‘Drop fade’, the ideal haircut to achieve a polished and sophisticated ‘look’


Its clean lines and impeccable gradient make the drop fade a completely attractive cut. Not for nothing is it one of the most popular styles of the moment. Its comfort and versatility also add points in favor.

Do you want to try a new, sophisticated and youthful cut? Here are the keys to show it off.

What is the ‘drop fade’ cut?

Drop fade cut for men
The ‘drop fade’ maintains a curved fade to the nape. Credit: Instagram.com/christianbarberpr.

The cut drop fade is a variation of dissipated classic, which creates a seamless transition between the fuller hair on top and the shorter, lowered hair on the sides and back. However, the difference lies in its curved line on the back of the head, as if it fell and then faded away.

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What is a ‘mid drop fade’?

Men's Mid Drop Fade Cut
The ‘mid drop fade’ is a medium, curved fade. Credit: Instagram.com/criztofferson.

In the faded category, the midfade it sits right in the middle between low and high. That is, there are points from which the hair gradually descends to make the difference between one style and another. In this case, the transition from greater to lesser volume of hair begins between the temple and the ears.

Low drop fade

Low drop fade cut for men
The ‘low drop fade’ is the lowest fade, starting below the temple. Credit: Instagram.com/hayden_cassidy.

One of the great advantages of this cut is its versatility, as we mentioned before. While you can go with a medium fade, there’s also the option of cutting it lower, with a low fade. This consists of a low fade, over the ears.

high drop fade

'Drop fade', the ideal haircut to achieve a polished and sophisticated 'look'
The high drop fade begins to fade at the temple. Credit: Instagram.com/4hairpleasure.

Now the high fade is another matter. First, because it makes any type of face look longer, and second, because it opens up the face and simulates height.

The key to identifying it is by its fading around the temple and ears, ending with very short points on the nape or revealing the skin in the lower area.

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What is a ‘taper fade’?

Taper fade cut for men
The ‘taper fade’ is a fade over the ears and the nape of the neck. Credit: Instagram.com/hayden_cassidy.

The difference between a haircut taper and a drop fade lies in the curved design of the second style in question. A taper subtly fade the hair only over the ears or sideburns and at the nape of the neck.

How to wear the ‘drop fade’ in 2023?

Undercut + drop fade and curly top

Men's Undercut Drop Fade Curly Top
May your next curly cut be with a faded undercut and straight bangs. Credit: Instagram.com/criztofferson.

He drop fade It’s quite popular with curly-haired men, because by tapering the sides, even the most unruly natural texture manages to stay in check.

To get a look like the one in the image, ask for it with short bangs that are straight in front, as if it were a french cropand make sure your barber or hairdresser designs a low either midfade well defined.

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Drop fade cut with pompadour

Drop Fade Pompadour Haircut
Choose a ‘pompadour’ to blend with your ‘drop fade’ to highlight the natural texture of your wavy hair. Credit: Instagram.com/hayden_cassidy.

Is your hair wavy? Take advantage of those soft waves and cut it in a pompadour. Elvis Presley’s favorite and synonymous with style on the fashion scene in the 50s, this consists of concentrating more volume of hair on the forehead, but upwards, as if it were a raised fringe.

Textured drop fade

Men's Faded Spiky Mohawk
Opt for a textured cut to give straight hair body and shape. Credit: Instagram.com/r.braid.

A textured cut it can change the look of your straight hair completely. If you feel it looks flat and lifeless, a drop fade that merges another cut like the Mohican, but with degrafiladas tips and locks in different lengths. In this way, you will get body and shape.

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