Burn a Bay Leaf in the House Every Day and Get These Benefits

Bay Leaves is not only used in Indian kitchens to increase the taste of food, but this medicine has many Ayurvedic benefits. As you hardly know, bay leaf is known to relieve stress, its smoke relieves tension.

If you smoke bay leaves in the room before going to bed at night, respiratory and skin related diseases will go away as your tension goes away. Burning bay leaves will give you many more benefits. But you have to know how to smoke it. The bay leaf smoke acts as an aroma in the house. Which has many advantages.

What is special in bay leaf?

What is special in the bay leaves?

It is an herb that was well studied by a Russian scientist and found that it can relieve our stress. Since then, the bay leaf has been used for aromatherapy. Along with this, it is also known to cure skin diseases and respiratory problems. It relieves tension

 How to use bay leaves

How to use

For this, you should first take a fresh and dry bay leaf. Put it in a bowl and burn it outside the house. Later bring it indoors and keep it for 15 minutes. The smell of bay leaves will spread throughout the room. With this you will feel relax and refreshing. Tejpatta has been known to cure diseases since ancient times.

bay leaves benefits

Room works as a freshener

People bring different types of room fresheners to keep their room or house fragrant. Expensive perfumes are also sprinkled, but bay leaves can also do all these. The surrounding bacteria also die from it.

bay leaves benefits

Relieves fatigue

Burning the bay leaves relieves a person’s fatigue, keeps the mind calm, relaxes the nerves of the mind, and not only that, when its smoke enters us through the breath, it makes our immune system stronger.

bay leaves benefits

To remove epilepsy

Bay leaves are anti-inflammatory. Epilepsy patients should live amidst their smoke. It is said that it has the ability to eliminate epilepsy.

bay leaves

For skin

Also good for our skin, this oil contains minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. This oil is very important for our skin, by applying it, the skin becomes soft, clean and disinfected.

bay leaves

Cockroaches shove away

It can also be used to drive away cockroaches. If you are troubled by cockroaches, then burn the bay leaves in a room or kitchen. It is chemical-free rather than other hits.

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