think that it will stay just as well as with a long mane, but the truth is that after showing you proposals of asymmetric short haircuts with bangs, surely when you take it you will realize that you can also take them out a lot match.

Medium-length straight blonde bangs hairstyles

They take a lot of cuts in which the bangs go slightly to the side, and even appear a little disheveled; a style especially suitable for those who are looking for fresh proposals in the new season.

Short Haircuts with bangs that you can style this Winter 2020.



What is the modern style inside short hair? You could say that for example the mentioned asymmetries, would be a modern style for your hair but it will also be the one that stains it with a striking color or that is fashionable. This is the case, for example, of being able to wear hair dyed almost white as the latest color trend marks and so that you are the most modern of all.

Hairstyles with Tupe Moreno bangs

Betting on “rebellious” looks can also make your style more modern and with that, we recommend for example that you bet on a toupee as you see in the photo above and that it may allow you to find a good hairstyle for a special occasion such as a wedding.

I leave below other proposals for short hair Winter 2020, which are also modern.




The pixie style is another type of short haircuts that we can not miss, and in fact, it is so recurrent that not only has it become a classic, but a new Winter 2020 seems to be imposed even though, yes, We find that the current bet is to wear a modern pixie, with hair somewhat longer than normal.


Also the pixie with side bangs is a type of cut for short hair that is going to be seen a lot this year so that you do not hesitate and start combing your hair just like that when you cut your hair.

To find many more ideas, we leave you this photo gallery where you have other proposals for your short pixie hair Winter 2020.



Finally, we want to talk about the “bob” hairstyle that seems to have come back with a lot of strength for the middle mane of this Winter 2020, but that you can also adapt if you have short hair. In this way, you can also get hair with a lot of volume being this other trend of the current Winter 2020 season.


If you want to see many other proposals, here is the last photo gallery, but first we recommend reading this other post:



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Best Hairstyles with Waves that are in Trend 2020



Hairstyles with Waves

Best Hairstyles with Waves – If you want to look like a goddess with a look that surprises everyone, without a doubt, opting for wave hairstyles is the best option.

Especially when there are many combinations that you can do, regardless of whether you have long or short hair since it can be adapted to any type of hair and hairstyle you have.

Wearing it in hairstyles for loose hair or for hairstyles where it will look equally beautiful and enhance all your beauty.

And the best of all is that wavy hair never goes out of style, it is always present for all times of the year since it can be used on hot days like spring and summer in loose hair or on colder days like autumn and winter.

That is why I made the compilation so that you have new ideas of hairstyles, that have easy waves so that you can make yourself at home in a simple and fast way, looking wonderful, glamorous and radiant.

Something important that I want to clarify before moving on with this article,

is that in this style guide with waves you will not find how the waves are made in the hair in detail, as I explained in the following super guide with details for each type of hairstyle?

How to make waves in the hair step by step?

As well as different techniques, from tricks without using heat for your hair or using irons, tongs, curling irons, to which is the best curling iron depending on the characteristics of your hair.

Hairstyles with Waves for Long Hair

The favorable thing to wear long hair is that you can do different hairstyles without a problem and the intention to innovate to see what is best for the type of face you have.

Having natural waves or that you make them through a loop, you can use it with a classic style of romantic hairstyle that is usually very beautiful for weddings, weddings and important parties that you want to wear.

For that you can use thin and thin waves on the one hand that will appear to be natural and then make yourself a semi-pick with all the tufts from the top that are leftover.

semi-picked wedding hairstyles

Remember to remove the hair from the face to be able to clear and look better the makeup that you should wear naturally.

You can also use sconces or accessories to make divisions between the tufts with undulations.

If what you want is to have more volume in your hair to give the feeling of more hair, then the best decision will be to make some waves that are larger and separated from each other.

hairstyles with long hair waves

Considering the detail of marking them well so that the hair weight of each wick can extend the wave of the hair.

For a more informal look what you can do using a semi-collected where you can wear this hairstyle daily with waves for long hair.

Hairstyles with Waves for Short Hair

Many times it is thought that having short hair can not carry the waves in the hair and that is a statement that is wrong.

Since I’m going to show you how you can wear your wavy hair in short hair.

Since the good thing about waves is that they have the advantage of adapting to any type of length and hair.

No matter if it is thick or thin, or if you wear long short or medium hair.

What you have to consider is that if you wear a medium hair, the ideal thing would be to wear soft waves, since if they were too sharp it would shorten the length of the hair too much.

short hair wave hairstyles

And if you take it short the idea is to show it with movement and that the undulations do not shorten much more than we have the style on.

The pin-up style can also be considered as it was worn in the 50s since it is a good way to look modern and glamorous.

Something that you have to consider is not to mark as much between the curlers or undulations since you will be able to give it greater volume.

So leave the wave open and think that short hair will always take years off and you will look much younger.

The disheveled effect is something that I recommend if your idea is to give it a natural touch but that in turn, your hair is fine, which will give you a lot of advantage when it comes to wearing it.

Remember to be informal and natural, it does not mean you are not fixed.

Hairstyles with Waves and Braids

The benefit of making braids with wavy hair is that you can use the volume generated in your hair by the locks with undulations and also collect your hair with the braids in a way that will give you the necessary style for your head.

hairstyles with waves braids waterfall

hairstyles with waves braids waterfall

You can make semi-collected hairstyles or use the braid as if it were a natural applique in your hair without having to use suspenders, headbands or any other external element in your hair.

You can wear it both for summer, spring, where heat is present and pick it up using different braids, can be a great option.

As also for winter or autumn where the cold can be a nuisance and it will be better for the waves to predominate and make a very subtle side braid in your style that you design.

Hairstyles with Waves and double braids

The double braid is an excellent way to be able to wear the semi-picked but above all to enhance the undulations in your hair and give more shape, volume and personality to your hair.

To do this type of hairstyle, what you have to do first is to make two types of reverse root braids in the upper area of ​​the neck to achieve the expected effect.

But you have to take into account not to take all the hair from the lateral areas but you will not be able to achieve that effect.

Once you get it you have to hollow out the ends to be able to give a natural look and achieve this look disheveled but neat.

Always remember to cover the gummies or hair bands with strands.

double braids wave hairstyles

In this image, you can see the double braids that reach the tips and the rest of the hair loose wearing its natural waves.

Hairstyles with Waves and maxi braid with pigtail

If you have those days where you look bad all the time in the mirror then this hairstyle can save you quickly and easily.

What you have to do is make a braid from the root to the ends but from a side lock and then collect all the hair of your hair in a ponytail that is at medium height.

The strands of the braid you have to open and wind a strand that you have on the hairband, garter or accessory that you used in the ponytail and then waving the ponytail with a pincer to give it greater shape and personality.

maxi braid wave hairstyles

Hairstyles with Semi-Waves

The semi-collected hairstyles have the advantage of showing a little of the two parts that you like, wearing it loose and picking up an area in which your hair needs to set limits and that is what allows you, highlighting the loose part wearing undulations.

This accompanied by a gradient of color such as California wicks or balayage can be an advantage to enhance the hairstyle you like.

For these types of styles and trends, you generally have to make a division by tufts where the upper and central part of your head you have to divide it by separating the tufts from the sides that remain in three parts.

With these strands, you can make two French or traditional braids and then collect all the ones you created in a semi-pick.

Something important for you to have this type of hairstyles is to add to the hair after washing your hair with warm water, a texturizer that is applied with spray and so you can achieve the volume that is needed for this type of look.

semi-picked wave hairstyles

As you can see in the photo, you can see another type of easy semi-picked hairstyle with waves that can be well accentuated or simply that little is noticed with small undulations that you will then define as you like.

Where the interlaced that is observed is simply subject to buckles or invisible hair clips, allowing each strand to have that naturalness necessary to give the hair more movement.

Hairstyles with Waves semi-picked with a twist

When I met this type of hairstyle I fell in love at first sight because it is very simple and has the option of being able to be used whenever you want.

For important occasions such as a wedding, a work event or any type of birthday or on a daily basis for how easy it is to do so.

To have an idea of ​​how this hairstyle is done you have to first take strands of the sides of your hair and then intertwine each of them individually.

When you reach the last strand (I recommend that you have the same amount from both sides and if you want you can separate each of them with leagues) you have to use it to close the collection you have and secure it with a hairpin or hair clip that have below the semi-pick you did.

