How to trim your beard like a pro?

No beard grows perfectly. And there are no special rules on how to carve it. In the same way that you treat your hair to have a flattering style (rather than letting it grow with impunity), you must maintain the hair on your face. Three things to know: where to refresh the outline of your beard, how to maintain the perfect length and how to be quite inventive to get the style that suits you. It is also important to find out what is best for you. What works on your amigo is not necessarily what suits you because you are dealing with different variables. Do not worry, we’ll talk about all this.

Start by looking wide, then go back. Once you’ve got a beard trimmer, which is always essential, you need to know the key principles of maintaining that beard. These tips will help you to trust yourself in terms of cutting. We can not undo a style too short. Start with a longer cut. You will need one or two before you become familiar with the most flattering length for you. It will be much easier not to miss you if you cut gradually until you reach the ideal point.

Keep it well trimmed, even when pushing. Of course, it seems odd that you are told to cut your hair while they grow, but there is a good reason for that: first, as the shoot grows, the ends fray and become rough then, cutting them off helps to better keep your starting style.

Pay attention to the borders. 
You need to know where to draw the boundaries of your beard, which often comes down to your preferences and style. Anyway, for that you can use the mower on its lowest setting. It’s the most precise shave you’ll get without damaging the skin’s surface, which may be one of the reasons why you do not shave in the first place. Of course, you can also do it with a blade, but detailing the perimeter is easier with a razor because it allows greater accuracy.

The main areas of concern are the neckline and the cheek line.

Trimming the neck of the beard: There is a universal rule for the cut of the neck of the beard, whatever the style. You have to draw a “U” behind each ear, behind the jawbone and up to a point on your neck. This point can be imagined by gathering your index finger and your middle finger, then placing them above your Adam’s apple. The dot should come about an inch and a half above the button of your shirt, where is the base of the “U” (the beard area in your neck). Shave or cut everything below and outside the “U”. It’s your beard cleavage, no matter your beard. (The guys who have long, rough beards can ignore it because their necks are totally masked by their pride and joy.)

Cut the cheeks: Again, it’s a matter of preference, and it will change depending on where the natural lines of your cheeks stop, as well as the density of your beard. If you are on the side of the most sparse, you just move away stray hairs and kiss your natural lines. If you are particularly bushy and, therefore, blessed, then invest in a tool like The Cut Buddy to help you learn the basics.

Beard Styles to Try: Whether you’re the type of guy who can grow a bushy beard in a single week or the one who’s struggling to get your mustache to meet your chin hair, there’s a way to make every situation something good. We talk about beard style: it’s about giving your beard an optimal appearance. Here are some celebrity-inspired examples for you.

Dev Patel

Dev Patel
                              © Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

Dev has a full mustache, but he can not grow his hair directly on either side of his narrow goatee. It’s really unique, almost like a beard version of Van Dyke’s mustache. Assuming you can grow yours a little thicker in the middle of the chin, just try to cut evenly under the lips and graduate to the ears. You do not need to connect the mustache to the hairs of the cheeks. In fact, it might be even better not to do it.

Hugh Jackman Alt 3
                              © Dave M. Benett / WireImage

Hugh is rather creative. Sometimes he is Wolverine, sometimes he has a goatee, and sometimes he even lets everything grow to become a beautiful shrub. Our favorite version is the one where the space above his chin is less dense in terms of hair than the rest. Do you see how rare it is compared to all the rest of his face? Or maybe it’s intentional, and it cuts shorter at this place. For you, it could be!

Lebron James Alt 2
                              © John Lamparski / WireImage

It is not surprising that Lebron is better in beards than others. Look how he is stylish. He does exactly what we recommend: he shaves the parties, like a true opportunist of the beard. A classic look: the mustache is disconnected from the beard, there are some hairs under the lip, the whole looks a bit like an adult chin rest. With this style, it looks more elegant because it maintains very well, as for hedges.

Zac Efron Alt 1
                                © Fotonoticias / WireImage

Zac already has a lot of things for him, so it’s not a tragedy that he can not let his beard grow. At least he can show what he can grow. If you have a full beard and want to imitate its look, just disconnect your mustache from your beard. You can also disconnect the chin from below the lower lip if you feel like it; between Efron, James and Zayn Malik, we feel a return of the fly (the small tuft of hair located below the lower lip and above the chin).

Finally, note that the shape of your face should always influence your beard style. The shape of your face – its roundness, its perpendicularity, its length and its angles – plays a big role in the choice of the beard styles that flatter you the most. For example, a long, narrow face will not have a long thin beard. You want to round up your face with a wider and wider beard, embracing the laws of geometry to optimize your grooming game.

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