Your sex life is not at the top? This is surely stress!

Stress has a more negative impact on our sex life than children, work and physical health, according to a survey.

2,066 adults were surveyed in a study by  BBC Radio 5 Live , and almost half (45%) said that stress had a negative impact on their sex lives.

This was by far the most important problem in terms of sex, with physical health ranked second (32%).

Mental health problems took third place with 26%. Children got 20% and work 18%.

Other less prominent factors include pornography (12%),  social networks  (10%) and reality shows (7%).

Ellen Brady, Relate therapist, told the BBC : “Many clients suffer from anxiety, and anxiety  and sex are not really compatible.

She also mentioned the problem of social networks, which she said could be more of a problem than expected (according to the survey, only 10% of participants reported the problem).

“There is no longer this link between couples, they do not even look at each other in the eyes, do not talk anymore. So, it is normal that sex is complicated once lying down.

Ellen Brady recommends couples who want to improve their sex lives after a difficult time to stop sex temporarily.

She says, “Forbid sexual intercourse because what you do sexually no longer works, so the goal is to stop and start again, forging new connections in terms of emotions and intimacy.”

“Men and women do not react in the same way, because women are often willing to prioritize emotional intimacy, kisses and hugs, while men rarely see this as a priority, whereas sex is the priority “.

How to reduce stress

Effective ways to reduce stress include sleeping more, practicing mindfulness, and exercising regularly.

You should also consult your general practitioner who will be able to recommend therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, that can fight against stress.

CBD oil is also recommended to relieve stress and anxiety for some time.

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