The advantage that has this style waves is that it will allow you to not move so much and keeps the locks in place which is very beneficial for hairs that have a smooth or smooth texture.

The part of your hair that is loose will have greater volume thanks to the waving you achieved.

Hairstyles with Waves

You can see in the photo the different wicks and then the ones you select to link them form like a headband or crown with your own hair.

Wavy Hairstyles with Bow

The bow or any type of hair applique you have can give your hairstyle a very chic touch that will undoubtedly enhance and give personality to what you want to wear on your head.

But as long as you take into account certain details such as the color of the tie that combines for example with your clothing or how extensive it is for which you have to understand that it is a compliment and the protagonist has to be the type of hairstyle you choose.

This type of bow or tie that you would later choose to finish the hair design that you will wear has to be something that enhances and cheers your hair such as a handkerchief to tie you after a ponytail and pearls that are with hair gummies giving a look Youthful and elegant.

Another type of accessory that can complement a semi-pick that carries waves or any type of hairstyle that you need to fix can be a bow wearing it as a headband, where you will get a romantic style, try to be a silk type fabric or some that are bright to light but Make it simple to tie.

Other details that can complement as the ties in your wavy hair are the famous mostacillas, chaquiras, beads or also called beads that give a youthful, fun and fresh touch to your look.

The turban or the band that takes all your hair from the forehead to the back of the neck can also be a good idea if what you want to wear collected but not highlight the waves as much as you would take it with loose or semi-collected hair.

To finish another of the accessories that can serve you are the floral arrangements that are widely used to celebrate spring or for a wedding or a hat when you do not want to comb your hair.

hairstyles with loop waves

In this beautiful blonde model, we can see how the waves look with a black bow that takes two strands to make a semi-picked style.

It is very nice that the tips are more pronounced yellow to give a lighting effect compared to the root of the scalp where a darker volume is noticed to give it some naturalness.

Hairstyles with loop bow waves

The hairstyle with low bun arrived to stay this season and is something that I do not think it goes out of style because it makes you a more youthful style by subtracting years and that all women like.

That’s why if you wear waves to make this type of look is a good option to change since you can do it in a simple and fast way.

Picking up all your hair you have to make a low ponytail but keep in mind that when you are going to take the last lap of the ponytail you have to leave it halfway.

Then you have to thin one of those strands from the top of the crown so that the strand can give the hairstyle greater volume.

This step is optional but if you want to make it neater you can review all the strands of the forehead that you left loose with tongs so that the waves are more accentuated and last in time.

hairstyles with mono loop waves

As you can see it is important that the frontal wicks are loose on and in front of the ears where you can mark with the heat of a loop if you want both wicks on the sides to better define the features of the face.

Another important point is that for this type of hairstyles you can wear large circular earrings or earrings and a natural makeup without being too overloaded in the colors.

Ideal this type of look for spring-summer trends.

Hairstyles with Waves with side stripe

This wave hairstyle has become very popular lately because it is a neat way to wear hair but in turn, give it movement.

The secret of this type of look is the side stripe that you have to do.

For that it has to be leaving all your long hair loose and you have to make some waves in tufts that you want.

With these waves what you are going to achieve is to give volume to your hair but also the desired movement.

Now what you have to do as a next step is to make a line next to the profile of your face that you like least.

This will be to separate the hair in a division and get this fashionable hairstyle.

So you will have loose hair on one side, wearing a much more visible wave but also with more movement.

And on the other side, you have to wear your hair like a thick strand behind the ear.

To finish you have to add an accessory that can be a brooch, a bow or a hair clip to give that chic touch with a lot of glamors.

Hairstyles with Waves

This hairstyle is widely chosen by celebrities and celebrities such as one who always uses it is Megan Fox or other Hollywood actresses like Jessica Alba.

This demonstrates that the red carpet often shows the modern trend but the retro returns to show that the elegant never goes out of style.

The type of wave that you do is what will mark the style so if you want it not to be so striking you can make a more subtle and not so marked wave.

For that the wave you have to implement it in the wicks directly from the tips to give it a natural touch.

Hairstyles with Waves with Half-up Bun

The freshness that this hairstyle has is what I like because you can mold it with a bit of fixing spray or foam for hair and use only your fingers to give it that characteristic and chic style that the half-up bun has.

Taking different strands of the top of your hair you have to take them under the crown.

Once you have done this step, what follows is to twist your hair in a kind of bun, you will notice that you are going to start to undo but you do not have to leave it in a symmetrical way on the contrary you have to have that naturalness that is not perfect Like a hairdresser hairstyle or beauty salon.

hairstyles with waves half up bun

Youthful look, bold but also very fresh, I recommend it if you want to change and break with that rigid structure of your fashion.

Hairstyles with Waves and two braids for one side

This type of hairstyle is ideal for scalps or hair that have abundant hair that favors the finished look since you have to divide one of your sides into two tufts in a first step and then draw them separately.

Keep in mind before advancing that your hair has to be previously wavy or you already have it naturally in that waviness.

In my personal case this happens to me especially when I wake up in the morning and bathe the night before the ideal waves that every girl would like to have been formed.

If this does not happen to you like me, then the best thing you can do is through a pincer or loop.

To continue with the style of the 2 side braids you have to take it back the locks and simply fasten them with hairpins.

If you do not have forks you can use a nice pin that goes over the neck.

In this photo you can see another type of hairstyle where the side braids accompany a waterfall type hairstyle divided into different strands.

hairstyles with waves two braids

With each step, you can see how the waves help to have a romantic look but also elaborate and youthful.

Hairstyles with Braid Waves

The beautiful thing is that you combine two types of simple hairstyles that you can do at home in one and this mix of styles allows you to have the so-called braid where the classic French braid and the low ponytail are pressed.

To make this type of style you have to first make a braid in your hair and then when you are reaching the nape of your head you can put on a hairband and stop braiding.

As you will see, you stopped making the French braid but the next step is to thin the strands of the braid and cover the rubber that makes the separation with a small wick of hair.

Hairstyles with Waves

Hairstyles with Waves in a Braid Side Fishtail

Herringbone braids or fish braid as it is usually called is usually done with termination of all braided hair.

In this opportunity, I will show you how it can be done but leaving the hair loose and leaving in the background the hair waves that mark the glamorous setting.

Unlike the braided fish that is made from the center of the head as if you were making a pigtail, in this case, you have to think of a fishtail braid but taking a strand of one side of the head to cross it all wicks that participate in their assembly with others that are less thick.

You will take them from the section that is closest to the head when you start but when you are about to finish from the furthest.

This will give you the possibility of having a braid that on one side takes the root and on the other not as you can see in the photo to have as an example.

Hairstyles with braid fishtail waves

Hairstyles with Waves with Elegant Pigtail for Parties

If you have your best friend’s or family member’s wedding soon, then this may be the solution if you don’t know how to look.

It is an ideal hairstyle to wear in the spring, summer season because you can wear your hair but at the same time not suffer from the heat by having it collected.

To do this type of hairstyle you have to let lose the locks that you have on the forehead and collect the rest of your hair to make a simple ponytail that is the medium height or a high ponytail.

One of the locks that were left in front of you should take you back from your head and try to cross it to the other side of your head, passing over the rubber band that holds it.

You have to repeat this process with the other side and when you finish fastening both sides with forks or pins that you have below so that they do not look.

Remember that the waves can be previously created or after all these steps create your waves to wear them in this elegant style.

Hairstyles with elegant ponytail waves

Hairstyles with Waves in a Pigtail with Volume

Combing with volume has the advantage of making a casual look but in turn youthful and fresh this allows you to use it daily.

To achieve this effect and for wavy hair to remain present, you have to dry your hair with your head facing down, where the roots are well exposed.

This will allow you to apply the spray to mold with your fingers or texturizer to shape it.

What you have to do to finish the hair is to apply hair spray or hair spray.

Hairstyles with volume pigtail waves

Hairstyles with Waves in a High Pigtail

The high ponytail has the advantage that for any woman it will look elegant and in turn carry a distinguished style.

It is mainly used for hair with long hair, so it is a hairstyle that you can not miss if you have long hair.

First, you have to pick up your hair and make a high ponytail and add a bow to hold it.

As a tip, I can give you this beauty secret that I use where I apply gel fixative before doing it with this you give it a wet effect that polishes any type of hair or rebel wick and is perfectly visible to anyone.

hairstyles with high ponytail waves

Hairstyles with Waves in a High Pigtail with more volume

One way to give the high ponytail more volume is by carded hairstyle on the top of the head so it will give you an effect as if you had more hair.

