How To Do Pedicure at Home (Easy Way)

How To Do Pedicure at Home (Easy Way)

Regular pedicures make your feet look perfect! First, soak them in warm water, clean them with an exfoliant for feet and a pumice stone. Then, cut off and lick your toenails and take care of the cuticles. Finally, apply nail polish if you wish. You can make your own pedicure at home or pedicure a friend, relative or client.

Part 1 Soak and exfoliate the feet

1. Remove any existing nail polish using a nail polish remover. Cover the top of the nail polish bottle with a cotton ball. Then, put it upside down quickly and immediately place it on your back to apply a little of the product. Then, rub the nail polish remover on the toenails to remove them.

  • If you have trouble removing the polish, make small circular movements with the cotton ball.
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2. Fill a spa for feet or a tub with warm water. You can use any of these objects to soak your feet. If you are going to do it at home, use a plastic pan, a bucket or your bathtub. If you want to soak them professionally, use a foot spa that vibrates or has jets. The warm water cleanses the feet and removes dead skin cells.

  • Make sure the water is not too hot to burn your feet. You can wet the toes to test the temperature of the water.

3. Use soap, Epsom salt or a foot bath to clean your feetIf you are going to get a pedicure at home, just use soap for a light foot wash or use a pedicure product, such as a moisturizing or antibacterial foot bath. If you want a natural alternative, use 1 cup (240 g) of Epsom salt. Make sure you mix the product well before placing your feet in the water.

  • If you are going to use dishwashing detergent, hand soap or shower gel, use approximately 2 to 3 tablespoons.
  • If you are going to use a product to soak your feet, read the label before placing it in the water. The recommended amount may vary depending on the product you use.
  • To give the footbath a touch of spa, drop approximately 5 drops of essential oil into the water. Use essential oils like mint, lemon or tea tree oil to nourish your feet.

4. Soak feet for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Dip both feet in the water and relax while you wait. Do things like reading a book, watching television or talking on the phone. Your feet will become soft and soft while they soak, which will make it easier to file your nails and remove the cuticles. After a few minutes, remove the feet from the water.

  • A foot bath is an excellent way to release stress.

5. Rub your feet with a pumice stone or a foot file while wet. Pumice stones are light, porous volcanic rocks that are often used to remove dead skin cells and calluses. You can also use a foot file to do it. For this purpose, hold the tool near your foot and move it quickly from one side to the other. It is recommended that you work in areas of approximately 3 cm (1 inch) at a time. Apply sustained pressure but be careful not to press too hard.

  • Most foot files have two sides, one rough and one thin. Use the rough side to loosen the dead skin and then use the thin side to smooth the surface.
  • If you have hard to remove calluses, you can also use a pumice stone or a foot file when they are dry. Both methods will help you get rid of calluses.

6. Apply a scrub for feet at the top and bottom. Apply foot scrub the size of a quarter of a dollar in the palm of your hand and rub it between both hands. Then, rub your hands on both feet to apply the exfoliant. Rub your feet in small circular motions to exfoliate them.

  • Many exfoliants for feet have natural particles of pumice that remove the residue of dry or rough skin.

7. Put your feet back in the water to rinse them. After massaging your feet with the exfoliant, immerse them again in the bathtub, bathtub or spa. Rub the scrub using a cloth. Once you have removed the scrub completely, dry your feet with a towel and wash your hands with soap and water.

Part 2. Take care of your nails

1.Use a nail clipper to cut your nails straight. Take the clippers with the index finger and thumb applying a little pressure when cutting the nails. Always cut your nails straight. If you cut them at an angle, you could develop ingrown toenails.

  • Make sure you cut the ten nails.
  • Cut your nails according to the desired length but not too much!

2. Give them shape using a nail file. Align the file to the edge of the toenail and rub it carefully from side to side to create the shape. Place the file at an angle to the corners of the nail to round or lick them straight according to your preference.

