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Why Footprints Stay On The Moon and 60+ Other Amazing Facts



Image Source: Brightside

It’s a great big world out there with all kinds of wonders and surprises. Of course, no one can know everything because the world is simply too big. But why not broaden your horizons? Wanna get the answers to the random questions that lie abandoned in the back of your brain? Then you’ve tuned in to the right video!

Why Footprints Stay On The Moon and 60+ Other Amazing Facts

If you’ve been around kids long enough, you know the incessant barrage of questions that, as simple as they seem, often have you scratching your head. However, just because we grow up, it doesn’t mean that our curiosity about the world around us goes away. Do you know, for example, that in Alaska, it’s prohibited to whisper in someone’s ear when they’re moose-hunting? Or that footprints left on the Moon won’t disappear anywhere because there’s no wind? There are so many weird facts we don’t know about that sometimes it seems reality is way more exciting than fiction! So stay with us and you’ll find out more!

Btw, as you’re watching this, you might think you’re totally still. Relatively speaking. But, in fact, you, (along with the entire solar system) are moving really fast because our Milky Way Galaxy is rotating at about 145 miles per second!


– A small village in India has a very interesting tradition: every time a baby girl is born, people there plant 111 trees in her honor.

This Amazing Village in India Plants 111 Trees Everytime a Little Girl is Born

– There’s no sound in space. Yes, if you shout, nobody’s gonna hear you!

– The highest peak in our Solar System is on Mars. At 15 miles high, Olympus Mons squashes our great Everest like a bug!

– The average person spends about 1/3 of their life sleeping. Think about that next time you wanna sleep in on the weekends!

– The average person’s nose produces about 3 pints of mucus a day. Most of it goes back into your throat and gets swallowed.

– There are more stars in the night sky than there are grains of sand on this planet. You might doubt that, but only because just a small portion of stars is visible in the sky!

– Coca-Cola was the first commercial drink to be consumed in space. So that’s one giant glug for the Atlanta-based soda manufacturer!

– About 40% of women apply body or hand cream at least 3 times a day. So, now ya know!

– The diameter of an aorta, which is the largest artery in the human body, is about the same as a garden hose.

– A snail can sleep for 3 years. So, now I guess you can feel better about sleeping 1/3 of your life away…

– The youngest monarch in history was Alfonso XIII of Spain. He became king on May 17, 1886… that is, the day he was born!

– “Stewardesses” is the longest word that can be typed using only the left hand. Go ahead, try it out! – In one recent study, most Americans who were asked what their favorite smell was answered “banana”.

– Over half of the world’s population have never made or received a telephone call. Ah, a life without telemarketers, imagine!

– f someone could fly a plane to Pluto, it’d take them about 800 years. An 800-year-long flight, that sounds like my worst nightmare…

– Every year, the Earth’s rotation slows down by about 1.4 milliseconds. So if you’ve always wanted more hours in the day, just be patient!

Why Footprints Stay On The Moon and 60+ Other Amazing Facts,Watch Video:



How will you look when you are 60 or 70? Face App you “ahead” to the future



Face App is a new application that has become a trend and one of the most downloaded in recent days. How does it work and what does it do? Here we tell you

Have you wondered what it will look like when you are 60 or 70 years old? Face App will help you to clear this doubt. This app of Russian origin has gone viral and one of the most downloaded in recent days, both in the Google Play Store (Android) and the App Store (Apple).

How does it work?

The app is free for all devices, however, it has some features that are paid. Its operation is quite simple since the user has two options: use a profile photo stored in his gallery and that the app will recognize or take one from the app at the moment.

The results are surprising since the app scans and process the image, using an algorithm that simulates aging in the face, showing a possible result of how each person would look if he was between 60 to 70 years old.

Several personalities have already joined this app and have shown their results, here some of them:

Is it safe to use Face App?

Experts in digital security warn about the use of the Face App, since their privacy policies, available only in English, are ambiguous.

This app was created by the Russian company Wireless Lab, a company based in St. Petersburg, led by engineer Yaroslav Goncharov.

The latest update on their privacy policies was made in January 2017 and among them it is mentioned that the app “collects all the content generated by the user (photos and/or videos), as well as other behavior information through analysis tools of third parties, cookies and identifiers of your device to provide personalized content and advertising. “

The data that generates more alarm is that it is detailed that, in case the company decides to sell the rights of the app to a buyer, this would have access to the database of the app, where it would store all the photos or videos that each user has gone up

A problem that this situation entails is that intelligence agencies of some country decide to intervene in the app and obtain the confidential information of each user.

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20 Funny photos of MEN acting like women on Instagram



For the most part, the accounts of girls on Instagram are quite predictable. They are full of selfies, photos in front of the mirror and in a group, always pretending to look sexy and funny.

The men in the Witty + pretty account had a very funny idea: what would happen if they acted like women do, posing for pictures that would go up to Instagram? The result is to die of laughter if you add the titles and hashtags (#) exaggerated and even sarcastic they used.

No offense, why do not we take the opportunity to laugh at ourselves?