There is a way that if you want it to last longer then the recommended thing would be to use dry shampoo but also use hairspray before carding.

With this, you will be able to achieve an optimal corpulence effect on your mane that will be wonderful.

Hairstyles with pigtail volume waves

Hairstyles with Waves and Pins

Using pins in hairstyles is something that is very fashionable but especially if it is used in a cool way where geometric shapes are an ideal addition as a fashion accessory.

hairstyles with waves hairpins pins buckles

Of course, the aim of the pins is to hold the hair in different ways that you do but ideally, this hairstyle is to combine in a triangle form each pin, hairpin or hair buckle.

For example, if you wear strands of front and put them back is a good idea if you apply a French braid, Dutch, double braid or a braided root.

Hairstyles with Waves with Bow Messy

This collection is one of the most famous among celebrities which became very popular for being fast and easy to do, but which in turn is elegant and informal.

You will be able to get a bun but with a disheveled effect, as Meghan Markle uses.

What you have to do to do this hairstyle is to pick up your hair in a low ponytail, and then leave it without having to take out the entire last lap you apply.

messy mono wave hairstyles

You’ll have locks leftover that have to stay on top.

It is best to divide them into two wicks and then cross them but each one has to go to its opposite side.

Try to hold underneath and finally undo the hairstyle with your fingers to give that informal look but you’ll get that messy style that attracts so much attention among chic girls.

Hairstyles with Waves to the Water

Ideal for weddings and parties with friends you can wear this chic and modern style.

Where the important thing is the type of collection that you do that can be high, medium or low.

Mainly the collected under I advise you if you have a special event since you are going to wear your face with more prominence.

hairstyles with water waves collected

Wearing the waves that you can do in the vintage style of the 20s.

Cheer up and enjoy wearing your hair with this modern touch even if it’s a hairstyle your grandmother used.

Hairstyles with Waves and a Semi Pigtail

Just by taking two lateral strands, one on each side of your head, you have to carry them back and give a twisted effect so that it is smooth.

semi-wave hairstyles

Then you have to join them in the center part and fix it with a hairband.

The next step is to open the hair above and put the ponytail so you can get it underneath.

To cover the hairband, it is best to place a strand of hair that is above you and you will have finished your new look with waves.

Hairstyles with Short Hair Waves with Water Waves

Wearing short hair is often prejudiced as if you could not do fashionable hairstyles and that is a big mistake.

I will show you that if you wear your short hair then you can use the waves in your hairstyle.

water wave hairstyles 1920

Such as water waves that are marked quite well giving a wet effect that many women like because they accentuate a strong and feminine personality.

This style of classic waves reminds us of the hairstyles of the 1920s where the gel, the hairband and the use of tight hair were a trend.

Although glamor was also present with shakes in the hair.

Hairstyles with Waves to the side

The good thing about wearing a hairstyle that has undulations is that you can wear your look much more and the important thing is that if you have long hair you can choose the side you like best to stand out.

That is why if you can to the side that favors you, you can take the opportunity to make so many waves in the water throughout your hair but that are subtle and highlight the lighting of your hair.

side wave hairstyles

Or you can apply a wave that is more marked where you will get more personality in your style since the wave will almost have the shape of a ringlets style with a greater movement in regards to your look.

Hairstyles with Waves with bob Hair

The good thing about bob hair is that it never goes out of style and is one of the most famous bob manes since it is still used by celebrities.

This type of hairstyle gives an aspect that rejuvenates any woman since it transmits freshness and youth.

Hairstyles with Waves

You can opt for two types of trends on the one hand where you mark the loops and curlers very well so that these waves appear and do not go unnoticed.

And on the other hand, you will find where you want the waves to simply be present to give movement to the hair but that is not conditioning of the style that you carry in your head.

Hairstyles with Waves and bangs

The bangs are very beautiful but above all, it is used a lot if you have a wide forehead or in the autumn and winter climates where you want to cover yourself a little more.

The fringes or bangs you use have to combine with wave styles that are soft but your hair will be very overloaded.

fringe wave hairstyles

So try to always look for natural hairstyles where it seems that these waves are their own and not made with a loop.

Hairstyles with Semicorone Waves

It is a hairstyle that is widely used especially at parties, business events or weddings.

Recommended using in the summer and spring as it is a look that is good to use loose but also semi collected.

Ideal if you have hair dyed with California wicks since you manage to have a beach-style wave hair where the holidays give you the freedom to use loose wavy hair.

Hairstyles with Waves

To perform this style that is a trend for night outings you have to take a lock of your hair from the top of your head and start braiding it, making a fishtail or herringbone braid.

As you do it you carry it back on your neck.

To fix it, it is best to use hairpins and remove the strands of the lower part of the braid trying to give it a rounded shape, as if it were a headband.

Hairstyles with Waves and smooth

Combining the two most used ways of hair is ideal if you want to set a trend or go to a party where the unexpected is expected.

There are people who like the wave in their wicks and others who like to wear straight hair but combine both very rarely you can see it if it is not natural.


That is why the idea is to surprise and look elegant since this way you show an elegant part of your look.

But at the same time that you are modern and transmit a self-assurance that very few women can do it.

hairstyles with smoothed waves

You have to make a line in the middle of the head and comb your hair smoothly to the height of the ears.

Once you did it you have to go from the ears to the part of the shoulders where you have to start from there to make the waves and as you get to the tips they have to be more accentuated.

In the tips, if you wish to give the final touch with a hair straightener you can iron only the tips and leave straightened.

With this you will get a combination of waves and straightening combining as you want to give naturalness to the hair.

Hairstyles with Waves with False bob

The fake bob is mainly used when you have long hair since you can use the bob mane that women like to wear short hair but for long hair.

In order to achieve this, you first have to make waves with the hair straightener, in a way that does not accentuate an intermediate point of ringlets and a soft wave.

hairstyles with fake bob waves

Then you have to comb it so that the waves stand out and the excess of hair you start to take it from the tips and put inwards, fixing with hooks, buckles and hairpins.

With this you will give a short hair effect and using wavy hair with a bob hairstyle.

Hairstyles with collected waves

The hairstyles collected have a great advantage especially for parties or events such as a wedding in spring or summer where the heat bothers too much.

Especially when dancing at the party that none of us loses it to have fun and have a good time.

But elegance should never be lost because of that if you are thinking of a look that fits you well with waves and collected hair, your choice has to be this type of hairstyle where the informal mixes with fashion and elegance.

It also serves for weddings that are made in the fall and winter but considering that the makeup you put on your face should be very well delineated and not recharge so much with strong colors but use pastel colors.

hairstyles with waves collected curly with stripe in the middle

The stripe hairstyle that I explain in this guide can serve you to start and then apply some hairpin that you want so that the strands are fixed and raise the hair, trimming its length in a natural way.

If you want instead of that you collected more natural what you have to do is use a stripe in the middle of your mane combing first for one side and then for the other and make a low bun with a bang to give the frame to the face.

Always giving priority to the waves and accentuating if you want them to be more marked or less depending on the naturalness you want it to look.

I hope you like this beautiful guide that I made for you about hairstyles with waves and that you can choose the best one for your look.

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75 Easy Nail Design Ideas with Flowers



Nail Design with flower

I am passionate about nails designs for their elegance and how beautiful they are if you know how to combine colors.

That is why with these beautiful days of spring and summer that more beautiful than carrying a flower on your fingers.

I am going to show you my best photos that I was collecting on nail designs with flowers that you can also have inside your decoration, butterflies, decorative stones such as appliques, stripes, dots, French, blurred among many other combinations.

I remember that the first time I used one of the flower nail designs was at my first spring party where nail art was not so fashionable at the time but all my friends liked that detail.

Then over time it became a trend and today it is so important that it is even a fashion accessory.

Nail designs Ideas

Nail Designs with Flowers Step by Step

How to make flowers on the nails?

It’s very simple but you have to have patience, perseverance and a lot of practice.

Then it will come out the easiest and fastest way I assure you.

