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30 Questions to ask a girlfriend you like



what questons to ask a girlfriend

You have flashed on a girl on Tinder, and now you have managed to invite her to have a drink on the terrace of a cafe. Congratulations! You have probably done the hard part. That is to attract her attention and make it interested. Now it’s time to show her that you are worth the trouble of her attention and find plenty of conversation.


The best way to seduce a woman is to listen to her and show her that you are interested in her life. For that, you’ll have to ask her a lot of questions and listen carefully to her answers. This is the best way to seduce a woman you like.

What Questions to ask a girlfriend

  • 1. What is important to you in a relationship?
  • 2. What have you done in your life but will never do?
  • 3. Who is your best friend?
  • 4. What was the best gift you got?
  • 5. What do you like most about this city?
  • 6. What kind of guy do you like?
  • 7. What is your biggest dream?
  • 8. Where would you like to go on a trip?
  • 9. What is your biggest fear?
  • 10. What do you hate most at school?
  • 11. What does a romantic guy look like?
  • 12. With which personality would you like to exchange your life?
  • 13. Would you like to have a dog or a cat?
  • 14. What is your favorite movie?
  • 15. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for someone?
  • 16. Are you looking for a long or short relationship?
  • 17. Why do you use Tinder to meet men?
  • 18. Do you watch a lot of TV?
  • 19. Are you close to your family?
  • 20. What would you choose if you could choose any profession?
  • 21. What would you do if you were rich?
  • 22. What makes you happy?
  • 23. Have you ever been in love?
  • 24. When was the last time you cried in front of someone?
  • 25. Would you like to be known? What kind of celebrity would you be?
  • 26. What is your favorite music?
  • 27. Show me the picture you like best of you?
  • 28. What did you think when you saw my picture on the dating site?
  • 29. What are you thinking about right now?
  • 30. What are you going to do right after this appointment?

This long list is just a small list of conversation topics to get you started on the right foot.


Do not ask these questions one after the other. Neither you nor she is robots. Choose the questions that best fit your type of meeting. You will not ask the same question if it’s the first time, or if you’ve been together for several days.

The most important thing is to listen carefully to her answers and to bounce on them. If she tells you that she likes men who surprise her, ask her for more details. You can re-use this info later to surprise you.

Good luck!



100 Reasons Why I Love You



100 reasons why i love you

100 reasons why I love you

1st – because you make me feel special just by being by my side.
2nd-Because I can only see you when I close my eyes and I only want to see you when I open them.
3º-For overflowing my life, my day to day with your love.
4th-for being unique and mine.
5th-because you are the child with whom I would like to share the rest of my life.
6th-for making me happy every day 

Smiley smile

7º-because of your way of being and loving.
8º-for loving me as I am.
9º-for cheering me up when I’m wrong.
10-because you are simply PERFECT.
11º-Because you know more than me about myself.
12th-In the afternoons we have spent together
13th-Because I can’t imagine a life without you
14th-to know every detail of me.
15º-For making me know what LOVE is.
16th-because I don’t count the hours with you because I know it will be forever.
17º-Because just by telling me I love you, you get anything from me.
18º-For having that laugh I want to hear every day of my life.
19th-for always giving me a smile.
20th-because you smile whenever you see me (L).
21º-For letting me be myself at all times.
22º-Because of the way you laugh at your own jokes.
23º-For those eyes full of hope.
24-for how you say you love me 

