5 reasons why you should take a trip with your sister at least once a year

One of the most difficult parts of planning a dream trip if you are thinking of doing it alone is to find who to do it to guarantee the best experience. Before starting to consider your best friend or partner as your next trip companion, you may change your mind about inviting a person even closer to you as your sister (or brother).

They know each other all their lives, they share parents and maybe they still live under the same roof but between all their fights and anger there is a great love that allows them to share an experience like a trip of sisters. If you are still not very convinced, here are some reasons why you should organize that get away with your sister.

1. They have their own communication system that only you understand

Traveling is a complicated process that requires the parties involved to be in perfect harmony. With your sister, there is a unique communication that will allow them to understand each other better than anyone else. They have jokes and anecdotes in common, they know when the other is uncomfortable or annoying and how to calm down or encourage each other. They do not even need words, just look at each other to know what the other means, so moving around other cities will not be a problem.

2. Know the best (and the worst) of each

Although they are sisters, they have very different personalities and have seen themselves at different times in their lives to know what they are like when they are good or bad. Both are fighting for nonsense and the next minute they are laughing for the same thing. You already know that your sister is unbearable in the mornings but you also know she is the most generous when it comes to having a detail with you. A trip will help them to better understand their differences and cope with the problems.

3. Traveling with your sister is incredibly therapeutic

Fights with your sister are inevitable. Many stressful situations in daily life can end up causing the worst disagreements between the two, but everything changes when you go on a trip with her. Both are far from home and the stress of day to day, walking cobbled limes with incredible scenery or resting on the beach.

Soon you realize that conversations begin to flow naturally, that both are more open and honest about life. It is a great moment to file rough edges and understand each other !. At the end of the trip, your relationship with her will be stronger than ever.

4. They can take fully prepared photos without embarrassment

No one understands better than her the need to have perfect photos for Instagram. Going with her on a trip is the same as having an enviable photo album on your social networks. You are not ashamed at all to pose in front of the mirror or on the seashore as a supermodel. Besides, it is almost certain that he will not refuse to take a hundred more photos until you are satisfied. The only condition is that you are also willing to throw yourself to the ground to take pictures in the most uncomfortable position but with the best angle.

5. You will feel more secure knowing that she will be there if things go wrong

Nothing better than being accompanied by someone you trust. Your sister has always been your support and you have her and since traveling has many unforeseen events, doing it with her will make you feel more secure. Your sister will be willing to make you second in almost everything and if you have a problem, between the two will solve it. So if you are traveling around the world and exploring unknown corners with it, this feeling of confidence and security will remain with you. They will be the perfect complement.

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