1. Enjoying the summer

man lifting water with his hair when leaving a pond

2. Practicing yoga

Man practicing yoga beside a pool

3. After a workout in the gym

man taking a picture in front of a mirror in the gym

4. Selfie with friends

men imitating women's poses

5. Moment of relaxation

man taking a bath in a tub with aromatic candles and a book

6. Making a pedicure at the spa

man painting his nails to another

 7. Eating a delicious  cupcake

man eating bagels from a box

8. Nothing cooler than watching a movie and eating ice cream in pajamas

man with a computer on his legs

9. My favorite drink

man holding a drink with his hand

10. The belly of pregnancy

man holding his belly while taking a picture

11. Saturday without plans

man with his legs on a table watching his computer and having a glass of wine

12.  #Selfie

bearded man

13. Healthy

man living a green juice sitting in a park

14. The essential photo in the bathroom

man taking a photograph in front of the mirror

15. I did not realize when they took this picture

man wearing scarf and hat drinking coffee

16. My best friend

man sleeping next to his dog

17. #Fitness #cardio #gym

man exercising on a bicycle

18. There’s nothing better than sharing an ice cream with my friends

men putting their ice cream together in a circle

19. I love shoes

man measuring himself shoes

20. My true love #pizza #book

man eating pizza in bed

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A father trolls his daughter’s selfies



Having a father troll is not pleasant for teenagers, although it is true that much better than a father who is bland and serious. Chris Martin is not at all a boring father, that’s why he has decided to recreate the selfies that his daughter becomes. But, of course, the result is not even like it! Of course, it sure has taken more than a smile, incredible!


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These are the Things that make a Girl Ugly



I do not mean appearance, because I have always been a faithful believer that all women are beautiful. I refer to those actions that impoverish the interior of a girl, and although “more” pretty “that is physical, make it a woman nothing interesting.

Pretend an accent just by status.

With an accent, I mean to talk like strawberry girls. Nobody talks like that in a normal way! Obviously, that “accent” is forced, and although girls do not believe it; It drives us crazy.

In a few words: It is not sexy, nor authentic.

Not having a topic of conversation.

It is not that we are all scholars at the time of speaking, but we like that a girl tells us about her or that she can talk about any serious or trivial subject without cutting the thread of the conversation is very important.

If they spend talking about gossip or criticizing their friends, we simply disconnect.

selfie retrica

Wanting to be paid for everything.

We are not a bank, nor are we millionaires! We love women who want to split the account or who decide to give us nice details. Not one who is only with us for interest.

Do not value friendship.

I’ve run into many girls who spend their time talking about their “best friends” … And it just makes me think: “How will you talk about me with them?”

yellow lesntes

Be materialistic

We all want things in life and it’s fine. But when your borders exceed the obsession to want to always have the best cell phone, fashion shoes, expensive bag, etc … Your charm simply decays.

A person is not worth the cost you saw or the cell phone that you bring, it’s worth it because of their way of being, thinking and acting.

Not have goals

A girl who does not have one or who has but does not do anything to achieve them discourages very much. Everyone in this life must have goals, they are the gasoline that motivates us every day to get up with attitude and good energy.

black and white nails

Believe that everything is appearance.

All people have a bit of vanity (some more than others) and believe that it is necessary to buy brands of expensive cosmetics to live with tons of makeup on top of you, is simply unreal. That does not make them better than all the other women.

I know that they like to look pretty for yourselves and did not criticize him if they have a passion for him, the problem is when this becomes an obsession that takes them away from reality.

Do not have your own opinion.

There is nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants and has her own opinion for what is put in front of her. Comment and do it safely in your words!

Pretty ladies

To say that all men are equal.

Not all men, nor all women are equal. Maybe some treat everyone equally and that is why they have not realized the uniqueness of each person. Repeating trite phrases does not make them interesting, in fact; they just take away opportunities.

Do not believe in you

If you do not consider yourself beautiful, valuable, intelligent, strong, etc … Nobody else will! And you could fall into depression.

The most important and sincere advice I can give you is to be true to yourself. If you do the things that you believe from the bottom right, little by little you will go knowing better who you really are.

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The girls of these 4 zodiac signs are more attractive for men




Depending on the day we were born, the stars and the Universe attributed to us certain characteristics and details that are part of our essence and make us unique. Your zodiac sign governs some of your physical and emotional aspects and depending on the month you were born, these vary and make us vulnerable and attractive to certain people and situations. This is why some men feel more attracted to some specific women because they find them more seductive than others.

We tell you which are the four signs of the zodiac that are more attractive to the male sex …


The girls of this sign usually express many emotions through the look, so their simple visual contact with a man is enough to be attractive enough; the gestures and the looks are her. In addition, her mysterious and spontaneous personality is what ends up falling in love with the opposite sex. They have very noble and profound emotions, but when it comes to the physical, it is their mouth that attracts the most attention! Cancer women often kiss very well.

Image result for girl beautiful laugh gif


Security is the main weapon of the Capricorn girls; When they want something, they do not hesitate to do everything possible to achieve it. This is extremely attractive to the opposite sex because there is nothing better than a woman with self-confidence. They are hard-working and persevering, so their hands have a lot of energy; They are her most special physical attribute!

Image result for girl beautiful laugh gif


They have a great power of seduction; her adventurous personality is the weakness of all men. They love women who do not fear to leave the routine, who propose and who have initiative; Everything a Sagittarius girl has! They are awesome, so your lower back is what stands out the most. Do not be afraid to teach it!

Image result for girl beautiful laugh gif


They are extroverted and have a great facility for interesting conversations, that’s what the boys love most about the Scorpion women! Once someone falls under their spells, it is very difficult to get rid of them. They are extremely brave and self-confident. Your shapely back characterizes your body, it is your greatest attribute!

Image result for girl beautiful laugh gif

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