Smiley shame

25-for the way you caress me.
26º-For making me laugh when my mood is on the floor and my days are gray.
27º-For showing me parts of me that I didn’t know.
28º-For being so affectionate the days I deserve it and those that I don’t.
29º-To me whenever I need you.
30º- for being that someone I can always trust.
31º-for your kisses that drive me crazy.
32º-for being so detailed.
33º-for knowing exactly what I feel.
34º-For being the joy that encourages me to wake up every morning.
35º- for not fearing commitment.
36º-For all the moments shared and those that are still to be shared.
37º- For drying yesterday and today all the tears I shed.
38º-for always worrying about me.
39º-For being the happiest person has made me in a long time.
40º-because when I’m with you I feel complete.
41º-For giving details to everything we do.
42º-For getting me out of the loneliness that has long haunted me.
43º-Because you deserve it.
44º- For trusting me with your secrets and keeping mine.
45º-for helping me get up every time I fell.
46º-For filling my life with joys and illusions.
47º- For all the words that you have left in my heart.
48º-For having the ability to make me happy without TRAPS or consequences.
49º-For letting me express everything I feel and want.
50º-Because you are the cure for all my wounds.
51º-for opening your heart and your life and sharing them with me my love.
52º-as you say I love you.
53º-For supporting me and helping me every day.
54º-for finding the precise word at the right time.
55º- For making my desire to live and share life with your overflow.
56º-For having the right words to make me strong or to get up in the falls.
57º-For how you risk everything for me.
58º- For all your virtues, and your defects when I find them because for me you are perfect.
59º-For being the first thing I think when I wake up and the last thing I remember dreaming.
60º-because I am nothing without you.
61º-because I love you so much that I can hardly explain what I feel.
62º-because I don’t want you to ever forget me because I won’t forget you.
63º-because you are the most important thing in my life.
64º-because without you my life would not make sense.
65º-because you are my world.
66º-because I no longer have eyes for someone other than you.
67º- because when I met you it was the happiest day of my life.
68º- because my heart feels it and knows that you are my life and without you, I cannot live.
69º-because I discovered something that never made sense and that weird thing that I felt now I know has a word … that word is … LOVE.
70º-for thinking of me.
71º-for making me feel so immensely HAPPY being together and without being.
72º-For being there in bad times and good times.
73º- For making me feel that the time by your side is very short although a thousand hours have passed.
74º- for rejoicing every day.
75º-For teaching me something new every time we meet.
76º-for the things you tell me.
77º-for being my friend, my lover, my boyfriend, my partner, my EVERYTHING.
78º-for making me be the way I am.
79º-for loving me as you love me.
80º-because when you hug me you make me feel unique.
81º-For being My Sun in the middle of the storm.
82º-Because you are special and unique in everything you do.
83º-Just for existing
84º-Because you make me feel special just by caressing me.
85º-for being the only thing I need to be happy.
86º-Because I melt every time you talk to me.
87º-for your surprises.
88º-Because of the way you look at me

Smiley shame

89º-Because you are able to make the best of me.
90º- because when I’m missing you give me the strength to move on.
91º-for letting me choose where to go, what to do …
92º-for loving me above all things.
93º-Because you are the first for me in everything.
94º-For giving me the courage and strength to achieve my goals.
95º- for making me feel that I am the only girl in your life.
96º-Because only with you I feel capable of everything.
97º-For each and every one of the moments lived and for being by my side.

98º-For letting me dream.
99º-for not forgetting me.
100º-because every day I have one more reason to LOVE you.

– These are the 100 reasons why you are the most special thing in my life, I came up with more, but with 100 I think it is enough

I hope and they like it

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Best Signs that Tell You the Right Way of Life



There may be times when your decisions are affected by doubts and not knowing what you want in life. Doubts are created by the bad things that happen to you, but that’s what life is about good and bad. This life is not easy.

When things get tough and difficult, that’s when you have to be stronger and continue the path with more desire and strength. So if you are not sure if you are on the right path of life, here are the best signs that tell you and that you should keep in mind to have a better life.

You have to experience blows that will change your life and make you a better person to live fully

In the most difficult moments, that you think you can’t do with that and life hits you, is when you have to be stronger. Those moments will give you the ability and experience to hit life harder and succeed in the best possible way in your favor. They are difficult experiences but in the end, you end up thanking God for all the bad things that have happened to you, thanks to that you will be a better person and you can now overcome the problems that come your way. You have to be happy with what you have and with what you are about it, life is about living difficult times and learning from the bad that will lead you to the good.

With time you will appreciate wanting to be alone and you will know that your best company is you

As time passes by your lived experiences, everything will change in you and you decide whether for better or for worse. Many times you will need to be alone with yourself, eventually the friendships leave and the good is left and you will learn from all that and you will learn to be alone, which in the end is your best company. Being with yourself will be the best for you and learn from everything bad to get everything good. You will realize that sometimes it is better to be alone than in bad company, it is not quantity but quality.

Learn to love yourself to respect yourself and value yourself as a woman at all times

Self-love is what will lead you to grow as a person if you do not love yourself you will not love anyone. Start with yourself, always in valuing yourself as a person, in respecting and loving yourself and more in the most difficult moments. Self-love is not selfishness, in order to love another person with true love you must first love yourself.

