Where is Santa Claus Right Now? Follow Santa’s journey with Google

Without a doubt, Google loves to organize special events for different times of the year. With Christmas just around the corner, Google wanted to surprise its users with the Santa Tracker. So where is Santa Claus Right Now you can find on Google.

Where is Santa Claus Right Now - Santa Tracker

Santa Tracker – Where is Santa Claus Right Now?

What started as a simple map to see where Santa Claus was going, has now become something much more complete.

Google has created the Village of Santa, within its Santa Tracker website and is something that will completely catch you.

” Google wants to encourage Santa Claus on his route to distribute gifts, offering games and surprises to users,” says the famous company in a statement it recently launched.

Where is Santa Claus Right Now - Santa Tracker

During the next few days, users will be able to use the Google Assistant to get news from the North Pole. To activate this function, you just have to ask: “ Ok Google, what’s new at the North Pole”, To find out the latest news.

Where is Santa Claus Right Now

Immerse yourself in Santa’s Village with Google

In the village of Santa Claus, you can explore, play and learn with the elves of the famous Christmas character.

The site will allow you to discover Santa’s toy factory, its greenhouse and its fantastic reindeer gym.

In addition, you can see Santa Claus up close using Augmented Reality (RA). You just have to look for Santa Claus on an RA compatible phone and you will see him waving and smiling through your camera.

Where is Santa Claus Right Now

Also on Google Earth, you will find a quiz about the traditions of these dates around the world and you can take a tour of the varieties of sweets that people eat for Christmas.


Some games are not yet available, but Santa Tracker will unlock them as December goes by, to increase its variety.

In the village of Santa, you can have fun with more than 24 mini games. Everyone will make you feel part of the Santa Claus team.

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