I recommend you first apply these steps of ” how to paint your nails “

  1. Once you have the nail prepared as large as possible, you can use a fine brush to draw a center point
  2. Then you make large petals in the shape of large circles that start from the center one attached to the other
  3. You paint to fill each petal with the color of the enamel that you want the best is pink
  1. You can add green leaves with smaller circles
  2. To finish you can seal the enamel with hardener or transparent

With a layer of skin-colored nail polish for the background and some red and yellow roses with green leaves, you can see the incredible level of detail that this nail art achieve

nail art with flower

Easy Nail designs with flowers where you only have to combine the white for the bottom of the nail then for the leaves you can do it with black and red for the petals, it is a very oriental drawing in the combination

Easy Nail designs with flowers

French nail designs with white tips for that I recommend that you leave the size of each nail very long as well as make a flower in the best pink and outlined butterfly style with a brush as small as possible at its tip with light tones.

French nail designs

Nails design with white French and light blue lines are very beautiful. On the rest of the nail, you can apply a bright transparent enamel and then apply the flower pattern drawing in the same light blue or light blue color with white dots.

Nails design with white

Nail designs with large flowers and with many lines as you can see in the photo arm yourself of patience because the pulse for these drawings have to be perfect to make them look good.

Nail designs with large flowers

Purple and purple pretty flower nail design with a floral style in each hand only and the other bright smooth painted nails

Purple and purple pretty flower nail design

In this photo of nail arts you can see that the white enamel is combined in the background and then the leaves with black color, what makes the difference is in each finger a few petals of different orange, green, pink and light blue colors are made.

floral nail art

Designs of Nails with flowers for feet where we combine bright and golden appliques with a white flower and pink background. You can add to the nail designs with stones if you put a strass.

Designs of Nails with flowers for feet

Nail models that have different types of flowers on their edges combining the colors pink, violet, and clear with a transparent and bright enamel base to fix the design

Nail designs with flowers

Nail designs with dots and flowers where in each model you can see different shapes but always applying some point to make the flower that is implemented

Nail designs with dots and flowers

Nail figures with pastel colors and stone sconces with flowers in white or black

If you like to load your fingers with shades without a doubt this is the design I do not like much but you may like it if you like to apply glitters, stones and white flowers such as jasmine.

Nail designs glitters

Nail styles with pink enamel and white petal flowers with black dots. They are designs of flowers in acrylic nails

Nail styles with pink enamel and white petal flowers with black dots

Flowers with a cartoon and cartoon style with a combination of very beautiful enamel volumes that I recommend for teenagers on a spring day

Nail designs

Nail designs with acrylic flowers to have pastel pink colors and white dots at each end of the nail no matter what size it is

Nail designs with acrylic flowers

Long nails to take advantage of these glitters than half of the nail with striped flowers such as petals and white leaves with pink and a glitter applique

Nail design with flowers

Drawings for nails painted with bright red enamel and then the flowers are made in the lower half with a small, thin white enamel brush

Nail design with flowers

Only one nail designs then the other nails have French decoration with the white tip and the rest transparent

Nail design with flowers

As if it were a print this idea was made by a manicure that this design recommended for me when I want to look elegant for a party I recommend it if you do not want to wear your hands with a lot of colors

Nail design with flowers

Gel nails black and silver in half with flowers as prints decorated for your manicure with dots

Nail design with flowers

Nail designs decorated with elegant black and white flowers that are trending in this 2020

Nail design with flowers

Nail design with pink, red flowers that were used a lot in 2019 as a trend and now in 2020 they are the best clothing accessories if you like to use brushes

Nail design with flowers

Nail design with flowers on different fingers and smooth nails with violet color the latest trend of nail art used in Europe and the United States for birthday parties and social events

Nail design with flowers

Ideas to combine in your nails a design of flowers and points with great precision where it acts as a background applying a relief to have nail designs with 3D flowers

nail designs with 3D flowers

If you have long nails this design is ideal for you, it is not a simple nail design but if you do it with patience more bright stone sconces will be beautiful

long nail design with flowers

Golden nails designs with red and white petals with the black trunk is an excellent combination if your flower design is the one chosen for this day.

Golden nails with red and white petals

More nail designs with nail art styles with dots and on some fingers only the flower drawing you like is made

floral nail design

Another floral nail design where yellow is a bright spot and then with larger spots with white enamel a daisy forms

floral nail design

Floral designs for nails that look very nice when you have a finger size and long nail where we see flowers in different sizes

floral nails designs

Nail art designs with pink enamel and appliques to decorate forming the petals for this summer

nails designs

Nail Designs with Flowers

Images of nails designs, nail art style with pink petals that taught me a friendly manicure for being simple to decorate

Images of nails designs

If you want to play with your daughter to paint her nails I leave you these nail designs for very beautiful and explained girls.

Nail designs with flowers

Flowers or flowers as you want to say in this use of very beautiful enamels to highlight a nail with a different color background easy for floral designs

Nail designs with flowers

Nail designs with flowers decorated by applying the French on the thick white tip drawing a branch in the middle, this design can be applied on the feet is very good

Nail designs with flowers

Nail designs with white flowers and yellow center as if it were jasmine or a daisy but the black background polish makes it like the first layer

Nail designs with white flowers

Images of nails designs with acrylic flowers where they look very natural which you can also ask a pedicure to do on the feet with gel

Nail designs with flower

Yellow flowers nail design with beautiful white petals for any occasion

Nail designs with flower
Nail designs with flower
Nail designs with flower
Nail designs with flower

Nails designs with roses one of the best-known flowers in the world where tattoos of this flower are made

Nail designs with flower
Nail designs with flower

Nail designs for women of dots, stripes and flowers. Different techniques of nail arts in one hand

Nail designs with flower
Nail designs with flower
Nail designs with flower

Nails designs with flowers applying nails art for beginners where only certain fingers are painted

Nail designs with flower

Nail design with hearts and petals that are detached on each nail making a sequence if you look at the five fingers next to each other with a pink enamel painted background

Nail designs with flower

Youtube videos with nails to decorate and paint with flowers

A good way to learn other nail art designs with flowers so you can be like a manicure is in this video that shows you beautiful ideas to try to copy.

As I mentioned before, flowers always stand out for their variation in colors, in this case I will leave you to get ideas from Crown tattoos where you can perfectly complement your designed nails.

Nail aesthetics is something that has become more fashionable in recent years and you can not stop using it in your hands since you can be very elegant and feminine with this modern and detailed touch.

It can be acrylic, gel, with classic enamel or as you want but the important thing you feel comfortable when it comes to showing off your hands.

And if some of the molds and designs that I show you as an example to get ideas you like, start sharing with your friends on Pinterest and Instagram that you will surely be giving a good hand.

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350 Hairstyles Trends for Girls



Do you have a daughter and you want her hair to always be pretty? Do you have little time to do the hairstyle you want to take to school? Do not worry anymore because in this article you will find the best photos of hairstyles for girls that are so simple and easy that even your baby’s Dad will be able to do it.

I’m not exaggerating! It is time that men also learn to make the impeller or princess hairstyle that our girl likes so much and for that I was reading a lot to learn what is the latest trend of fashion hairstyles that is being used.

Of course, some designs and models can be a bit more complicated to do than others, I am realistic, I am not a hairdresser or coiffeur but the intention is to put a lot of desire to make it as beautiful as possible and define your hairstyle.

Remember that the first steps in your look and fashion are given by us as mothers but then they will have greater decision and choice to have hair as you like.

Sometimes following a fashion and sometimes choosing what best suits you depending on the type of hair you have.

You should keep in mind that each hairstyle is adapted depending on the type of length and thickness of the girl’s hair.

Hair LengthShort Hair – Medium Hair


I tell you an experience I had with one of my daughters who are already 3 years old and her impossible bangs.

She has straight and fine hair, so straight her hair looks like it is really enviable for any woman who has wavy hair but has some details that I will surely make when I get older.

On the one hand, tying your hair or making immersions is very difficult on the one hand because it is not always left, although with your preschool teacher you can let any type of hairstyle always ask you how you do those braids that fit so well.

On the other hand, I have the issue with his bangs that every three months I have to cut it with the scissors as even as I can since it reaches his eyes and covers them at times.

I am lucky that I have an aunt who is a hairdresser and works in a hairdresser doing the favor when she can cut her hair and she recommended me as a beauty tip for the hair that should always have the bangs 1 finger away for you to calculate above the eyebrows.

When I learned that, I understood the mistake I made of leaving the length of his straight bangs at eye level.

Another problem that we can have with the hairstyle of girls is that when they are 2 years old, there may be a tendency to eat their hair if it is very long, this has an explanation that can be due to anxiety when leaving the pacifier or by Different factors that each girl has.

