What does it mean to dream of a haircut? Find out!


Dreaming of a haircut suggests that there are important changes in your life. It can also be a symptom of your loss of control, strength, or physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual spirit. It usually happens when you are under stressso pay attention to it.

The interpretation of dreams is the ancient art and practice of assigning meaning to the various components, elements and images that appear when we sleep. And it is that, during sleep, certain neurons and areas of the brain are activated and develop emotions that, perhaps, we suppress when we are awake.

While in antiquity it was sought to reveal a divine message, at the beginning of the 20th century and from the theoretical developments of psychoanalysis, the interpretation of dreams is oriented to expose unconscious contents and becomes a clinical technique, used until the present time. , not only for psychoanalysis, but for various aspects of psychology.

Dreaming of a haircut: the mystery solved

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Dreaming of a haircut is an indication of transformation. In the image, Chantal Tru. Credit: Instagram.com/chantaltru.

When hair appears in your dream, it can suggest that issues associated with your image demand further attention.

Usually, when your hair looks long, thick, and healthy, it’s a sign that your self-esteem is strong. Instead, if you seem to hide it, you may need to work on your self-esteem.

Mainly, dreaming of a haircut is related to the desire for a transformation (isn’t that the general feeling in times of crisis?). And yes, basically, the more hair is cut, the more changes are predicted.

However, other factors also need to be considered, especially if the person cutting your hair isn’t you. Have we aroused your curiosity? Read on to discover the meaning of your dream.

You dream that you are cutting your hair

With each change of season, you’ll likely make a habit of visiting the salon — whether it’s to get the scissors, get a treatment, or experiment with a color. Therefore, dreaming that you cut your own hair announces that a cycle has ended to make way for a new one. How exciting! Also, it can warn that you may find yourself stuck in a situation in which you must leave the past behind.

On the other hand, making a cut that is too radical could be an indication of a loss of control, strength or physical, emotional, mental or spiritual spirit.

Dream that you cut your hair

If someone else is in control of the situation, it could suggest that you believe your power has been taken away from you by someone else, especially if it is cut short or badly than you would like. It can even reveal that someone is trying to censor or limit something in your life. Perhaps you are experiencing stress in your personal or professional life.

Dreaming that you cut someone else’s hair

Whether for a man or a woman, dreaming of a haircut for another person is directly associated with the power and control exercised over the other. After all, cutting someone’s hair is a very personal thing and requires trust.

If you dream that you cut the hair of someone in your family, it may mean that there is a desire to impose a change in the home to address an issue with that person. Perhaps you want to resolve a disagreement or take a step back from the relationship. Be careful, it may also be that you want to help that person and you cannot do it for some reason.

Dream that your hair falls out

Feeling restless due to a problem or fear of losing something —or someone— important to you, can lead to this type of dream. Whether the hair loss Whether it happens to you or someone close to you, dreaming that your hair falls out represents a drastic change, a great start, or a time to cut ties and make personal sacrifices.

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To help you interpret your dream next time, ask yourself: do I want a positive change in my life? Am I too attached to a situation? Am I ready to start new habits and let go of old ones?

Once you have solved it, you can consult the stars and see what your horoscope says about your mane.

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