You always have to be persevering in achieving your dreams and your goals and be happy with what you have

You always have to be persevering and insist on achieving your dreams and your goals you have to propose and achieve. You will feel happy when you achieve your goals and achieve your dreams and you can live them fully. What will really make you happy is what you want to do in your life, not what others want for you? The important thing is that you be happy with what you achieve yourself and live to the fullest those always be yourself, have personality, be authentic and do not be more of the same.

Many times failure leads you to success and happiness

You know that you are on the right path when you learn your own mistakes and your failures, as an imperfect human being, and this will lead you to success and to become a better person more and more. You must have the maturity and the ability to achieve everything and more so never stop when bad things happen to you there is when you have to move on. Those who wish you evil want you to stop and as long as you have the life you have to continue and be better every day, the best gift is to live. Many times failure is great learning that will lead you to success.

You have to learn to be responsible for what you do and what you say

When you begin to feel responsible for your life, for your actions, for what you do, you will want to work harder to achieve your goals and to achieve everything you want in life. You will realize that life is not a game and we have to be responsible in what we do, of our actions, of what we say, of good and bad. You have to be aware that if you do or say something bad there will be consequences that can harm you in life, everything will depend on you knowing how to solve it and always be successful in any situation.

Always dream big and have a better future and achieve that is what life is all about, be happy even with the simplest

Always dream big, positive, have a better future and achieve all your dreams and achieve them no matter how difficult they are. When you have experience in life you can achieve everything you want easily do not get yourself stumbled. You have to be happy with what you have and with the simplest things that fill you, and make you better every day and learn to be happy no matter what they will say.

Work harder than normal on what you really like and make you happy to achieve your dreams and everything you want

You have to work harder to achieve what you want and what you need to be happy to achieve your goals and your goals and once you achieve it is the greatest satisfaction for you, the best gift is that you do it for yourself.

When you understand that money is not your priority or your happiness you are on the right path of life

When you realize that money is not happiness, it does not fill you as a person, you realize that you are on the right path of life. Money and material things do not mean happiness, nor does it make you feel good about yourself. Be happy with what you have and learn to value it even if it is something simple, you will realize that this is happiness and when you do not envy what others have. You will be on the right track when you do not want the material, to have a lot of money and cover everything, and realize that sometimes little leads you to the best and the best.

You are on the right track when you find your vocation and what you want to do and nobody can divert you because you are going to achieve it

Finding your vocation for what you would like to do in this world is not an easy task, but once you have found it then you don’t have to stop. Sometimes a profession is not necessary, it can be a hobby something you like to do and it can lead you to success to triumph to happiness when you achieve it.

Take risks that will teach you to have enough character to face anything in your life

When you are ready to take risks like this, be the strongest and face any situation that you have, you have the confidence and confidence in yourself that you can achieve anything and no matter how difficult it is, you will achieve it. You will be ready to face the world and whoever it is.

Stay motivated at all times with those around you and always do what you like to do

You always have to stay motivated with what you do and be happy with who you are, with the people around you, with those who are with you in the most difficult moments, therefore you have to be unconditionally with them and be loyal always grateful to the opportunities that life gives you.

If you are able to challenge authority, when you are right you must know how to defend yourself before all

If you are able to challenge authority, and more if you are right, it indicates that you have great confidence in yourself, personality and enough character to put everyone in their place regardless of the authority that is. If you have the confidence to challenge authority, then you certainly know what you want in life. But above all, never let yourself be hurt by anyone, whoever it is. You will have the ability to get out of all the evil that you want to do.

Thanks for visiting us! When they want to close the road you will know how to open your own path for your well-being and be happy and nobody can stop it! Live to the max!

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10 benefits of being single, according to science



For its part, the benefits of being married are most noticeable in periods of crisis, says science.

Antagonistic dichotomies. Singleness versus being in a relationship. Which is better? Surely there are those who enjoy one thing or another. There must also be those who like both options, although of course not at the same time. So which one is the best, is a trick question, because it depends on each person. But science is less arbitrary and has the benefits of being in one condition or the other, based on the coldest scientific deductions. Let’s see:

Benefits of being single

1. They exercise more

Singles spend more time staying fit and practicing some sport than those who remain in a relationship, married or divorced. This is indicated by a study conducted in the United States by the Department of Statistics on a sample of more than 13,000 people between the ages of 18 and 64.

