Woman discovered her husband being unfaithful in a full video call with her lover

There are men who know no limits at the moment of being unfaithful … and more now with as many tools as smartphones and chat and video applications.

Like what happened to the protagonist of this video that went viral on social networks. It is a man who was flirting with a young woman by video call. Taking advantage of the fact that he was alone, he initiated the interaction with the young woman in that way.

The worst came when the lovers were all dancing and laughing: at the back of the room where the infidel was, his wife appeared, surprising him in full infidelity.

What a way to be unfaithful

On Twitter many reacted cheerfully to this video, expressing that it was better to risk your life doing anything else and not betraying your wife that way.

“What a way to risk your life, you would have better volunteered to fight ISIS or to investigate the abyssal areas of the oceans or walk with your best jewelry through Mexico City but not, you chose the most dangerous,” said the user @ jkarl89186619.

“But this soldier fell in the middle of the battle”, “He’s going to hit the woman with a pot”, “He has to give him even with the bucket of fresh water”, “You have to be asshole to believe that the ugly ones give us bolillo a woman 15 years younger “, were other comments on the video.

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