  • If you file the corners of the nails, you will not have to worry about developing ingrown toenails. That only happens when you cut them.

3. Apply a product to soften cuticles at the base of each nail. Use a cuticle soothing balm or an oil serum. Another thing you can do is use honey as a natural cuticle softener. All three options are good for softening cuticles, so you can easily remove dead skin. Apply the product at the junction of the nail and the nail bed. Then, massage each toe to distribute the product.

  • Rub the product over the top of the cuticles using a balsam.
  • Use a drop of oil or honey serum on each nail.

4. Push the cuticles back with a cuticle tool or a small nail file. To do so, just extend the curved end of the tool over the nail bed at a 45-degree angle and push the cuticles carefully toward the back of the nail bed.

  • With a little force, the cuticles will move easily backward so you can cut them easily.

5. Cut the cuticles if you want to get rid of dead skin or stepfathers. Use a cuticle cutter to cut them after pushing them back. Just use this tool as a pair of scissors to cut the dead skin of the cuticles around the toes. Start at the outer edge of the cuticles and make small cuts until all dead skin is removed.

  • Only cut dead skin and cuticles. Otherwise, you may develop ingrown toenails or damage the skin.
  • Although this step is optional, it will help you get rid of dead skin and make your feet look good.

6. Apply foot cream to moisturize and moisturize. Extract a quantity of cream the size of a 25 cents coin in your hands and rub it between both hands. Then, apply one foot at a time. Rub it completely on the skin.

Part 3. Paint your nails

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Place your toes inside pedicure dividers and it will be easier to paint them. Pedicure separators are pieces of plastic or foam that fit between each of the toes. Separate the toes so that the enamel does not spread while you paint your nails.

  • Because they let you see the entire toenail, it will be easier to paint them.

Paint the base coat and let it dry completely. A base layer helps the enamel adhere to the nail. It also creates a barrier, which protects the nails from enamel chemicals. Unscrew the upper part and apply the base layer on each of the toenails. Start at the cuticle and paint a thin strip towards the edge of the nail. Repeat the procedure until the nail is completely covered.

  • Let the base coat dry completely, which takes about 1 to 2 minutes. Applying a base coat prevents the polish from staining the nails.

Use 1 to 2 coats of nail polish to cover them. When the base coat dries, unscrew the applicator brush from the nail polish you choose and apply the color from the cuticle to the end of the nail. Apply 1 to 3 passes to cover the nail. If the color of the enamel is transparent, apply a second coat after the first one dries. The nails should dry in 2 to 3 minutes.

  • Use a bright colored nail polish if you want to add a touch of color to your summer clothes.
  • Use white nail polish to paint only the tips of your toenails and get a French pedicure.
  • If you do not want your feet to attract attention, choose a neutral enamel tone.

Apply sealer to the nails after the main color polish dries. When you have finished painting the main color glaze, use a sealer to seal it. To apply it, just paint the nails from the cuticle towards the tip.

  • The sealant prevents the nail polish from splintering and makes it look brighter and lustrous.

Let the nails dry completely before removing the pedicure spacers. If you remove the separators before the nails dry, the enamel may get stained or finish on the toes. To avoid this, wait between 1 and 3 minutes until the enamel dries.

  • To check if the enamel is dry, lightly touch the corner of a fingernail with the tip of your finger.

Things you will need

  • nail polish remover
  • cotton ball
  • foot spa, bathtub or bathtub
  • Epsom soap or salt
  • towel
  • cloth
  • exfoliating for feet
  • nail clipper
  • file for metal or cardboard nails
  • cuticle or honey softener
  • cuticle molder
  • cuticle cutter
  • separators for pedicure
  • nail polish base
  • main nail polish
  • nail sealer
  • foot cream


  • In general, it is easier to paint someone else’s nails than yours.
  • When you finish using the tools, clean them with soap and water or rubbing alcohol. If you use dirty tools, you could spread bacteria.


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