The benefits of singleness, according to science.

The benefits of singleness, according to science.

2. Better health

According to a study by the University of Texas at Austin, United States, 1.2 million Americans in the framework of the National Health Interview Survey between 1972 and 2003 and published in 2008, people who had never married had greater well-being and health.

However, another investigation, prepared in 2006 by experts Zhenmei Zhang and Mark D. Hayward under the name ‘Gender, the Marital Life Course, and Cardiovascular Disease in Late Midlife’, published in the prestigious Journal of Marriage and Family, concluded that single and divorced women have a higher risk of not overcoming diseases related to the heart and blood vessels, once they are over 50 years old. As for men, there was no evidence of a relationship between the risk of suffering from this type of ailments and singleness or dissolution of marriage. To reach these conclusions, a sample of more than 9,000 adults was taken and followed up for eight years.

Singleness has its benefits

Singleness has its benefits

3. Less fat

There are different studies that relate to being in a lasting relationship with a sedentary lifestyle. One of them was done by the Southern Methodist University of Dallas (United States) and published by the journal Health Psychology. After examining 160 newly married couples during their first four years of marriage, research showed that 60% of them had gained weight.

The main reason the researchers gave, led by Andrea Meltzer, is that in a happy marriage, the concern to attract the other disappears.

The benefits of singleness

The benefits of singleness

According to other recent research, this time by experts from the Australian University of Queensland and published in The American Journal of Preventive Medicine on a sample of more than 6,000 women, they gain an average of almost seven kilos at ten years of being immersed in a marriage or with a stable partner, which does not happen when they are single. If the arrival of a baby is added to the equation, the extra kilos are estimated at 10.

4. They have more facilities to find work

According to research conducted by the University of Chicago, singles have it easier to find a job than those who are married.

The results of the study showed that of the six million layoffs that materialized in the United States after the 2009 crisis, only 22% of these positions were occupied by married people (just over one million people), while the workforce ‘single’ was estimated at more than four million.

5. More sociable

Single people have a greater capacity to support their friends over time, increase their social network and see their friends and family more frequently than those who have consolidated a relationship or are married. This was revealed by a study led by Dr. Kelly Musick, a professor at the Faculty of Human Ecology at Cornell University in New York, in the framework of the National Survey of Families and Households (National Survey of Families and Households ), carried out on a total of 2,737 people, between men and women.

The benefits of singleness

The benefits of singleness

6. They sleep better

A study by The Better Sleep Council on a sample of 542 people showed that people who do not have a stable relationship and, therefore, do not sleep accompanied, as usual, reconcile sleep better than those who go to bed every night with His couple. In fact, 63% of the people surveyed who maintained a relationship recognized that they tend to sleep as far apart from their partner when they share the bed due to the inability to fall asleep due to the movements of the other, their noises, snoring, etc. 26% of these, in turn, admitted that they sleep better alone than when they do it in the company.

7. Greater economic independence

Singles do not have to give explanations about where their savings are going to end and there can be a greater number of whims without having to have anyone’s approval. In fact, according to the study ‘The Role of Money Arguments in Marriage’ conducted on 1,700 women between 1988 and 2006 and published in the Journal of Family and Economic Issues, it revealed that the greatest source of dissatisfaction of their marriage was due to disagreements that they were generated with the couple for financial reasons. At the end of the investigations, 966 of them had divorced their partner and all agreed that economic discussions had taken a toll on their relationship.

Other research done in conjunction with Forbes and The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) revealed that 80% of couples hide other issues related to personal or household economics from the same member. While they are more likely to hide bills and purchases of substantial securities, they hide their income figures and lie about their debts and bank accounts.

8. They divorce less

Singles who remain in that state over the years and, finally, decide to settle down and give in to marriage are more likely to maintain that marital status over time. That is, they divorce less. This is indicated by a survey conducted by one of the United States federal agencies specialized in statistics, the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The reason is that they are more selective with their potential partners and more aware of what marriage implies, after years of having lived without commitment and without giving explanations to a couple.

9. Deal better with loneliness and breakups

Singles who are satisfied with their situation, that is, those who do not allow social impositions to affect them, know how to make the most of the moments of solitude and not see it as an obstacle.

