5 things that women do not dare to ask in bed

Like men, they have their hidden desires but because of shame or lack of confidence, they can not manifest it openly.

They may spend a lot of time in a relationship and there is ample confidence, however, something that both sexes should not doubt is that sexual fantasies are very difficult to communicate with their partners.

In the case of them, the suspicion of what they will think or the fear of appearing to be an insatiable person in sex causes them to silence some practices that they would like to try and with which they even think or dream for the time to masturbate.

Well, we present a list of seven wishes for you to have the initiative and surprised in the erotic and placenta way you can think of.

1) Treat her like an unknown sexy woman

The aim of this is to avoid sexual monotony and for this nothing better than to remind him how sexy he is, how much you like his body, and so on.

Give her a sexy set or an erotic costume so that she feels that you want her and that you want to be with her just like the first day. This way, you will feel very safe in bed with you and will dare to fulfill some of your fantasies as, for example, delight with an erotic dance or make a sensual striptease that will leave you speechless. Be clear that the desired woman is a fiery and daring woman.

You can also satisfy this need. How? Playing to be strangers who meet, casually, in a bar or at a point in the city and begin to know each other.

2) Dominate her and make her feel submissive

The exchange of sexual roles is something that they do not dare to ask, for example, that one day she will be dominant and the next will be the submissive. Well, you should not always do it but when you do it, you will surely live a great experience.

Women are excited to know that they have absolute control over a man and, therefore, that they put themselves in the role of dominant can be the most stimulating for them: playing with objects such as handcuffs, bandages or ties can make your encounter be awesome. But, also, it is tempting to change roles and be dominated, therefore, the man will be the one who takes the reins of the meeting and she will only let herself be done.

3) Fantasize with other women

The reason for this fantasy is that sex in women is much more leisurely, sensory and stimulating than that of men and, therefore, they may fantasize about having a lover who conceives sex in the same way and who can give real doses Pleasure. However, that you want it mentally does not mean that you want to meet in real life, therefore, before proposing anything about it investigates about the nature of this desire.

4) Have sex in the water

It is likely that when you are at the beach or the pool you feel that your girl is more affectionate than normal or more attached to your body, the reason is simple: the water excites them. The contact of the water with the female intimate parts can awaken the sexual desire and cause them to get excited without even touching them.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity, you can surprise your partner with a romantic night in a hotel that, by chance, has a large bathtub or a Jacuzzi in the room. You will love your proposal, sure!

5) Test in public places

It excites them to have relationships in public places where there is a danger of being caught or seen by other people. It is something very common that women want, because, in this fantasy, sexual desire, the most uncontrollable passion and the curiosity that someone can catch you doing it are united.

Many girls are silent this desire for fear that their partners judge them but it is an experience that drives them crazy, so, dare one day to surprise her by putting her hand in a public place and check your reaction … You will surely love it!

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