This same thing happened to me and I asked my Pediatrician Doctor answering that it is completely normal it can happen and I almost made the mistake of cutting her hairstyle so that it does not reach the mouth, but thanks to the professional recommendation the short hair was not the solution but the expectation to pass that stage that my daughter was going through.

But let’s go to what really interests you, don’t you think?

Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair

Never get confused thinking that a girl has short hair so it is a limitation when doing a hairstyle, quite the opposite when having short hair you must be very precise when you want to make a hairstyle for your daughter, goddaughter, granddaughter or sister.

The important thing is to experiment with the hair and try what best suits the girl according to the shape of the face and the type of hair she has, getting after several tests an original, fun hairstyle that everyone will want to have at a party that you attend with your little one.

Of course, you have fewer options than with a long hair but that does not mean that you can not make braids, collected or any other type of hairstyle you want, only that you will have to take different care and learn to handle your hands when combing with that available length

I assure you that with these ideas you can comb the princess of the home in the best possible way and explore your creativity to the fullest.

The naive look can be achieved by making a braid that passes behind the head and holding with a hair hook a quick and simple way that will look elegant as if it were a children’s storybook.

The haircut for girls must accompany the hairstyle so it is important that fathers and mothers know clearly what kind of look they want their daughter to wear at a stage of her childhood since it will mark her personality a lot in the future.

The great advantage that small girls have to wear short hair is that they emphasize the facial features much more and highlight the face looking finer, elegant and neat.

Do not forget that the suspenders and brooches with a great ally of hairstyles in short hairs since they allow you to give it the shape you need by clearing the face and taking as you want the modern and childish look.

Also using waves in the hair is very nice if you have short hair and a classic children’s hairstyle for little ones who always want to look good.

Hairstyles for Girls with Medium Hair

Girls have to use medium hair since it is the ideal length that any coiffeur would recommend as well as any mother since the ease of combing is much more practical for both her and the girl.

Hairstyles for Girls

Think that at this age approximately between 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 years begin to play, play sports and hundreds of activities that are discovering but in turn can tangle the hair between so many issues they do daily.

That is why the average hair size is ideal since there is an unimaginable amount of hairstyles as you can also quickly create from different braids, curl it if necessary or straighten it among the many options you have to choose from.

Hairstyles for Girls with medium hair

Making always look in a beautiful, youthful but simple way so that she herself can have a clear face that is what matters until she begins to know her hair and how to adapt it according to each situation.

Whether it bothers you to play or to practice a sporting activity.

If your girl has waves in her hair, you can choose to wear her hair, I assure you that you will take away a worry of being fixing every time the hair that comes out of the ear or goes to the forehead.

hairstyle for girl

The collected hairstyles are highly recommended for medium hair since it can be picked up simply but in turn, the leftover hairs are not released as can happen if you take it too long or too short.

hairstyle for girl

Another advantage of wearing collected hair is that you can add appliques such as bows that girls like a lot and prevent their hair is loose with that prevents the spread of nits that can be spread by contact with other children but also that their hair Get stuck with some game of the square or park.

hairstyle for girl

You will have the combination that the little girl looks neat in her appearance but also that she wears a casual hairstyle that I assure you will then learn to do it quickly since it is very simple.

Then you have another option that I use a lot that is implementing the garters and the collected hairstyle so it is ideal if you do not get very well the braids that are often more complicated but also take longer to elaborate.

hairstyle for girl

Remember that a hairstyle with medium hair extension allows you to always look for and copy new ideas but also prevent the girl from getting her hair tangled, something very common in age.

Sometimes you have to think of simple hairstyles where only an accessory such as a headband and a good haircut where you can highlight your bangs and a good hairstyle that is classic which never goes out of style and is timeless to use whenever you want.

hairstyle for girl

The simplicity of the hairstyle is the quality of the beautiful and without a doubt that she would love to vary the accessory, the important thing is to look for something very colorful to enhance the color of her eyes.

hairstyle for girl

Something that is widely used in children’s hairstyles is Pin up hairstyles that are often thought to be only for large women.

On the contrary, you can do it if you have this type of style on your shoulders, where the bun is the center of attention by changing the colors and motifs of the scarf.

hairstyle for girl

If the hair is thin and not very thick then you can give it a little volume in addition to using the handkerchief to give it that 50’s touch.

hairstyle for girl

Your little princess will look very chic, fun, beautiful, elegant and adorable in a simple look.

Another of the hairstyles that I like very much for this type of mane length are those that you make a simple braid and join it to a ponytail since at first glance it seems very elaborate but to do it is simply that and then they join with a hook or clip.

hairstyle for girl

If you want to vary and want to make a crown, you have to make two braids and attach them to the ponytail

hairstyle for girl

Another option that can not be missing for this type of extension is a classic hairstyle of girls that you will always see looking sweet, tender, beautiful and with a lot of charm that are the simple two braids one on each side of the head that is unique and unrepeatable for this age.

hairstyle for girl

Think that when you grow up you will hardly see her with a hairstyle like this.

High tail with bow for girls

If you are looking for a hairstyle for your daughter quickly and easily you have to start with this one that you will have it ready in 3 minutes in addition to being a classic within the hairstyles that mothers do to their daughters.

  1. You have to make a ponytail by taking a hairband and picking up your girl’s hair
  2. You can also decorate with a bow of the color that she likes that can be pink or violet
  1. The same loop can be a strip of thick or narrow fabric with which the hairstyle look can vary.
girl hairstyle

Another way to do this type of hairstyle for little girls is to create that tie with the same hair but for that, it will have to be quite long and I recommend it when the girl is 10 years old and older to make this style elegant.

Hairstyle with pigtails for girls

This type of hairstyles is one of the favorites for older girls and I always advise you from the experience of having 2 daughters to do it when your girl has her hair wet so that it is easier for you to do the process.

Main tips are to have a lot of patience, practice and you will do it quickly as long as the girl has abundant hair that is why it is essential for older girls.

  1. You have to stand your hair
  2. Then you must place the tails one under the other
  3. Once you have done what you have to do is join all the tails into a single ponytail
girl hairstyles

The good thing about the pigtails that you can combine and put on everything you want since you have that freedom to add what you want.

I combine it a lot with braids and try to make fun of shapes that my girls like.

For example, the last time we went out with my children, we went to Disney on Ice and were amazed at that show, especially for the Little MermaidRapunzel’s hairdo and especially the Frozen sisters with both Anna and Elsa.

Which you imagine that every girl wants to be a princess and likes that mom does this type of hairstyles.

Here I leave you the best-frozen hairstyles

Another one that I recommend is the side pigtails but sincerely they require much more time they are not so quick to be done but they are very beautiful and worth it for a birthday.

hairstyle for girl

The main trick is to separate the hair from the upper ends of the ends and braid it at each step, but always very tense so that the hairstyle is not ruined.

Finally, you can leave it loose or collected but that greatly influences the length of the hair it has.

And if you want not to complicate much, you can leave those same side ponytails so that they fall naturally in front.

The secret is to pull the hair part of the braid gently so that it looks at a glance as wider.

hairstyle for girl

Elegant hairstyles for party or events for girls

The best option for birthday, communion or christening hairstyles is those that you can comb your little girl in a collected way which will give her an elegance in a simple way.

With a headband or an elastic band, it will be more than enough to put around your hair on the top for example.

And on the back of the headband if you put it you have to go putting each strand to give it the shape you want.

The bangs is something that I like very much as it is when for example you want to hide if you have a lot of forehead for a hairstyle for a party that you have to go with your daughter, granddaughter or niece.

hairstyle for girls

Braids for girls

Within the styles with braids for girls, there are many models to choose one that is elegant is the side braid and it is very beautiful the only important requirement is to have enough long hair to achieve that desired effect.

Another type of braid is that of a waterfall that although it is somewhat complicated to make the girls like it very much and can be implemented very well if you have patience and practice with your girl’s head.

The good thing is that long hair is not needed and can be done with medium or short hair.

In this tutorial I explain how to make a Braid in Waterfall but also I leave an image where you can see each step, I assure you that your little one will like it.

hairstyles for girls

The side braid is very important to make and implement since it can be combined with a pickup for girls easily and with the side ponytail.

Also the double braid takes a long time but it is very beautiful and is a hairstyle that the smaller ones ask a lot.

Something I always tell mothers that not only a hairstyle has to be perfect especially when you wear it to a party but it has to be in tonality with your dress, shoes and appliques.