They also have a greater capacity to face ruptures with their potential partners through their implemented self-reliance and ability to overcome adversity. That conclusion came to a study by the psychologist Bella DePaulo after surveying the 1,200 people.

10. They care more about each other’s sexual enjoyment

According to an investigation conducted by the web dating portal to 6,000 people, single and married, 97% of respondents who acknowledged not having a stable partner said that, in terms of enjoyment, they prefer to satisfy first To your bed partner during sex you impose your own satisfaction. The data of the married ones were little significant, according to the portal itself, so it refrained from including it.

The benefits of being married are seen in crises, according to science

In an essay published by the US National Office of Economic Research in 2015, the controls of premarital happiness levels were raised. This essay on economics has some old-fashioned advice for people suffering from the stresses of life: finding a spouse who is also the best friend.

Social scientists have known from a long time ago that married people tend to be happier, but they debate whether this is because marriage is a cause of happiness or if, simply, it is more feasible for happier people to marry.

It is concluded that being married makes people happier and more satisfied with their lives than single women in particular during the most stressful periods, such as the crisis of the forties.

It is concluded that being married makes people happier and more satisfied with their lives than single women, particularly during the most stressful periods, such as the crisis of the forties.

In times of crisis, the benefits of being married flourish.

In times of crisis, the benefits of being married flourish.

While there are fewer people who marry, the disadvantages of being single have broad implications. It is important because marriage is increasingly a force behind inequality.

Stable marriages are more common among educated, high-income people, and increasingly beyond the reach of those who are not. It seems that this division affects not only people’s income and family stability but also their levels of happiness and stress.

“It is possible that marriage is more important when there is that stress in life and when things are not going well”

Shawn Grover, Canadian Department of Finance

A quarter of today’s young adults will never have married by 2030, which would be the highest proportion in modern history, according to the Pew Research Center. However, staying single or divorcing is more common among less-educated, lower-income people. High-income educated women continue to marry in high proportions and are less likely to divorce.

Those who lead the most difficult lives could benefit from marriage, according to economists who produced the essay, John Helliwell of the Vancouver School of Economics and Shawn Grover of the Department of Finance of Canada. “Marriage may be more important when there is that stress in life and when things are not going well,” Grover said.

In times of crisis, the benefits of being married flourish.

In times of crisis, the benefits of being married flourish.

They analyzed data on the welfare of two national surveys in Great Britain, as well as the Gallup World Survey. In a few parts of the world, even when life satisfaction was controlled before marriage, being married made people happier. This conclusion, however, was not true in Latin America, South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

Interestingly, marital happiness far exceeded the honeymoon period. Although some social scientists argue that levels of happiness are innate, so people return to their natural level of well-being after going through happy or sad situations, the researchers found that the benefits of marriage persist.

One reason for this could be the role of friendship within marriage. Those who consider their spouse or partner to be their best friend feel almost twice as satisfied with the marriage as others, the study found.

“The greatest benefits are produced in high-stress environments, and married people can handle the tensions of their forties better than those who are not married, because they share the burden and friendship”

John Helliwell of the Vancouver School of Economics

It seems that the effect of friendship was the result of living with a romantic partner instead of the legal situation of being married since it was very strong for people who lived together without being married. Women benefit more from being married to their best friend than men, although it is less feasible for them to consider their spouse as their best friend.

“What immediately intrigued me about the results was to rethink marriage as a whole,” Helliwell said. “Perhaps what is really important is friendship, and never forget that in the stretch and loosening of everyday life.”

Divorce was related to a 35% higher risk of developing heart disease.

Divorce was related to a 35% higher risk of developing heart disease.

The marriage has undergone a drastic change in the last half-century. In the past, as described by Gary Becker, the Nobel-winning economist, marriage was utilitarian: women were looking for a husband to have money and men were looking for a woman to run the home.

However, in recent decades, the roles of men and women have become more similar. As a result, the spouses have assumed roles as partners and confidants, particularly financially stable ones, as economists Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers have argued.

The benefits of marital friendship are more vivid in the middle ages when people tend to experience a dip in life satisfaction, to a large extent, because the greater pressure comes from the demands of the career and family. Married people, it is pointed out in the essay, have shallow dives, even in regions where marriage has no positive effect, in general.

“The greatest benefits are produced in high-stress environments, and married people can handle the tensions of their forties better than those who are not married because they share the burden and friendship,” Helliwell said.

