10 storage ideas to enlarge a small bedroom

Do you think nothing could really beautify your little bedroom? Think again! The area has nothing to do with the look of your “nest”, on the contrary. The key to a practical and functional canon bedroom that looks bigger? Storage and organization! With our 10 ideas, you will be able to transform your room, gain space and make a room worthy of the most beautiful hotels.

You’ll always be able to add fresh flowers, repaint the light-colored walls and take care of your decorating style: if your bedroom is not tidy and organized carefully, it will never look inviting. Fortunately for you, we found the most practical, easy and functional storage ideas to help you create a small room and create a really cozy space.

1. Sort!

If you do not scrub your body, you simply end up moisturizing your dead skin when you apply cream. Your skin is not well treated.

It’s the same for storage!

If you simply fold and store all your little things without paying them the necessary attention, the bazaar comes back tirelessly.

So, before proceeding to a competition storage, sort and get rid of all these unnecessary things that clutter your room (and more generally your home).
An operation to repeat at every change of season.

2. Free your floors!

The golden rule of a room arranged, organized and canon: a floor free of everything! Nothing should drag around, not around the bed, or anywhere else. Visually, this will enlarge the space of your room. In practice, you will avoid walking on an object that hurts your foot!

To help maximize space, consider storage chests to slide under your bed. They are perfect for storing duvets, fitted sheets, and other household linens or seasonal awnings. Also bet on these plastic covers which can be emptied to gain even more space and store clothes and accessories that you will not wear for a while (ski suit, etc.).

The drawer under the bed, an idea to adopt also in an adult's bedroom
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3. Furniture, three functions!

To save space in your bedroom, opt for multi-purpose furniture. Rest assured, shopping is far from mandatory because it is likely that you already have what it takes to re-arrange the room as it should.

If you place the bed next to your desk, it can serve as a bedside table in the evening, office the day and even a hairdresser in the morning when you prepare. The trick? The drawers allow you to organize and store the various elements carefully.

Try not to leave anything on the floor!

10 storage ideas to enlarge a small bedroom
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A headboard that hides a bedside, mischievous!

10 storage ideas to enlarge a small bedroom
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Use your dresser in a bedside table

10 storage ideas to enlarge a small bedroom
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4. These types of furniture that are so many storages

If you live in a small apartment, your room is probably cramped. And that says small space, also complicates when you have a lot of things, and you need storage space. 
Think storage furniture! Under their airs of small benches, they conceal a clever storage. What you can store your bazaar while not altering the decor of your room. 
Example: a bed whose bed base is raised to hide a storage chest or a headboard with built-in drawers.

A practical pouf and ideal for storing like in a chest.                                                         © Pinterest Annie Schlechter

5. Hang your belts and scarves!

Belts and scarves tend to clutter our drawers. The worst? Because of their shape or material, it is difficult to keep them perfectly tidy.

The solution? The hangers! If there are models designed to hang several belts or scarves, know that you can easily make one yourself by hanging small hooks to a wooden hanger.

It does not seem like anything, but believe us, you will gain an incredible place! Most? Your hangers are transformed into decorative accessories! Your scarves will no longer have folds across, and the leather of your belts will deteriorate much less quickly.

Suspend your belts to save space
                                                          © Pinterest Martha Stewart Living

6. Hang your jewels!

And your jewelry in all this? Also, remember to hang your necklaces to save space and prevent them from getting tangled with each other. More delicate than your scarves and belts, you can put them on small hooks on the inside of your closet door or on the button of your door.

Another option is the hook rod. You can make one very easily and either position it near a mirror or simply hang it inside your closet.

Store your jewelry behind a mirror to save space
                                                         © Pinterest A beautiful mess

7. Hang your shoes (and especially your boots)!

How to arrange your closet to win in place and bring a minimalist and soothing atmosphere to your room? Hang your shoes! This will allow you to better see your options “shoes-mosques” in the morning, avoid wrinkling on your boots and especially to free up space.

Another option: the shoe cabinet. Classic, it is great if you have a small area because it can store the shoes vertically and therefore store a lot in a small space.

10 storage ideas to enlarge a small bedroom
             © ClemOnojeghuo / Unsplash

8. Well-appointed drawers

Do you only have one drawer to store socks, bras and panties and they end up getting mixed up? The solution is simple: separate your drawer in three!

Not only will it save you time in the morning when you are looking for a particular item, but most importantly your drawer will be more organized and prettier than ever.

You can organize your drawer according to the type of objects or, if it is underwear, arrange them by sets or colors. Know that you can make drawer dividers yourself with pieces of cardboard, plastic or wood, which you will have taken care to decorate (a little flowery wallpaper and you will have functional and pretty drawer interiors).

Separate your drawers to save space
                                                         © Pinterest time ink

This applies equally to your drawers for supplies, shirts, T-shirts or even pajamas.

9. Install a coat rack!

We all have THE chair. You know this chair, where clothes are piled up, clothes that you almost wear in the morning, clothes of the day before, and so on. 
So practical, this chair is far from a pretty and practical organization solution, worthy of tidy rooms!

The most chic option? The coat rack. Installed behind the door of your room, it will allow you to hang all these clothes and most importantly, it will remind you at a glance what you need to put away.

If the idea of a coat rack does not delight you, consider hanging pegs on your shelves to suspend the scarf you wear this week, the hat or umbrella you must not forget.

Install coat hooks to your shelves
                                                         © Pinterest two purple layers

10. Enlarge your bedroom visually

Now that your bedroom is tidy and organized, you can have fun decorating it and feel like you’ve gained a lot of space.

To enlarge it visually, opt for a headboard rising quite high on the wall. When entering the room, the eye is drawn towards the top and the room automatically looks bigger.

Also use white-tie curtains that let in light, as well as mirrors that will reinforce this sense of space.

Side decorative objects, the rule of thumb is: less is more . Emphasize a few strong objects that will capture the eye, rather than an accumulation of small pieces that will make the space seem too crowded.

Another option to actually enlarge the space: the door of your bedroom. If the latter is really too small, trade your classic door for a sliding model. It does not sound like anything, but believe us, it will save you valuable space if your room is tiny.

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