Hairstyles for Girls with Garters

This is a hairstyle with crossed garters that are beautiful for any girl who wants to stand out and finally I will show you how to make the braid stuck.

These are fast hairstyles and that can be easy at home in children’s years, I recommend that the hair is wet and if you want you can apply a little gel or mouse.

  1. First, you have to make a division in the middle of the eyebrow and it has to reach a little behind the crown of the little girl with the rest of the hair then you will make a ponytail
  2. After taking the main strand of the section you have to make 4 divisions and the provisionally bound ones, the first, third and fourth sections should be 1 finger wide, the second 2 fingers wide.
  3. You have to use single-colored suspenders so that it is neat and according to the hairstyle then you have to make 6 divisions in the third strand and then the 6 equal divisions in the first strand
  4. The other strands that you already separated I recommend that you hold them provisionally with suspenders, try that the first division of both the first and third strands of both sides are even to achieve the desired effect.
  5. Now you have to comb the center by applying a little gel to moisten and fasten with a garter so that it is well attached to the head
  6. You take the first 2 divisions (of the 1 and 3 strand of hair) and cross them as if they were a letter X and then hold it in the third division of both sides
  7. You repeat the process by taking the second division from both sides and subject it to the fourth and so on.
  8. Once finished it is time to start with the next division where you have to take a small strand of hair to divide into three equal parts and start braiding below until the end of the ends.

With this, you will have finished this hairstyle to wear loose hair so beautiful and elaborate for girls but if you want hair collected with this same style you must follow the following steps:

  1. To have your hair collected with this style you have to make a ponytail by taking the four sections in the front, you join it in two parts and turn them a little and then attach it to the ponytail
  2. Now with the strand of the ponytail, you have to divide it into three parts to make a braid
  3. After you finish the braid you have to put it around the ponytail and you make a chongo holding with pins or buckles

In this case, I will not leave you a photo but the video explained step by step so that you learn it and you can do it at home.

If you are interested in knowing more, visit the exclusive article about hairstyles for girls with leagues where you will learn to do different hairstyles.

Picked up for girls

To make elaborate hairstyles you need time and more knowledge and not all mothers have it, you will surely understand me and more when you have more than one child.

That’s why the hairstyles collected in my opinion are the best since they are the easiest to do and that looks like a princess that is what she likes the most.

What I like about the side braid, for example, is that it can be picked up and rolled up the part of the ponytail on the back of the mane and the little dams will be like queens.

That is why braid and collection are so important because they combine quickly.

Remember that any hairstyle for a girl with an accessory of the character you like or an animal can be ideal to decorate quickly.

Donut picking is a hairstyle that I recommend for girls mainly if they go to an event.

hairstyle for girls

The good thing is that it attracts a lot of attention and is an idea to comb girls so they get used to staying still when mom combs them.

The French braid is a complicated process but you can try it if it has a lot of hair and it is long because it does not want to be cut like my daughter.

Girls with curly hair

If your daughter has curly hair, do not worry that there are also several options for making hairstyles.

An idea that I give you is to first make a cap or bangs that comb from one side that you like from the forehead and the rest of the mane a loose hairstyle.

hairstyle for girl

Always use a little fixative to be able to help you in small quantities since they are rebellious hairs.

I have friends who do not want to put a fixative because they say they are very small which I share then it is best to wash it with a rinse cream before that will give you the possibility to handle the hairstyle as you want and need to achieve the expected look.

The benefit of having this type of hair is that any hairstyle stands out for the others that are most often seen.

Comb it carefully because the comb usually snaps into the hair and may hurt the little girl and not want to do the hairstyle.

The best to my liking of all the looks that exist for this type of hair is the root braid which can also be used if you have Chinese hair since you can mold and add children’s accessories that girls like so much.

hairstyle for girl

Minnie Mouse hairstyle

Minnie’s bun is undoubtedly one of the most famous buns in the female audience and makes this type of simulated hairstyle that tie will look amazing and very original.

Girls really like this character that is always next to Mickey Mouse so I will explain how to make it so your girl can wear this beautiful and youthful hairstyle.

  1. You have to make a high ponytail with your hair
  2. Next, you have to create an impeller where the hair ends are free
  3. The next step is to divide the impeller into two and you can fix it with the tips of your hair
  4. For that, you have to pass each strand through the previous division that you had to make
  5. With a fork, you have to help yourself so that the tips are held and you can keep that loop in the place you did it

In case you have any doubts, I will leave you a tutorial that shows you all the steps and each tip for this girl’s hairstyle in the best mini style

As in all hairstyles for girls, there is a variation that you can do if you wish by adding a French braid in regards to the neck.

I advise you to do this if you have time because it is somewhat more complicated.

My girls love it when I do this hairstyle because they can show it to their friends and all the mothers are going to ask you to tell them how to do it.

Hairstyle with Minnie Mouse style bun where each hair is tight and the impeller represents a giant bun


Accessories for girl hairstyles

In girls’ hairstyles, the accessory is always essential because it gives you the touch and theme that you want to give that surely you will not do as an adult.

It all depends a lot on the different haircuts that you use to complement with an accessory that you like.

You can always add a lot of colors and convey fun as every girl likes when she is little.

hairstyle for girl

Hairbands have a great advantage that their colors can match the dress you are wearing and make a bow, a flower or just a bow that will always look good when you look in the mirror.

hairstyle for girl

Adding a bun to any children’s hairstyle will always be perfect and is highly recommended within the fashion tips for girls.

hairstyle for girl

The headbands are another element that can not be missing especially because it serves for long and short hair.

hairstyle for girl

Flowers like roses of different colors are very beautiful appliques.

hairstyle for girls

As also the elastic bands but so that it is not always so boring use interleaved colors.

Step by step I will explain the easiest hairstyles that will be beautiful for your girl

To go to school, it is always advisable to use hairstyles with braids or impeller if you have long hair since with that it will be much neater in school as we also prevent it from spreading the pediculosis so that it is not scratching so long and those lice are out of your daughter’s head.

The good thing about hairstyles is that by doing it every day we are taking practice and when I say that even a father can learn and do it I do not lie since my husband after several times doing crafts with the hair gummies and my daughter’s head learned from making braids to putting tapes that are so beautiful.

In my case, I have two daughters, one with straight hair and one with more wavy hair which changes the type of hairstyle but when it comes to tying the hair it is easier to use this type of techniques so that they go more evenly when they have to leave on the street.

On the other hand, when he has birthdays or parties, what I do are braids with Chinese or I also find it very easy to let his hair loose with some applique.

I always recommend you to take the hair by strands separating the head with a comb from two or three parts or with the hand depending on the practice you have and if you let your little girl do the hairstyle.

The headband is a good applique that does not have to be missing since it is a style the headband where you can throw all the hair back and leave it much neater.

Do not forget that you can play with the side or waterfall braids depending on the ease you have.

In communion, it is an event that uses wavy hair a lot and with flower appliques or bows that give it that delicacy on your daughter’s head.

Something that does not fail is the side knotted pigtails that if you have long hair I advise you because it is as simple as taking the ends of the hair and intertwining as ties.

The princess style never fails, so I recommend you to copy some of the Disney Princess characters that you like so much when you are in preschool and primary school age.

If your little girl has waves in her hair, it is best to always make two pigtails by separating the hair from the middle of the head combing for one side and for the other and then tying in a very easy way.

The low queue with a knot can always save you when you have little time and if you are a mother with children who already go to school you will surely understand that you want to do everything as quickly as possible.

But enough of such an explanation as I always say it is best to see each hairstyle trend and example with these photos that will surely offer you the solution so that your adorable princess looks as beautiful as possible.

Step by step how to make braids collected easily on the neck and look beautiful all-day


Hairstyles for easy girls with braids in 8 steps for parties


Infant princess hairstyle with impeller above the head and a braid that surrounds it, feeling tight.


