5 super cool sunglasses for men only

There is an accessory that has almost become a must when it comes to completing our outfit: sunglasses. Good sunglasses help a lot to get the look you want to look.

In addition to that we love, sunglasses are quite necessary to take care of our eyes, it has been proven that most skin cancers are located in the region of the eyelids and good glasses protect us from UV rays, such rays, As the years, go by, they can help the appearance of cataracts.

That is why it is important to wear good sunglasses and when you say good not only talk about fashion but quality, but do not create bad quality glasses, besides not protecting yourself against UV rays, they make your pupils dilate more and So, instead of protecting them, you only get extra effort.

It is important that you look for glasses that you feel comfortable with and that you look good.

1.- Round


Source: zalando.es

The glasses with retro wave have been present throughout this year and, apparently, continue to set trends during 2019. They are quite elegant, comfortable and are usually ideal for long faces.

2.- Aviator


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It is one of the classics that, as you know, never fails and will always be fashionable. You can choose a metal frame or another material.

Why are they still so valid? because there has not been a star before or now that has not worn them once and, above all, because they are quite masculine, they also work very well with an elegant look as well as a casual one.

3.- Crystals of colors


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They seem an option for the youngest … but it is not like that, in fact in the world of the fashion it does not matter the age that you have but the attitude.

The glasses of colored glasses have arrived with great force and it seems that they will stay, they are in different shades and they are ideal for a casual or sporty look.

4.- Classic


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If you are one of those who do not want to fail in the choice of glasses … go safe! and bet on a couple of classics that the brand Ray-Ban made fashionable and until now no one snatched his place from everyone’s favorite.

There is no one who has never had a pair of classic glasses, it is a purchase you will not regret: they look good on all faces; They work perfectly with any style; it is a combination of elegance, sophistication and, at the same time, modernity.

As you can see, you can use them combining them with a formal look as well as in the day to day for something much more casual.

5.- Large and with golden details


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While this option is not for everyone, there are some who want to take risks and look very fashionable. If you are one of them you can not stop having a pair of very large glasses and with some detail in gold. It is a type of glasses that, apparently, will not be present during the next year.

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