Mother’s Day: These are the flowers that you can give to your mother, according to her sign

Maybe they are not gold or silver jewelry, but you can give other gifts. Today we are going to tell you which are the flowers that you can give to your mother, according to her zodiac sign.

“A rose fell from the sky, my mom picked it up. She put it on his hair and how nice it was “, this was the typical poem that we recited to our mothers in his day.

However, we grew up and a letter or a poem is no longer enough for a gift . Now we feel the need to give something material to our moms. Maybe they are not gold or silver jewelry, but you can give them some chocolates or some flowers.

Surely now you are saying, “I do not know which one you like”, well if that is your problem, we will help you. Today we are going to tell you which are the flowers that you can give to your mother, according to her zodiac sign.

1. Red roses for Aries

If your mom’s birthday is between March 20 and April 19, then she is Aries. I recommend that you give her some red roses for Mother’s Day.

These flowers manage to capture the passionate and hardened spirit that the women of Aries have. The roses will make your mom be with a smile from ear to ear all day.

2. Tulips for Taurus

If your mother is Taurus then you are lucky, because they are usually very reliable. Mothers born under this sign usually have a lot of patience and are very practical. As a token of your appreciation, you have to give some tulips, these flowers represent their beauty.

3. Hydrangeas for Gemini

The women of Gemini are very sociable, protective and loving, even you have admired all these years how sweet it is with you and how willing you are always to help others.

If what you want is to surprise her and thank her for the incredible mom that is with you, then give her some hydrangeas, with this, you will compliment her femininity and her sweetness.

4. Daisies for Cancer

Those women who were born under the sign of Cancer are understandable, are always willing to listen to others and are excellent counselors. Daisies are the perfect flowers to highlight your maternal side.

5. Daffodils for Leo

Do you want your mom to have a smile all day? Then you should give him some daffodils. If what you want is to highlight your personality, positivism and passion, then give it a yellow color.

6. Sunflowers for Virgo

One of the flowers that represent positivity and transparency are sunflowers, so this could be the best gift.

By giving her some sunflowers they highlight her joy, love and sincerity . Virgo women love sunflowers.

7. Lilies for Libra

These flowers represent tranquility and purity. The lilies are the best gift for your mom and will make her remember you every time she sees them.

8. Peonies for Scorpio

Does your mom put a lot of passion for everything she does? Then you must give him some peonies. These flowers represent her delicate beauty, audacity and how passionate she is.

9. Carnation for Sagittarius

The women of Sagittarius love adventure, as well as being emotionally strong. If your mother was born under this sign, give her a carnation for every incredible story she told you.

10. Violets for Capricorn

If your mom is Capricorn, she will most likely be a classic woman, if you give her some violets, she will love them, because, in these flowers, quality is better than quantity.

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11. Dahlia for Aquarius

Aquarian moms are unique, so if you give her some dahlias, she will love you and will always thank you.

12. Orchid for Pisces

Pisces are very simple and relaxed, so your mom will only want you to remember the important dates. The orchid will be the perfect flower for her because they represent the sweetness and the classic that it is.

Do not forget to put a card to the flowers and write everything you feel for your mom.

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