Overall, research reaches an optimistic conclusion, to a large extent. People have the ability to increase their levels of happiness and avoid falling deeper into the crisis of the forties. finding support in long-term relationships. However, it seems that these relationships are less attainable for the less favored members of society.

Sources: New York Times,, The Washington Post, Daily Mail

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Valentina Sampaio is Victoria’s Secret’s first transgender model



Instagram @elenasenti

Could it be that the lingerie giant is finally giving in? 

Ok, for Victoria’s Secret it seems that lately, everything has gone pretty badly. First, it was announced that this year the famous annual parade of the firm would not be broadcast on television. Then, just last week, a model admitted that the show would not even happen this year. All this because of the lack of inclusion by the American firm, and is that several times they confessed that they were not willing to leave the beauty parameters of“angelic” women. This was when everything started to go wrong and the decline in popularity began …

However, it seems that pressure from society has led Victoria’s Secret to reflect and include the first transgender ambassador in history among her portfolio of beautiful women. The chosen one has been the Brazilian model and actress Valentina Sampaio of 22 years.

View this post on Instagram

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A post shared by Valentina Sampaio (@valentts) on

She has taken care of sharing the news on her Instagram account 

Valentina Sampaio was hired as the image of a campaign for Victoria’s Secret, which would make her the first transgender model in history to be part of the lingerie company. The dummy shared a picture of her very happy sitting in a bathrobe in the backstage of a photoshoot for the PINK line.

A very important step

This could be just the beginning of a new strategy that Victoria’s Secret is considering in order to have a more inclusive and diverse representation of women . This event comes just after the significant decrease in sales following the controversial comments of group executives who denied the possibility of incorporating into their portfolio of transgender or plus size girl models in their annual parade.

It seems that the company is finally reconsidering. Do you think they manage to re-establish their empire of lingerie? Only time will tell…

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Pack your bags and come on a trip with the most popular Spanish Instagram influencers



Instagram @marinacomes
  • Nicanor García, Benjamin Thorpe and Travel on your couch are some of the most successful travelers Instagrammers
  • Metricool, a company specialized in content management and analysis in social networks, launches a new ranking of the most successful Spanish travel influencers on Instagram

Dream landscapes, tips for travelers, incredible routes and, of course, images to freak out. Undoubtedly Instagram is one of the best platforms to make visible the most admired places on our planet and to further increase the desire to pack and explore new landscapes. Right?

In this sense, there are people who are really good at dedicating their Instagram account to travel and attracting the attention of the public. To discover who are the most popular travelers, Metricool, the company specialized in content management and analysis in social networks, has launched a ranking of the most successful Spanish travel influencers on Instagram. Taking advantage of the holiday period, this social analytics tool has analyzed those who have more followers, more Likes and those who generate more conversation and interaction in their publications (engagement). Do you want to know who they are? Then take note, pack your bags and come to travel the world with us!

The influencers with the most likes

In the top 5 travel influencers with more “likes” include accounts such as Nicanor García, Oliver Vegas, Tania & David (behind the @viviendodeviaje account), Marina Comes and Travel on your couch.

Nicanor García is in first place in the ranking. Although your account could also be categorized as an “architecture” account on Instagram, the fact that you dedicate yourself professionally to travel collaborations includes it in this classification. In this sense, if you freak outbuildings and skylines you will freak out with Nicanor.

On the other hand, Benjamin Thorpe is the most influential travel influencer of publication. For example, during the last month of June, he shared 39 photographs when the others shared between 1 and 20 a month. Thorpe travels a lot and the truth is that it gives us a little envy (heals) …

The influencers with more engagement:

The first place in terms of engagement (greater interaction in their publications) according to Metricool is the @viajaentusofa account, where a traveling couple, Marina and Alberto, share photographs of their adventures. Do not stop! In addition, they won the 1st Instagram Travel Award 2019 (Growproexperience).

Tania & David, with their @viviendodeviaje account, are the second most influential travel influencers. Interestingly, although it is one of the accounts with fewer followers in the ranking, however, it has a very high interaction rate.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning the work of the blogger, journalist and radio host Paco Nadal, who, although he started later on Instagram, is reaping very good results in terms of interaction with his account. Conclusion: it’s never too late to start a project! 🙂

Did you follow any of them? What travel influencers are your favorites? We read you in the comments!

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