Kylie Jenner reveals the secret of her weight loss, one year after giving birth

The star of  The Incredible Kardashian Family gave birth to their first child with  Travis Scott, a baby girl named  Stormi Webster, in February 2018. Kylie, 21, said she had gained 20 pounds during her pregnancy. Three months after she gave birth, she said on Snapchat that she would like to lose 10 kilos. Kylie, who also said she did not like playing sports, seems happier with her body nowadays. In a video posted on Instagram on Tuesday, she wrote, “I’m proud of my little belly.”

When asked during a live session on Instagram how she found her flat stomach, Kylie said, “Frankly, for me, it’s all about diet.”

“I’m skinny by nature … like [my sister]  Kendall Jenner, not exactly like Kendall, she has the body of a dummy, by nature,” Kylie explained. “Yes, I always had a flat stomach, but I had not found my body before Stormi until now, I think it was my diet that helped me. I do not care what I want, pizza, pasta, a lot of dairy products, so I’ve eliminated all that, I eat better and I think that’s what worked for me. “

“And after giving birth, I think the body needs as much time to recover as it takes to create the child,” she said. “I heard that from a bunch of people, it takes a whole year … That’s right, that’s right, but here I am again myself.”

Kylie also talked about her diet during her pregnancy.

Kylie Jenner


“I ate a lot of frozen waffles … and if you know me, you know I’ve always hated it,” she said. “But when I was pregnant, it tempted me, I ate three a day, I swallowed a ton of food … so much, so much food, I was waiting for a girl. girl, we want to eat sweeter than salty.It was true for me.A lot of donuts, lots of sweets.Nothing weird or crazy, but lots of sweet stuff, ice, everything that made me want . “

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