What type of gym best suits your needs?

When we finally decide to go to a gym, the responsibility to choose well is very important, because if we fail in the attempt it can take many months until we gather the strength to pay the enrollment of another center.

The gyms look for a system of rates and compensation to their clients that do not always fit our needs. That is why it is important to be very aware of the type of exercise that we are going to carry out, of our schedules and of the needs that we need to cover, since many gym offers are based on a period of permanence that, if not fulfilled, may result in penalties.

According to all statistics, there are three periods of the year in which we go crazy to find a gym to improve our physical appearance and health. January, with the promises of the new year. Spring, when we prepare the bikini operation. And September, when with the purposes for the new course and the kilos that we have taken during the summer we decided to start the routine again with the greatest of health guarantees.

And, nevertheless, those same statistics of the gymnasiums point out that 60% of new enrollments made in periods of high demand end up failing and are students who leave their training in a short time. But it is not enough to join a gym, but you have to choose which is really adapted to our needs and way of being, because not all exercises match well with our attitudes and rhythms, and if we choose well we may not decay and leave victorious of this endeavor.

Be true to your needs

If you do not have the habit of going to the gym, do not think that you will be able to become a fitness fan overnight. It is important to be very honest with yourself so as not to create false expectations that could jeopardize this decision. In general, going to the gym is not something that appeals to itself, the exercises need perseverance, effort and endurance.

Low-cost gyms are a fantastic idea for those who have a habit of exercising and know well the machines, how they are used and what benefits they bring. However, when we are not very familiar with the possibilities of the gym, the low-cost may not be the best option because the vast majority lack sufficient monitors and any type of staff that can advise us.

What type of gym best suits your needs?
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As important as having machines for exercise is that someone advise us on how to use them. The personal trainers of the gyms define exercise tables for us, individually, and follow up on how we perform them to modify, expand or propose other routines.

Also, if you do not have the habit of going to the gym, it is very important that someone advise you on the best way to perform the exercises, so as not to injure you. The biggest difference between doing sports on your own and doing it in a gym is that with the machines you can injure yourself more easily if you do not know how to use them, and all the effort you make going to the gym would be useless.

Test him before signing

Have you been recommended a gym but it is not close to your work or your home? Now you may not believe it, but if the gym is far away it’s going to be a cause for you to give up going: it can make you lazy or you can put yourself to any excuse to believe that it does not pay to go. Take the test of going on a normal day, with hundreds of things to do and very little time for the gym, as it is personal.

Visit it at the time you will usually go. A common mistake is to go to the low time, when there is hardly anyone, and believe that it will always be like this. If you sign up thinking it is a quiet gym and then you discover that when you go there is not a pin you will be faced with a difficult problem, not only because you may have lost the license plate, but because you take advantage of the momentum you give to You yourself to start a physical activity is not free: your body needs it and your passion is cyclical, if you fail in this gym it can take many months until you try again.

Once there, appreciate the atmosphere. Do people seem happy? Think about if you like the type of companions you will have, if the artificial light disgusts you or if the large windows facing the aerobic room will not be a problem because people can see you in passing. Think about the music they play, if they have screens on the machines to watch TV or if they allow you to connect your own USB. Look at the changing rooms, how the showers are organized, or if the reception staff is friendly. If there is any detail that displeases you, think: is this motive that you end up blaming for not going?

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