Braid headband with flange behind the head is elegant and you do it in a short time


For long hair, you can use this type of braids with a different and different combination of the side with a drop on the shoulder


Explanation of all the easy steps you have to do for kidney braids, waterfall, spike and fish braid


Elaborate but simple hairstyle with a runner above the head and a small braid bordering that recommended birthday pick-up


Here from another perspective with an impeller on the neck and thick braids surround it


To use loose hair but the cross braid works as a headband that can often help to leave hair more static


My favorite female feminine look is the hairstyle for a girl with a braid heart that all girls like with a back applique to grab the two wicks


Another different example where we have the heart delimited by the sane scalp and a braid around the whole head as if it were a queen’s crown


10 easy steps for hairstyles for women and girls where you need a silver ribbon if you want and pick your hair


3 braids in amazing hearts and very original to link between them


Imperial crown braid style with horsetail hairstyle alongside for special events and weddings


How to make French horsetail for girls in 4 steps


Small braid cascading around the head with a bow and flower applique


Fish or herringbone braid for girls and women ideal for everyday and casual dress


Hairstyles for teens with cascading braids and loose hair for a wedding


Easy and fast for super straight where the appliques and suspenders can leave hair as cute as this


Loops with a headband braid with different white and one pink hair buckles


Triple wick to make the spike shape I like this style but it takes a lot of hair

Dutch braid

10 steps to comb with impeller and use bound hair as in the picture


Step by step how to comb your hair with the cascade braid for your daughter or just for you


Another example in 5 steps for this hairstyle that simple waterfall teenagers like


Heart of ties made with two wicks of your hair at the beginning and then add two more for straight hair


Hairstyle for communion, baptism and marriage for the little ones with white star appliques


Horsetail with side braids


Girl with her head and mane collected with curlers without bangs and headband with white flowers


Long hair with braid headband with bangs an elegant hairstyle for girls who like to wear a ponytail and collected


With colored hair gummies and then all the remaining hair is tied


Hairstyles for girls with braid and bun very beautiful and delicate


Hairstyle for a very glamorous girl that reminds me of the 60s


Hairstyles for teenage and small girls widely used in this summer

Hairstyle for Girls

Step by step this Hairstyle for Girls to learn how to make a spike with different hair wicks

Hairstyle for Girls

Linked to horsetail that I still did not discover well how it is done

children's hairstyles

Video to Learn how to do Hairstyles for Girls Step by Step

Did you like these hairstyles for your daughter, niece, granddaughter? I hope you can take advantage of all these ideas so that it is as cute as possible is a little girl and that you also learn some of the hairstyles to make yourself in your head.

It really helped me a lot since I don’t have the time or the money to go to a hairdresser constantly and it seemed like a good idea so that when you look in the mirror you can enjoy something so wonderful that it’s nice to see you and more when our little one It is.

Dear reader, I hope you like this article a lot and I want to see the mother and the daughter sitting in front of the monitor to choose the photo of the model that best represents that hairstyle that you want so much.

Remember to give me your help to share on Facebook or send a tweet so that other mothers can make their daughters more beautiful.

If you have WhatsApp group from your Preschool or from the Primary school you can send the link so you have more ideas.

You may also be interested in this type of hairstyles for women

Easy and Beautiful Hairstyles

Hairstyles for Short Hair

Hairstyles for Simple and Beautiful Parties

Hairstyles for 2 year old girls

How to make a nice and easy hairstyle for girl?

Waking up early in the morning to go to school is a terrible thing when you have to prepare your daughter doing a hairstyle that lasts all day.

That is why if you have female daughters I will teach you new ideas to be able to comb quickly and easily in which any father or mother can do it when they have little time.

Mainly these hairstyles are based on long hairs for girls.

Twisted Braids with Two Pigtails

Hair of Princess Aurora from the Maleficent Movie

A bow on the Side of a High Chongo

Hairstyle Inspired by Princess Anna of Frozen

Heart-shaped braids with half-ponytail

How to make a simple hairstyle for school?

The first thing I recommend is to visit this article with more than 70 hairstyles for school

where you can find the solution to what type of haircut and hairstyle your girl needs according to your needs since they are simple and can be done quickly for the most part.

But I am also going to leave you a hairstyle that always gave me a good result when I had to wake up early in the morning and my daughter did not want to change to go to school which was late to deliver it to the institution.

The classic tail hairstyle is the great savior of any mother or father who has little time and the steps to perform are simple:

  1. As it is to go to school or kindergarten it is best to be an orderly ponytail so you must first brush your hair to remove any knot that has
  2. You should observe that it is well straightened, it helps a lot if it has straight hair, if instead, it has wavy you can wet it a bit.
  3. You have to put all your hair back at the back of the neck choosing the height of the ponytail that can be tall, medium or short
  4. Comb again to remove knots, if you do not have the comb at hand then you can do it with your fingers
  5. Take a rubber band or elastic and tie with a double knot

If you want it to be more beautiful you can add some decorative hooks or appliques with flowers or butterflies to that same elastic band.

Frequent questions

What are the hairstyles for girls that are fashionable?

Hairstyles for girls that are in fashion are hairstyles with pigtails, braids and hairstyles collected, especially to take to school that makes them look neat and elegant. What are the recommended hairstyles for girls who go to school?

All the hairstyles collected are ideal to wear to school, you can also wear braids since this way you avoid wearing loose hair and infecting lice. What are the party hairstyles for girls that are fashionable?

Strands with braids combined with runners are a trend for small girls and also the appliques of ribbons, bows and bows with hair collected are something that is widely used at birthdays. Favorite hairstyles inspired by Disney princesses?

The hairstyles preferred by the girls of the Disney princesses are that of Anna and Elsa from Frozen with braids, that of Princess Aurora with the Tiara, the bow and the ponytail of Bella and the classic Snow White bun.

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190 Haircuts that are Hair Trend 2020 for all Women in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter



best haircut for women

Do you want to know what haircut will be fashionable this year 2020?

Then you came the most important mega article you can find about haircuts to be able to decide what kind of look you want to wear this new year where you can opt for a new change in your style but I will also give you examples with photos and videos of how to achieve it.

Something that you have to keep in mind that many women do not consider it, is to keep in mind what type of face you have, mainly the form since depending on it it is what is going to impose a style on another that will fit you better.

For example, it is not the same to have round face features that favor long hair to an elongated face that fits a long fringe that is paraded.

On the other hand, if you had an oval face, the wavy long bob haircut is ideal compared to a square-shaped face that always suits you to wear bangs to trim the length of your features.

This is one of the reasons you have to first be guided by the type of face you have and then choose what would be your best haircut depending on your face.

2020 Haircuts

  • 1. Short Haircuts
  • 2. Long haircuts
  • 3. Layered haircuts
  • 4. Modern haircuts
  • 5. Bob Look
  • 6. Fringe haircuts
  • 7. Shoulder haircuts
  • 8. Haircuts, graphitized and degraded

Short Haircuts 2020 – 2021

According to trends, it remains in the top ten of the most sought-after haircuts and that is why hairdressers began to create looking for more style and derivatives to these lifelong cuts.

Following a trend that is modern but at the same time comfortable for every woman since in addition to being very comfortable when combing how to wash your hair is ideal if you need to give a change or you want to look more youthful since it always makes you younger Shorter hair

I always recommend if you are going to cut it in the autumn and winter weather season since the hair can grow stronger and gives you time to get used to not having hair on your shoulders.

Then in the summer, you can feel fresher since it will not bother your hair to run or just go to the beach.

The fringe or bangs is a great ally for short hair that is why more and more looks are made with this size of hair as well as the colors that are combined.

One of the highlights this season is the long bangs with short hair and does not influence if you have brown or blond hair is one of the advantages that if you are brunette or blonde is just as good and especially to show off in the spring.

It is a haircut that instantly rejuvenates you when you cut it, although it takes a while to get used to it at the beginning, as it also has greater maintenance of going to the beauty salon more often since to keep the shape and length of the hair You have to cut monthly.

2020 short curly haircuts for women

2020 short curly haircuts for women

short layered haircut

short layered haircut

short blond hair cut

short blond hair cut

short blond hair cut

2020 weathered short haircuts

2020 weathered short haircuts

2020 short haircuts scaling

2020 short haircuts scaling

Unstructured fall-winter short haircuts

fall-winter short haircuts

short haircuts winter fall unstructured brown

short haircuts winter fall unstructured brown

Shortfall haircuts – unstructured blond winter

Shortfall haircuts - unstructured blond winter

Short Pixie Bangs Haircuts

Short Pixie Bangs Haircuts

short hair with wet effect

Another of the cuts in short hair that are used are the shaved cuts, but not in their entirety but in different types of parts of the head that can be at the sides generally both on both sides and only on one.

