Get thick lips with cinnamon and other homemade tricks

There is no man who can resist the thick and striking lips of a woman. This characteristic of our face gives a sensual feature that is truly attractive.

For this reason, many women choose injections and complicated surgical treatments that can be painful and even if they are not well applied, they bring bad results.

Although some take risks and undergo the pain of an injection or surgery, others fear to go through a bad experience and prefer to settle for their natural lips.

For these women we have good news, there are home remedies that can increase your lips naturally.

Home remedies for thick lips:

Cinnamon: This irritates slightly, which can give some volume to the lips. Put some cinnamon powder in a toothbrush and rub the area where you want it to swell.

Another recipe with cinnamon is to mix a pinch of this with a tablespoon of coconut oil. Apply it when you need it.

Menthol: in addition to refreshing your lips, it will give them a volume effect. Apply this balm before your lipstick.

To prepare the balm mix five tablespoons of menthol with one of Vaseline and then apply it.

Honey and sugar: Combine both to form a mixture. Rub in a circular way over the mouth and rinse with cold water.

All of these remedies are temporary, so you should not worry about damage to your appearance.

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