These are the best short haircuts for women:


pixie haircut


short hairstyles


punk haircut

Curly hair

curly hair

Short Wavy

Short Wavy haircut


Unstructured haircut



Formal style

Formal style haircut

Bob style

bob style haircut

Straight cut or scaled

Straight haircut or scaled


emo haircuts

Short haircuts for older women

Short haircuts for older women

If you like the idea of ​​this trend of shaving on the sides and longer hair on the top I advise you to look at the photo gallery of this article where I show the styles of shaved short haircuts.

Also if you are interested in having this style in this season I recommend that you look at this photo gallery of hairstyles for short hair where you will find from the best cuts to the styles that the famous ones use.

Long Hair Cuts 2020 – 2021

Wearing long hair is common in women but there are different types of styles that cease to be common and daily to wear a special look depending on the haircut you do.

That is why I am going to mention the cuts to wear long hair that are fashionable and that are used in this season highlighting which is flattering for each person depending on the type of face that each girl has.

Layered hair is the one that currently prevails in beauty salons, especially when the color is changed in different shades of hair dye, highlighting with highlights and highlights that are very good to give light to the entire mane.

For this, I recommend that you look at the photo gallery and recommendations that can be used to get new ideas of the hair color you want to use but keep in mind the type of skin pigmentation that you have mainly on your face.

Californian Wicks

California wicks
California wicks

Learn step by step how to make California wicks in your home.

Balayage Wicks

Balayage Wicks
Balayage Wicks

Learn how to make balayage wicks fast and easy.

Platinum Wicks

Platinum Wicks
Platinum Wicks haircut

In this article of platinum wicks, you will find the steps to perform them in your hair.

Returning to the types of haircuts that you can use if you use long hair is a mane with bangs, where the fringe cut is still a tendency for its variety in all types of face shapes.

Something that I like very much is to wear the side bangs that for my elongated face are very good especially in the hairstyle that you comb with a straight upper line and leave an eye exposed and another covered by the bangs.

Always wearing long layered hair and split ends is very beautiful and I recommend it.

long layered hair

If you are looking for haircuts for women who want to use fringe, I definitely recommend that you look at these items of hairstyles with bangs and short bangs style, a trend that continues to be stronger every year.

short hair medium layer

Haircuts for ladies who want to look elegant for a celebration are always recommended to be collected as I explain in the theme of party hairstyles that can be combined with different styles of braids, of which if you are interested in learning how they are made I recommend that you see the hairstyles with braids that I explain each one with photos and videos and it can serve you for your long hair.

You have to consider that weathered hair will always be the best option to choose if you have long hair especially in the different hairstyles that are based on the asymmetries of the cuts for women.

Do not forget that the line marked in the middle when you comb your hair regardless of whether you have it straight, curly or wavy is something you should always consider to be able to wear it without problem when combing.

If you do not intend to cut your hair short then a good recommendation is to cut your hair in autumn or winter, which are the dates where it is generally recommended to cold make the adjustments and changes in your hair.

I leave this photo gallery with hairstyles and long haircuts that can give you new ideas.

I also leave you if you are interested in haircuts for the round face where you prepare the different options and types of cuts and hairstyles that are best for you.

Layered haircuts 2020 – 2021

Layered haircut is still a trend since it has a great advantage especially for different types of looks and celebrities still use it which never ceases to be fashionable.

The good thing about this haircut is that it provides volume if you have fine hair and that it adapts to different types of hair because of having a stepped cut for that reason you can use different types of hair lengths.

You can go from long hair, medium hair as well as in short hair although it has fewer hairstyles to create and combine.

Layered straight hair photo gallery

Layered straight hair
straight layered haircut

Photo gallery of hair with layered waves

wavy layered haircut
haircut 2020

Layered short hair photo gallery

Layered short hair 2020
haircut 2020

Modern haircuts (fashionable haircuts)

Within the range of styles, cuts and hairstyles that are in fashion this year and the next, the most chosen are:

The asymmetrical cut because it offers a young, radiant and very fresh look to give a great change for any girl who is encouraged and wants something less structured.

Asymmetrical cut in long hair

Asymmetrical haircut

Asymmetric cut in short hair

Asymmetric cut in short hair

Asymmetric cut in with curlers or loops

Asymmetric cut in with curlers or loops

Hairstyles and cuts of classic style have the advantage of always remaining in force regardless of the years in which you are spending your life and can be used for both formal and informal situations.

Wearing an outfit fashion look can be ideal for everyday life so the classic cut is wonderful for its endless combinations.

Long hair with waves

This type of wavy haircut is very fashionable today.

Long hair with waves

Long hair with bangs

Long hair with bangs

Long hair without bangs

Long hair without bangs

Another of the hairstyles and cuts of the moment are those of boho-chic style which is widely used in young women who are inspired mainly by the hippie trend but especially in the modern bohemian of today.

It is characterized by being a natural hairstyle and the haircut is adapted for this directly so that soft waves are formed and that its volume is decontracted so it is widely used for being so diverse especially for braids that do not stop being used In women’s hairstyles.

Boho Chic without Parade for long hair

Boho Chic without Parade for long hair

Long Boho Chic hair with whole braids

Long Boho Chic hair with whole braids

Long layered Boho Chic hair with braids

Long layered Boho Chic hair with braids

Long Boho Chic hair with bangs or fringe

Long Boho Chic hair with bangs or fringe

Long Boho Chic Hair without bangs

Long Boho Chic Hair without bangs

The pixie style is a change of concept since it is ideal for those who have an accentuated personality and are encouraged to abrupt changes especially for women who go from long hair to short hair.

Since they begin to have both the neck and the face completely uncovered, so at first it can cost to use but then it will be the ideal cut since the neck and sides of the head should be worn with very short hair.

What characterizes this pixie haircut is to wear both the pins and the bangs on the face and the neck as well as the shaved or short sides of the head.

There is a great diversity in regards to the length of the bangs and it is what modifies the type of haircut by diversifying the pixie cut.

Short Pixie Hair in Wavy Hair

Short Pixie Hair in Wavy haircuts

Asymmetric and long bangs for short pixie hair

Asymmetric and long bangs for short pixie hair

Short pixie hair with bangs

Short pixie hair with bangs

Short pixie hair without bangs

Short pixie hair without bangs

Look Bob 2020 – 2021

This cut is a classic that every woman uses at some time in her life and if you did not do it I recommend you take it into account looking at all these bob haircuts

Other cuts to stand out within this style that set the trend are:

Short Hair Bob Cut in Long Layers

Short Hair Bob Cut in Long Layers

Asymmetric Mane with Long Side Bangs

Long Side Bangs haircuts

Bob Short Hair

Bob Short Hair

Bob Cut with Short Hair with Curls

Bob Cut with Short Hair with Curls

Bob Cut with short mane without bangs

Bob Cut with short mane without bangs

Short Bob Cut Hair with Bangs

Short Bob Cut Hair with Bangs

Fringed haircuts

The fringed haircut is very popular especially if you want to see yourself younger which is a good way to take years off.

Like any change of look, I recommend applying it in the winter and autumn since you give more strength to your hair but this is still a good way to give freshness to your hair in the summer or spring where flowers and clothes bloom more colorful

Fringed haircuts

I recommend you see this photo gallery with hairstyles with bangs and also hairstyles with short bangs that is the latest trend this year.

Shoulder haircuts 2020 – 2021

Using the mane on the shoulder is a haircut that a woman should always choose to make a more renewed style change which never goes out of style and I assure you that you will feel much more comfortable when combing your hair.

It is a great benefit also if you suffer from heat in the summer or spring that are hotter climates, as are also cuts that are characterized by being more elegant as it also gives you a more stylized face frame.


That is why many professionals use it to give a professional image or with a greater personality.

This type of haircut can be worn with a degraded ombre color that will benefit you depending on the type of dye color you choose.

Something that you have to take into account is not for any type of face since for girls who have an elongated face it does not fit well that is why it is recommended that this haircut be made by the shoulders for women who have oval or round face.

For something, there are stylists, so take and download the image that you like the most and ask it later if you print it if the bob-style cut you like fits.

Haircuts graphitized and degraded 2020 – 2021

The good thing about the degraded cut is that it can be used in different types of hair lengths but in turn different layers of length cuts that subtly benefit the style.

It can be applied both on the ends of your hair only as well as on the entire hair to give it volume and movement naturally without being so aware of combing it.


It is a cut that is mainly made with scissors but that the effect is achieved with a razor.

If you liked to know all these types of haircuts 2020 and 2021 I invite you to share on WhatsApp with your friends as well as share on your Facebook wall, surely you will be helping someone to make a change of look in their life.

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